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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #50 on: March 15, 2018, 12:42:13 PM »
I have shared this thread with so many people, I really believe the time you take out to do these translations is worth it if someone tells you you're being a hero to thousands of us out here!


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #51 on: March 19, 2018, 04:29:16 PM »
I have shared this thread with so many people, I really believe the time you take out to do these translations is worth it if someone tells you you're being a hero to thousands of us out here!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I had no idea, what I noticed is that people are generally more reserved here compared to another site where I do the same postings. Your feedback is important and helps to encourage me along the way, thanks again brother.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #52 on: March 19, 2018, 04:35:54 PM »
Thanks for your patience guys, I know this season is overdue, it's been a wonderfully busy week for me. As mentioned previously, there are over 100 seasons in total and so I expect this translation project to continue for at least another year. In the meanwhile, please enjoy season 24:


Season 24 [Soaring Eagle experience: aggravated hair loss following rebooting, complementary info on emancipation, the issue of lower brain power] part 1/2


Some brothers may wonder, how come that Soaring Eagle has experienced every symptom? It does not seem possible, out of this question doubt is born. Those who often look into my experience posts will know that I have not said that I have had experienced every symptom out there. For instance, I have mentioned in my posts that I had drooping testis, but not shrunken testis, I have not suffered from puffiness either. When writing my articles I carry a truth-seeking attitude, things are either experienced or not experienced, I would not make it up. Although I have not experienced some symptoms, I have thoroughly researched and enquired into them. For example, the doctor doesn’t need to have experienced every ailment, the importance is to have deep knowledge and understanding in the ailments, that is the key.

Nobody how weak a person is, it is not possible for the person to have experienced every symptom. Even though two people are both suffering from kidney yang deficiency, the focus of the symptoms is still different. I have had a history of masturbation for over a decade, it could be said I have experienced the vast majority of the symptoms. In addition, I have researched into the habit of masturbation for a couple years and have encountered basically every type of symptom, in addition to having assembled a vast archive of cases, chatted with over a thousand brothers and gained a deep understanding in this area. The study of TCM theories did not stop either, all of the mentioned provided me with the foundations of the articles that I wrote.

Because that I have made a huge number of posts, it is impossible to answer many questions immediately, I hope that everybody can understand this.

A capable group of brothers are on the rise in the rebooting forums, this group of brothers are constantly studying and have increased their understanding a lot, therefore, everybody may also refer to them for any questions. There is a need for talents everywhere, the same goes for the rebooting forums, there is a need for talented Q&A people, talented promoters, administrators, each person has his duties to improve the forums and help more people. As to the issue of being scolded at while trying to promote, this has happened on different occasions; previously I did some promotional work although it was not internet-based but based on the QQ-group, where I promoted rebooting and health cultivation among the dozen of anxiety patient groups.

When doing promotional work, first, it is important to let things go their own course when helping people, do not force things. Second, pay attention to the promotional strategy, choose the optimal entry point; third, one must be control of the emotions, because in this line of work it is very easy to run into stubborn people, just like when the scholar meets the soldier, there is no reasoning, when meeting this kind of people, making a concise point is enough, there is no need for elaborate explanations, once the message is heard, the seed has been sown. He might not understand it today but perhaps he will suddenly understand one day and come to regret his old stubborn ways, not having paid heed to your bitter truth. Helping people, in reality, is helping the previous you, the old you is perhaps reminiscent of the present them; not recognizing the truth until it is placed right in front of them, stubbornly going their own ways, controlled by the indulgence mentality, harboring misconceptions towards rebooting along with the attitude of rejection and conflict. Now that you have understood after having clearly seen the truth and wanting to help others, this is a very thought. But one must pay attention to the promotional strategy and method, in this regard the forum owner Balinhou has extensive experience, everyone may seek him out, join a promotional team and learn from the successful promotional models.

