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Addicted to Porn: It is Your Fault
« on: September 12, 2018, 11:32:14 PM »
At least that is the general perspective of the media, even sites and spaces dedicated to medical news and journalism.  Over the past few months I have been looking for alternative viewpoints.  As a soon to be science teacher (fingers crossed) looking at both sides is very important to me.  Knowing both sides, in my professional and educational experience, is the only way to determine the accuracy of statements and to accumulate knowledge.  I knew what YBOP said, watched Gary Wilson’s video, even skimmed through his book.  Now what did the other side have to say?  It was quite appalling.  There were lots of skeptics who rightfully pointed out that studies were far from completely scientific, often lacking control groups.  Gary argues that is because there is no man in the western world who has not been influenced by porn, ie. There is no control group.  But that is all skeptics have to say.  That it isn’t acceptable as true science.  They usually have nothing more to add.  Read further and what do you get from further media: Porn is safe, if you have a problem it is your fault.  That is it.  Read any magazine article, regardless of the gender, and you will find the finger pointed at the individual.  Just like the nicotine industry of the 1950s.  The product is safe, idiots.  I feel I can rest assured.  A cover up is very real.  Porn is definitely not safe for the vast majority of people.  We are doing the right thing.