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Quitting for good
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:01:14 PM »
Day 8

I'm intending to make this my last reboot and quit forever so I thought it would be useful to record my progress. I've previously done a 120 day reboot and another 85 day one but never recovered to the point of having spontaneous erections or morning wood. My brain in its weak moments used that fact to push me back towards PMO, on the basis that I must be a lost cause if I can't recover after 120 days, so what harm will it do?

A bit about me for context - I'm in my early 30s and started PMOing at the age of 12. I did this on a regular enough basis, around 2 or 3 times a week for an hour or so throughout my teens and early 20s. This led to me having zero involvement with girls and I first found myself in a situation where sex could happen when I was 23 but I wasn't anywhere near able to perform due to a combination of alcohol, performance anxiety and PIED. I first discovered the science behind PIED when I was 25 and since then have been in a continuous cycle of reboot and relapse but at least I've been aware of the damage that porn does since that time, rather than being ignorant.

A series of similar (generally alcohol fuelled) sexual encounters followed where nothing happened, due to the same combination that I mentioned above. I can't remember when I stopped getting morning wood, it used to happen every day in my teens but is now a notable event when it happens. I would love to get this back, what a great way to start the day!

I met my ex girlfriend when I was 28 and we had an OK sex life but erection problems were a frequent issue and sex with a condom invariably failed (either before or during). It's got to the point where I dread going to bed with someone for the first time and having to tell them, as I've faced the same situation so many times and it just gets soul destroying after a while.

I'm also bisexual and about 2 years ago had one sexual encounter with a guy, who basically had a constant 100% erection throughout which wouldn't even go down after orgasm - this was both eye-opening (I had no idea how different to 'normal' I was until then) and depressing in equal measure. I still find it hard to believe, and think he must have been on Viagra or something, it's that alien to me.

Over the years I've tried a litany of herbal medicines, none of which have made any difference, and also tried kegels from time to time (but I'm proposing to avoid these for the first 150 days of the reboot). I seem to have a constant drive for self-improvement and my current one is getting my teeth straightened, so I have clear braces on for the next year or so, this means I feel way too self-conscious to meet girls at this time so I figure that it's the perfect time for an extra long reboot process.

So I'll be documenting my progress here - in around 4 months time I'll be in unchartered territory (beyond 120 days) which will be especially interesting.

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Re: Quitting for good
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2018, 08:45:02 PM »
Hi mate, welcome to the Nation.
Thats an impressive streak you had there! No reason why you cant do that again.
Youve exhibited all of the classic symptoms of PIED; including the dreaded condom-hate.
But rest assured that all these are curable and will disappear for good once youve rebooted! You do realize that right? Ask youself this question: what in the fuck has porn given me that has been of any conceivable benefit to my life?
The answer is quite obvious I would assume.
Its destroyed your social and sexual confidence and turned you into a floppy-cocked loser who cant even manage a morning wood! Thats about as straight as I can put it.
How did you manage to get that far into your previous reboots? What techniques or strategies did you use? and what were the triggers that caused you to break those excellent streaks?
Keep documenting your progress as often as you need to on here! 
Un-fuck your life, quit porn now! Today!