Doing promotional work towards rebooting is extremely meaningful, sometimes, a single sentence from you may change the entire life of a person, due to that single sentence, he becomes enlightened. In the future, I’m sure to return to do more promotion for rebooting, but as of now, my main mission is to write more experience articles.

Heading into the main topic below.

In this season we will take a closer look at aggravated hair loss following rebooting, complementary info on emancipation and the issue of lower brain power. Details can be found below:

Lately, many brothers have reported aggravated hair loss following rebooting. When this happens one easily thinks about throwing in the towel, not wanting to reboot anymore; thinking that hair loss did not occur before rebooting but became serious following rebooting, what’s going on? I have mentioned this in the previous articles, about relapsing due to doubt, if there are unsolved problems, relapses become easy. When hair loss becomes aggravated during rebooting it easily causes one to experience panic, anxiety and the loss of hope, these negative emotions in turn easily induces emotional-based relapse. When one wants to vent negative emotions via masturbation, the result is to sink back into the vicious cycle.

Actually, I’m well aware of the thinking process of those brothers who contemplates giving up rebooting due to aggravated hair loss, they are thinking that if they start to masturbate again, the hair loss might cease. This kind of thinking is a bit absurd but it does occur.

Normally, some symptoms will easy appear after one has started to reboot. Many people have not experienced any symptoms before rebooting but as soon as they start to reboot, symptoms appear. When seeing the emergence of symptoms, many rookies start to panic and thinks that abstaining is harmful, they then immediately sink back into the trap of masturbation. The emergence of symptoms following rebooting is actually a withdrawal reaction, it is very commonly seen. Persist in rebooting and cultivating the health and the bodily symptoms will slowly improve and even disappear. The increased severity of hair loss following rebooting can also be seen as a withdrawal symptom, of course, some people say it is a reaction to shedding illnesses, there is also some basis in this; due to the build-up of vital qi after rebooting, latent illnesses will naturally make themselves known.

In addition, I discovered that a great number of brothers report aggravated hair loss during the summer season, why during the summer? Before the arrival of the sizzling summer, every day I would lose within 5 strands of hair, but now I would lose several dozens daily, some days over 30 strands of hair. In fact, this is seasonal hair loss at work, for a normal person, hair loss would also increase during the summer. I have mentioned in the previous article, there are many factors leading to hair loss, one must get to know each one of them or else it is easy to get into a state of panic. The thought of throwing in the towel is made easier under the state of panic. During the summer there is more sweating, the scalp will easily itch, when the scalp itches, hair loss will increase. Recently when washing the hair I would apply hair shampoo twice, the scalp would still itch, and so I applied a few drops of herbal distillate in clean water and the scalp would barely itch after that when the scald no longer itches, the amount of hair loss decreases.

Hair loss during the summer is due to the following reasons:

1. The loss of hair during the summer is due to exposure of the head towards the strong solar rays which breaks the keratin within the hair, causing the falling off of the hair.
2. During the summer the scalp sweats easily, produces oil, plus it’s dustier, hair would easily become affected.
3. Due to walking in and out of AC exposure, this causes poor blood circulation, the hair would fall off more easily.
4. The summer heat induces secretion imbalances in the body, inducing hair loss.
5. Too much cold beverages. Suppose that one consumes more ice sticks, ice cream, and cold beverages, the hair would fall off more easily.
6. A decrease in the nutritional input. Protein is an essential nutrient for the hair. But due to the heat of the summer, people like to eat a lighter diet, meat intake will be relatively less. Suppose that the protein intake is inadequate, hair will fall off easier.
7. Inflammatory stimulation. During the summer there is a higher chance for folliculitis, favus of the scalp, pimple or carbuncle. These causes instability in the hair follicles and induces hair loss more easily.
8. It is scorching during the summer, there is a large amount of water evaporation. If the water is not quickly replenished it will lead to a decrease in the sebaceous glands secretions. And from there induces the drying up and falling off of hair. When the hair loses its moist it becomes brittle, after some time it will become crisp and breaks easily and prone to falling off.
9. Affected by the summer weather; many people suffer from poorer sleep quality, become more irritable, those are also important reasons for losing hair.

