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Create reboot in your life if it is difficult then more adventure to do it..

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Do or die:
Day 1 at march 26
my internet connection is off now. all i have little bit urges. But completed this day. Meditation helped me a lot to solve my urge problem

day 5 at march 30
successful 4 days. doing daily meditation.

day 11 at april 5
high confidence. good health. feeling very well.

day 24 at april 18
feeling great

day 29 at april 23
 clean day

Day 35 at April 30
As I am addicted to porn , I have so many urges before 10 days, but now there is no compulsive urges, living life without stress . solving my problems on my own ways

Do or die:
May 4 day 39
Not seen porn for 39 days . going toward normal position in all situations of my life

May 6 and day 41th
Today I did meditation and yoga. Now my mind is clear towards my work. No detraction because of urges. I only want to say the new rebooters that interact with real life with consciousness , You definitely fight this addiction.

may 8 and day 43rd
at 43rd day feeling great

may 12 at day 47th
only 3 days left to hit 50.
what i did to do reboot successfully..
1. Interact with peoples
2. go outside your home leave the internet
3. use internet only when u need it

may 14 at day 49th
just one day to go 50. very happy

may 18 at day 53rd
i feel i am successed now.

may 23 at day 58th
life is awesome now. feeling the situation. winning the situation. doing my best in all conditions.

Do or die:
day 55 at may 25
feeling cool. have an gf now. i no need any  artificial stimuli

day 59 at may 29 8)
yes i did it. normal thinking person now. no stress no worry

day 60 at may 30
going good. want to hit 100 days. at 10th of july i can complete 100 days.

day 61 at may 31
i am very happy now. creating situation which are suitable for me. and feeling happy

day 64 at june 3
at day 64. now i learnedd whats the real love is. thank you so much reboot nation for being with me. for supporting me to improve myself. you are really doing a great job. thanks

day 71 at june 10
feeling blessed.

day 80 at june 19
20 days left to hit a 100

day 86 at june 25
good day. doing exercise daily. no any urges to see porn.

day 95 at july 4
first time i came to day 95. very good today. i did my all work on time this days. and living happyly in present moments.

day 107 at july 16
completed 100 days. today completed 107 days. feeling very happy.

Do or die:
Day 112 at july 21

i am very happy now. creating situation which are suitable for me. and feeling happy

Day 113 at july 22
feeling confident. more confident.

Congratulations brother! You deserve huge success just keep moving forward! :)


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