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Additional baggage
« on: August 08, 2019, 07:20:15 AM »
So... 2 years on from my PA EX and coming up to a year with my partner.

How to deal with the baggage and residue!

So my laptop has packed up a d partner has left his here... previously I'd saved some of my mams account information on there and obviously went to the usual places to try and find it. Absolute mind field and inner monologue going crazy the whole time - so I got through all that... no need prompts etc.

Then of course back to the safety of Google and relax! Then I typed into the searchfield and BANG there it is... now I know he watched before we met and he knows I have massive issues with Lorna so it could be from previously. How do I talk to him about it though? In my experience any mention or approach of the subject turned into very volatile situations. I'm sure that won't be the case this time because he is very understanding but it's still a bit scary.

Other than this incident I've no complaints at all. He said he'd deleted all his dating accounts etc pretty quickly when we met and I'm trying the trust thing.... it's been okay so far and my little red flag alarm hasn't been triggered much at all until today. Pretty sure it's nothing but was a bit of a shock.