Summer is a very special season, the common saying goes: although no illnesses, one is 30% weakened during the summer. Because there is a high amount of sweating during the summer, and so according to TCM: He who sweats, also losses essence. When one sweats too much the person is weakened. Lately a brother reported the good progress he was making after a few months of rebooting, but lately, some symptoms have re-emerged with even the occurrence of frequent nightly emissions. This is, in fact, an expression of the repeating period, many brothers confuse withdrawal symptoms with the period for repeated symptoms, I will again emphasize it here. Withdrawal symptoms normally occur within the first month of rebooting, repeating period may occur at any time during the reboot. Because some people have not properly cultivated the health, following a half year of rebooting they again experience a repeat of the symptoms, some people may encounter repeated symptoms after a year due to staying up, fatigue or frequent nocturnal emissions. The reason to why repeated symptoms tend to occur during the summer is because one sweats profusely during the summer, even without illnesses one becomes partially weakened, add to the AC exposure, cold beverages or staying up, long sitting and long staring, under these circumstances, repeated symptoms will easily occur. If you go about your day engaging exercises that have a damaging effect on the yang qi, it would be a surprise if you didn’t catch any symptoms. Therefore, I very much emphasize health cultivation. The mistake many people make is that they only reboot but do not cultivate the health, they do not know how to do it and have a very low level of health cultivation awareness; going to the AC room right after a shower because it feels good but it also sows the seed for future illnesses, some people love to take cold beverages and they do so daily, this has a very negative impact on the recovery of the body, once you are aware of these things, you will not repeat the mistakes, because you know that by engaging in those activities you will severely damage your yang qi, when the yang qi has been damaged, repeated symptoms will show up. (Translator’s note: Just to clarify, repeated symptoms are a repeat of previous symptoms that we’ve had during the time when we were still masturbating)

Some brothers would ask if it’s OK to use AC during the summer. My recommendation is that one can use the AC but refrain from AC exposure right away taking a shower or to set a temperature that is too low, otherwise the cold air will enter the body through the pores. I remember a couple days ago when I went into an air-conditioned room to fetch something, the temperature was set to very low and I was sweating slightly at the time and so the pores were all open, suddenly I was exposed to the cold air and later that day I suffered from diarrhea. AC is a great invention but it is a double-edged sword and does not benefit health cultivation. Everybody should be careful when being exposed to AC in order to avoid sowing the seed for future illnesses.

For those brothers who are suffering from aggravated hair loss during the rebooting period, make sure to persist in your efforts, do not panic, remember this sentence: It is not wrong to reboot. When you panic it is only that you have not figured out what is going on at the time, it is not that rebooting is hurting your hair.

Let’s talk about the emancipation issue below.

In the previous season, we talked about the issue of puffiness, we did not go through the emancipation issue thoroughly enough, in this season we will examine it closer.

For the emancipated brothers, if you want to become strong, I would advise doing some moderate strength exercises, doing strength exercises will increase your appetite. If you have no problems with digestion then you will quickly become stronger. It would be preferable if you had somebody to coach you, in this way your training will be more systematic and professional as opposed to blindly training by yourself. If you have your eyes set on only push ups and sit ups then it will be difficult to become strong quickly. Being professional is also important in strength exercises, if you train in a professional manner then you will become strong very rapidly and advance very quickly. Therefore, it would be best if somebody in your surrounding is able to show you the way.

When I graduated from college I was 186 cm tall and weighed 62 kg. After I have started to work out my weight once surged to 100kg. The impression I gave to people was being both fat and strong. After that I started to shed fat and did lots of high repetition exercises, the contours of the body then appeared. Nowadays I maintain a weight of about 80 kg without focusing especially much on protein heavy food, now I keep a normal and light diet.

