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Walter Mitty Analysis
« on: August 31, 2018, 07:12:54 AM »
What a hauntingly beautiful movie.  Walter Mitty tells the story of a chronic day dreamer who lives a life of misery, who spontaneously goes off on an adventure to come to grips with who he is.  A beautiful snapshot of the life of mental illness, it is also a perfect metaphor.  What if, like Mitty, the porn addict is pretending to be the playa.  What if that is part of why we are so hesitant to give it up.  But, like Mitty, a better life only comes when we stop pretending and truly live.

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Re: Walter Mitty Analysis
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2018, 02:05:53 PM »
i tried watching this film long time ago, i stopped after 30 minutes it was just too weird for me. never knew it was this good of a message. didnt understood the message.


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Re: Walter Mitty Analysis
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2018, 07:43:38 AM »
It was a good movie.

We pretend because it's the easy thing to do.  Change is hard, and both our brains and our body knows this, and do all they can to resist it.  Porn's probably one of the best examples of this.  Sitting in front of a computer with porn is easy.  Going out and actually meeting people is hard.  Which is why it's a staple in so many people's lives.