Author Topic: I told them Porn kills love and they started mocking and make a fun of me  (Read 450 times)


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Dear Rebooters,
I would like to share here with you something that shocked me. I am recovering porn addict. I experienced all negative effects by porn such as erectile dysfunction, losing jobs, could not graduate master degree, losing intimate relationships and more. After many struggles and efforts I decreased watching of porn. To total minimum that no longer affects other areas of my live. (as I think so).
I am big fan of the organization Fight the new drug.
They helped me a lot of. I even made Porn kills love T-shirt by my personal design.
You can see frond part

back part

I love their job. I decided to make stickers and to stick them in all area of Sofia, the city where I live. I live in Bulgaria, eastern part of Europe. I ordered 230 stickers. 50 of them I made in Bulgarian as it is possible to be seen by people who do not speak English. Please see them:

I started to populate them. I stick on public transportation stops, subway, walls, pillars places for advertise. I got some good results. There is a Facebook group Seen in Sofia. My job was presented there twice. Bulgarian and English sticker as well.
You can see the posts here:


Actually the people in comments mocking and make a fun of me. I will show you the translated comments below.
Before that I would like to show you what I have received in some Bulgarian Internet space after I noticed that porn is harmful and has many negative side effects.
- You blame the porn for your poor life. Porn has no guilt about your low self esteem, not attraction to the women and lack of social skills.
- Everyone watching it. It is not a big deal.
- Some people in background pay a lot of money to people like FTND, because porn is big successful and multibillion business and they want to sabotage it.
- If you watch porn and edging your brain goes to state pretty similar to same as you were taken substantive drugs like cocaine or heroine. And what is the problem? The porn is almost free. You can get high easy without spend money. This is cool.
- When I was young boy in the age of Communism (till 1989 in Bulgaria) our teachers told us that masturbation is pretty bad for our health. You could get hair between your fingers and get blind.
- According to some popular Bulgarian Urologists there is no connection between compulsive porn using and erectile dysfunction. More over if you watch porn regularly your sex performance will become better and better. (Personally told to me by doctor).   

The text in white means Porn kills love. In black Fight the new drug. The links are to the website, Facebook group and the Youtube channel of Fight the new drug. The last link is to my personal channel where I sharing videos about Porn addiction.

The comments are:
- Is there something like love? I think this is just a myth.
- Date-sex-and send the girl to the hell. No more callings. 
- This is the result of lack of sex or when it is rarely based.
- This is not true. Totally disagree. The porn increases sex appetite.
- Your sticker kills the love. Where are the fighters against new stickers?
- Is this something like the movement "Christian mothers against the drugs?"
- This is Mormon's job. They are locking for vulnerable people to join their church.
- The porn is better than love. Most time love finishes bad. There is no woman deserves my love. Porn never finishes bad. It is always on one click distance. I can trust to porn more.
- I am wondering why I am single for the last 3 years. This is the answer. :)
- Once upon a time there were great porn scenarios. Knights, kings, crime stories, cleaning ladies. No the scenarios in porn are so rare and poor. I miss those times. :(
- Because of the porn everyone now days thinks that the plumbers and construction workers are coming in 5 minutes.
- It is not possible to meet love if you are not watch porn. Every exemplary woman had been slut before.
- Parn kills love. After I pay my parn bill I can afford to buy nothing to my wife. (Here is a word game. Parn means heating and gas in Bulgarian. It is really quite expensive here. Most Bulgarians barely pay it.)
- The romantic movies killing porn. It is not fair.
- The lack of money kills love. No money no love. Then the porn is the only consolation.
- This sentence is not true. More porn more desire for love.
- This is same as the earth is flat.
- Porn kills love because everyone missing the beginning of the movies. The part with the introducing.
- I always practice scenarios I have seen in porn with my girlfriend. We enjoy together. Love is a global thing. (I am wondering how does his girlfriend feels about that?) Applying porn is one of the ways to get love.
- If you have no fantasy you watch porn. If you have fantasy you definitely do not need porn.
- This dude is right. Now days the girls since age of 14-15 looks like porn actresses. They offering only sex against money and care. They are not capable to feel love. We cannot get love.
- The next step is to ban and crime sex. Where this world goes?
- Whiteout porn the live is total failure.
- Smartphones, laptops and commputers killing love more than porn.
- Why are these links. I cannot click the sticker. (Probably this guy can just to write them.) 
- Gif animation
- Gif animation
- Porn and the whole degradation paid by the jewfish people and iluminates. It kills our lives.
- You are an idiot. The true is that porn is part of love and makes it more exciding.
- The romantic movies gives to the women wrong imagination what they can expect by the men. Same with porn. It gives to the men wrong imagination what they can expect by the women.
- OooooooKkkkkkkk.
- Porn is the greatest industry every created on this planet. We should respect it.
- Really? I was so missguided.
- After sex with my wife I always watch porn. The porn is real pleasure. The sex is only for prestige.
- During sex porn on my TV is background. I enjoy both of them.
- Porn kills my vagina. (Comment by young girl)
- Love kills a good porn too.
- Make porn, no love.
- Porn kills love only if you watch it alone. If you watch it with your partner it increases love and makes the sex better.
- Porn rises love.
- Technically porn has nothing to do with love. The love is love. The sex as a physical contact has to do with porn. This is the emotional, mental and physical result of the satisfaction of your urges. In other words porn can partly or fully to kill the desire for sex. However the love is love. This is other thing. People can make sex without love and make love without sex. As a conclusion I can say that the sentence "Porn kills love" is totally wrong. 
- I do not think so. Love without porn cannot be real and true love. 
- That is right. Porn is degradation.
- I will go to jerk off in honor of Fight the new drug.

I cannot believe I received so much mocking, and fun of me.
Bulgaria is the poorest and most corrupted corrupted country in the European union. I think that it is the most stupid as well.

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You know, that's because porn needs some time until it will be seen like an addiction by everyone. Would you have received the same comments if your shirt had been about heroin? When people see porn like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, then things will change. Of course, if I tried to tell 50 people from where I live that porn kills love, they would probably make fun of me in the same way. But fuck them. I want to tell you that I appreciate and support your goal of spreading awareness about porn. Don't stop doing it because they write those comments. Don't think about them, think about the people that will benefit from your message.



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These comments aren't just limited to people living in Bulgaria.

Maybe you're going about it the wrong way. People who think strongly about something aren't going to change their mind immediately. I believed something strongly and changed my mind eventually though an opposing argument but it took about 6 years to fully change my mind.

Facts don't really change peoples minds so giving people them may not be so effective. Instead of giving facts it might be more beneficial to have a conversation and ask them questions. Asking questions may get people thinking since you're not telling them how to think, you're inviting them to think.

Tell all the truth but tell it slant. - Emily Dickinson


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I totally agree with @thisisme and @changemylife. Maybe you should try another way of approaching this.

But what you try to achieve is great. And if hundreds of people mock you but you can help just one, you did absolutely right. Save one life and you save the world.
Hang in there!


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Hey Fellows,
Thank you so much for your great, encourage words and your support. You makes me to fell really valuable and motivate me to do what is right. You are right. Even if one or two people have seen this sticker check the sources and realize how porn could be bad, I did a good job. :)
Meanwhile I ordered 100 more stickers. I will continue stick them not only in the place where I live, but in all places where I will go and travel. 
I will keep going.

Thank you for your support guys!