There is a saying in the bodybuilding sphere: fear eating, not training. As long as we have gotten the hang of training then there won’t be any big issues, the importance is in the diet. In order to become strong, energy intake must be adequate. In the beginning, we gain both fat and muscles, once we start to shed fat after having reached a certain weight then the shapes will start to appear.

Everyone may take a look at the workout terminology:

Chest: sitting bench press, 3 sets
Back: rope from neck pulldown, 3 sets
Shoulders: sit on the combination machine and do pulling and lifting, 3 sets
Triceps: rope pulldown from standing position, 3 sets
Biceps: biceps curl lift on a combination machine, 3 sets
Thighs: leg lifts, 3 sets
Biceps femoris: prone leg curl lift, 3 sets
Calves: heel lift while sitting on the combination machine, 3 sets
Abs: Sit-ups, 2 sets
Heel lift with dumbbells, 2 sets

For the person who has never worked out before this terminology may seem foreign, this is why I have mentioned it is better to have somebody show you the way. The person may demonstrate the important aspects of the movements and let you in on lots of professional knowledge. In this way you will quickly learn the ropes, after that, you will progress very quickly, every month there will be changes, your strength will increase by a lot. Of course, don’t expect prostatitis to heal just because you have become stronger. Reality has proven that no matter how strong the body is one can still suffer from prostatitis. The key is to reboot and cultivate the health, a person who has become stronger may alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis, but to completely heal requires rebooting and health cultivation. According to my understanding, many bodybuilding champions have illnesses, some have had a stroke, some are suffering from heart conditions. Therefore, strength does not signify health, one must still rely on the words: reboot and cultivate the health. Without knowledge in rebooting and health cultivation, becoming strong is instead a big thing, this is comparable to martial artists stressing virtue, without virtue one is prone to get into trouble.

Some brothers are emancipated but are free from digestive troubles, as long as these brothers get the hang of how to work out they will rapidly become stronger. Some emancipated brothers have big issues with digestion, where there is chronic diarrhea or poor absorption function. For these cases I would advise to first bring the stomach back to normal and then do strength training, gaining weight will then be more reliable. Otherwise, if you have a poor stomach, firstly, the appetite is poor. Secondly, the absorption is not functioning properly, to gain muscle and weight will then be relatively more difficult.

For those emancipated brothers who want to become strong, I would advise the below summary:

1. If there are no problems with digestion and absorption, I recommend studying more professional bodybuilding knowledge. The best would be to find somebody to get you started on exercising, combine it with increased eating and the body will become strong rapidly.
2. For brothers that are suffering from digestive or absorption problems, it is advised to adjust digestion and absorption to normal and start to work out from there, body weight will then steadily increase.

Lastly, let’s talk about the issue of increasing brain power.

The phenomenon of decreasing brain power following masturbation is extremely widespread, TCM: to the above, kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation injures the kidneys and so must also injure the brain power, the main expression is that memory, concentration, thinking ability and comprehension all take a downturn in varying degrees, giving the impression that the person has become stupid, slow to react, lacking in patience, restless and easily angered. When brain power goes down, doing anything becomes an issue, this is especially true for students; students need to take exams which places a high requirement on the brain power. The reduction of brain power from masturbation is undoubtedly a disaster for students.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #53 on: March 19, 2018, 04:36:42 PM »
part 2/2

Normally, to recover the brain power would require at least half a year of rebooting and health cultivation. The recovery of brain power is a gradual process, the below aspects would need to be met:

1. Strictly control the frequency of nocturnal emissions, nightly emissions greatly injures the body and the brain power.
2. Determine to put a stop to sexual fantization, fantization depletes the essence invisibly.
3. Learn to cultivation the health, one needs to put a stop to the various ways of damaging the kidney qi.
4. Actively exercise, emphasize aerobic exercises.
5. One may try silent meditation or standing horse-stance cultivation methods, including kidney strengthening exercises.
6. Nutrients need to be maintained, moderately intake brain nourishing food.

