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Overtraining and reboot
« on: July 14, 2018, 09:24:21 AM »
Hello,I would like to tell my observations about my problem which is mostly not being able to maintain an erection for long time as it used to be few years and even year ago..I'm about to turn 20 years old and I was highly addicted to porn since 11 or 12 as most of us visiting this site.. I was trying to cut it off 3 times,now it's 5month without it and I feel like a completely different person and I don't feel any desire to back to this crap again.. My libido and interest in girls is without any doubt higher than before reboot(still not like few years ago),my mind is a lot clearer and I don't observe the ,,Brain Fog'' effect ,my motivation to life is also much higher..and I don't see girls anymore as you know..objects for fuck(yeah it's a shame to call it like this,but that's how it really was for me for some time) That's about it what Reboot did to me in just a few months. But this is not exactly what I want to tell you.
This post is to everyone who does sport professionally and work very hard to achieve goals.In my case it's calisthenics and weighted calisthenics. I train every day, 1 to 3 times a day with great results for 2years now.I experienced that's it's very easy to overtrain yourself when not training properly. Lately I just decided to take 2 weeks off(it was hard as hell) ,because I just took things too far and overtrained myself seriously.Guess what happened..After week off I started to get morning wood and random erections throughout the day again,I started to have optimal libido and just felt like a superman..Within one year I discovered that a lot of things had an influence on my erections,I will just leave it here,maybe someone will find it helpful..
1.Recovery from trainings is hella important,it's necessary to take a day or two off a week,if not your hormones will start to be unoptimal sooner or later,you can stretch,meditate and do various things just don't train to death like I used to..Every 4-6weeks of hard trainings,take a week off to let your body recuperate and improve your hormones,you will see better progress in training and reboot
2.Diet - healthy fats are your biggest ally when it comes to libido and erections,I personally eat eggs(with yolk),fatty fish,avocado,blue cheese and a bit of meat every day.Don't overeat bread and sugar,drink minimum 3L of water daily,I eat different kinds of oats,potatoes,rice and pasta(wholegrain) daily,I found that omega-3 and Oyster Extract supplementation also helped me with my problems.
3.Digestion - take care of it,use milk thistle to improve your digestion
4.Training - I noticed that my libido decrease fast when I do a lot of cardio,when you decide do to it ,keep it short ,for me 30min is perfect time,keep it intensive and demanding.
When you train for skills,strength or power DO NOT train more than 2 hours straight(that's most important point),better spread two sessions throughout the day than kill yourself for 5 hours non stop(your cortisol will go mad for next few days which results in dead dick)
5.Relax - meditation,walks,be in contact with nature(especially if you have sedentary lifestyle,try to walk every day without distracting yourself with headphones or phone)
6.Sleep - when I started reboot I had terrible problems with sleeping,I could lie on the bed totally exhausted and can't fall asleep for few hours,now i'm following few rules before I even try to fall asleep.Don't use electronics for 1hour before sleep(only exception is listening to peaceful music),turn on the airplane mode in your phone and turn off the computer or tv from the outlet,short meditation session is of course indicated too.

Those points will definitely speed up your recovery from TRAININGS(preventing from overtraining and libido/erection problems),but I highly recommend doing it just for REBOOT PURPOSES.
I wrote it ,because I thought that everything is because of porn,but porn was not the only problem in my case. I'm still not fully recovered myself(from both) ,but I see improvement every month.I hope that those tips will help you and you will see significant progress in your journey to become fully healed person!! Thank you for reading,I'm glad I came to this forum and I can share some of my personal experience too ;)