When the above 6 points have been accomplished, the brain power will enjoy a substantial recovery after half a year. When the brain power is increased, the person will become like brand new, previously incomprehensible topics will be suddenly understood when you look at them again, like having an aha moment. Actually, it is the lower brain power which was causing the incomprehension, now that the brain power has been recovered, the topic is understood within a glance. Determination, concentration, memory, and comprehension all will increase.

[Avatamsaka Sutra] scroll six: “Absorb the mind to relinquish, from relinquishment arises calmness, from calmness, arises wisdom. These are known as the three learnings” Rebooting has the ability to raise the level of wisdom, Buddhist philosophies are actually connected with TCM, the saying goes that all great paths lead to the same source. Once the brain power has been recovered, a change in destiny can be achieved, when the brain power is adequate, everything you do will be inadequate; you feel as if you are unable to get into the zone. When your brain power is good, the things that you previously did poorly in all becomes easier, your destiny will then change accordingly. Take an important exam, for instance, when the brain power is good you get one result, when the brain power is poor you get another result, such an exam may change a person’s entire future. The same goes for job interviews when the brain power is good one is unhindered in speech and is confident, when the brain power is lacking you may not even understand the question that was directed at you, spewing out an incoherent answer in return. Brain power is truly too important for a person, one must cut out masturbation.


Recently I read a post made by the well known “Uncle Tom” and was surprised at his speed of advancement in realization, he was able to understand almost all of my posts and besides that was hunting extensively for other rebooting articles, the improvement of his realization also serves as encouragement for other brothers. There are already big changes in Tom’s thought process, I have mentioned this, the first step to rebooting is to reform the thoughts, you must give your awareness a tangible boost through studying. When the understanding has taken on a new level, rebooting thereon will reach success easier, to otherwise rely on brute force rebooting will only ensure failure.

The reason to why I’m writing down my experiences is to allow more brothers to really understand it, once understood, your awareness will increase, when confronting various rebooting issues you will then have a reliable answer, just like having to take a stabilizing pill, the mind will no longer easily sway, thoughts of doubts no longer show up. Of course, there are lots of articles on rebooting and health cultivation, everybody should search for them far and wide, study broadly and without limit, constantly improving. My awareness and understanding come from thorough personal experience and ceaseless studies to this day I still take some time each day to study. I read Dharmas daily, read health cultivation articles frequently and study rebooting cases every day, constantly discovering, thinking and understanding.

In sharing the contents of my own insights, I hope that everybody's’ awareness may constantly increase. Even if you only advance a little every day, a year later your overall progress would be staggering. The only worry is if you do not want to study or is fed up with studying, in that case, you will have a hard time making a thorough reboot. To reboot, the thoughts must be transformed, no matter which internet site you visit or which rebooting article you read, in every case you are importing rebooting thoughts and awareness, it is transforming your thoughts awareness. When you have recognized the importance in studying, you will go look for good rebooting articles on your own in order to constantly study, rehearsing old material while learning new material, once you have gotten into that study mentality, awareness will increase by leaps and bounds. The more thorough that your thoughts rewire, the easier it is to successfully reboot.

However, I need to stress a final point; when you have successfully rewired your thoughts and increased your awareness, it’s still important to maintain daily vigilance. The alertful awareness is very important, just like walking on a steel wire, not letting go of the vigilance.

In addition, after your thoughts have been rewired, you will notice that you will be out of tune with the people around you because you have fully understood the truth of masturbation, you have seen masturbation for what it really is. While most people are still apathetically indulging themselves, fiercely rubbing themselves towards the road of self-destruction, completely oblivious to the approaching symptoms. The society today has been polluted by the ideologies of pornography and sexual debauchery, in addition to the harmlessness theories, therefore, the vast majority of the people are bound to not see the truth clearly, this precisely confirms the saying: the truth is controlled by a few people. We are bound to be the minority who knows the truth, what we need to do is to find the proper timing and the method to help our brothers, to help our former selves and in the process help ourselves.

Love thyself

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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #54 on: March 21, 2018, 08:23:18 PM »
Thanks for the translation ! I have been repeatedly reading it everyday and it helps a lot in my fight against PMO, you have my utmost gratitude !


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #55 on: April 02, 2018, 04:01:10 PM »
Hey guys. Season 25 is the longest season to date with a full 10 A4 pages, accordingly, it also required the longest time to translate. Due to the growing length of the articles, the rate of new article postings might be less frequent going forward. The pace of translation has been steady since the start of this project, I'm currently averaging an A4 page per day. Thank you everybody for your patience. In the meanwhile, the link to the latest PDF compilation may be found at


Season 25 [Soaring Eagle experience: impotence, the mystery of time to relapse and different forms of essence damage from masturbation] part 1/2


Many brothers have now formed the awareness for studying on the rebooting forums, they are no longer relying on brute force rebooting and have started to tread onto the correct path, their rebooting efforts have become increasingly professional, this is a very good phenomenon. Once the daily habit of studying rebooting articles has been established, where one is able to both read and understand, the rebooting awareness and understanding will take on a huge upward leap. This principle is actually comparable to internet gaming. If you play every day your level will quickly rise, if you do not train your level you will not advance and remain a rookie. In the aspect of internet games, one is abused by the opponent, in the aspect of rebooting, one is abused by the temptation demon. Because the level of the temptation demon is higher than your level, your level is too low, every encounter results in defeat. Therefore, one must increase the level of awareness through constant studying, with awareness and understanding in place, the temptation demon will have a hard time budging you.

I hope more brothers will share their experiences in the rebooting forums. Rookies need the guidance from the forerunners, the most apparent trait with rookies is a large number of misconceptions that they carry, not allowing them to understand problems clearly. Experience posts will allow them to improve their awareness and lead them to the correct path of rebooting, solidify their confidence and determination, avoid detours and hence improve the rate of successful reboot.

After having researched into the topic of masturbation I have come to realize that there is only one model for successful rebooting: increase the level of awareness through constant studies. When there is enough awareness, rebooting becomes natural, once the awareness is very high, all that’s needed is to maintain vigilance and the reboot will be thorough. Cultivating awareness is like climbing a mountain, many people would stop climbing halfway and go back down. Although lots of people are slow in their pace of climb, they persist in climbing and continue to study rebooting articles, constantly increasing their awareness, although the pace is slow they are steadily improving. In this way these people are still able to reach the peak of awareness, when that time arrives and if they also strengthen their level of alertness, complete reboot can be achieved.

My current level awareness was accumulated step by step, in the past I went about studying rebooting articles in the following way: every day I would extract good rebooting quotes, this also includes health cultivation contents because these two topics are interrelated. I had extracted over 6 books worth of contents within a year of time. The demand that I placed upon myself was to improve a little every day, after a month there would be a big improvement. Ever since I started to extract rebooting articles, my awareness soared upwards, many incompressible issues suddenly became clear, my head became successfully clearer. Afterward, I looked into a large amount of TCM cases, the awareness again advanced forward. Nowadays I would find time every day to read on Buddhist Dharma and TCM, trying to increase my scope of thinking, without limits in studying there is no limit in improvement.

Many brothers claim that they cannot get into reading, as soon as they see a long article they grow tired, after reading a line of text they become fed up. There are many brothers like this, this is because the brain power decreases when the kidney essence is deficient, memory, concentration and even comprehension all drops lower. What’s worse is that the mood following debauchery becomes impatient and easily angered, “troubled appearance” emerges, one lacks patience and determination when trying to do things and to study. I have previously experienced this state of mind, whenever I looked at a screen full of text I would become annoyed and wanted to look away. After a period of rebooting, the brain power has recovered somewhat and my mind was able to quiet down again, slowly I was able to absorb the reading. After I was absorbed the more I read the more I wanted to read, I extracted what I thought to be the best quotes. Unbeknownst to me, my awareness took off. By often looking at previously read articles and extracted quotes, this will have a reinforcing and refreshing effect and allow the awareness to increase once again. When awareness has been raised to a certain level, you will notice that you now have resistance against pornographic content, you are able to vanquish the temptation demon, this, in reality, is the result of an increase in awareness.

As to the number of daily studies, I have arranged it in the following way: all according to my state, if my mental state is good during a day and the interest is high, I would read more, sometimes a dozen of pages, sometimes an entire chapter. When my interest level is very high I could read a big portion of a book. But sometimes my state is not that good and my interest is lacking, the amount of studying that I have planned for these times is at least a page every day. It would only require a couple minutes to read through a page, no matter how impatient, one is able to endure reading through a page. In this manner I’m able to ensure that my daily studies do not halt, my awareness would then constantly increase, finally welcoming the great uplifting in awareness. I would advise every brother to at least read a page of rebooting article every day, it does not have to be a new article, reinforcing old articles is also very good. Do not stray away from rebooting articles, you may also repeatedly read the contents that you have extracted, in doing this your awareness will improve very quickly.

Some brothers would say that they like to look at pictures and not at long pages of text, they cannot absorb it and find it to be annoying! My recommendation is to wait until you have been rebooting for a while, once the brain power has recovered somewhat, allow yourself to look at texts. Because the images that I have produced only serve as supplementary material, the most important content is still the text. One need to professionally and systematically increase the level of awareness, it is necessary to look through a large number of articles. Pictures are only an assistance, articles are the main material, images are secondary, this point must be understood.

Back to the old saying: the extraordinary power of rebooting comes from studying! Without studying there will be no knowing, without studying the awareness will not increase. With the successive increase of awareness, it will finally allow you to conquer masturbation and vanquish the temptation demon.

We will enter into the main topic below.

In this season we will discuss in detail regarding the issue of impotence, the mystery of time to relapse and difference forms of essence damage from masturbation, details can be found below:

In season 6 I have talked about the issue of impotence and premature ejaculation. Now that we are in season 25, we can look into the topic more comprehensively and in more detail.

Among all the questions I have answered, quite a few of them belongs to the category of premature ejaculation, soft erections, and impotence. When the essence has been damaged to a certain degree, obstacles in the sexual function will arise. The symptom that I have experienced the earliest is premature ejaculation, this showed up roughly after 2 years of frequent masturbation, later I had soft erections, this symptom went on for more over a decade. Because I loved sports at the time, had rhythmic resting and eating schedules, didn’t have any internet addictions nor did I smoke, so during the years I was still able to achieve an erection but the firmness was inadequate. Afterward when I started to stay up during the night and sat for long periods at a time I encountered impotence. My impotence at the time was quite serious, I needed to expend a huge amount of effort, in addition, to apply strong stimulation in order to barely achieve an erection, moreover the firmness was lacking and I would quickly go soft, the lack in stamina was apparent.

When premature ejaculation appears, the man becomes panicky, because the sexual function is very important for men. The degree of panic is comparable to the panic experienced during hair loss. When the sexual function is lacking the man feels shame in front of the ladies and lack confidence. In addition, he worries about the wife cheating on him, therefore, men who suffer from premature ejaculation bear huge psychological pressure, the mood of anxiety is heavy.

The worst part is that many people don’t have TCM health cultivation knowledge. When premature ejaculation appears, their first reaction is to take supplements in order to strengthen the yang and become strong once again, not allowing themselves to go soft at all cost. Under this pattern of thinking, they would go look for all kinds of supplements. Some supplements show a good effect in the beginning, but the body can also grow tired of supplements. When taking them often the beneficial effect is not apparent. When the body has grown weary one then has to switch to another supplement, the end result is to have gone over many big brand kidney supplementing and yang strengthening medicine, the body still remaining in a weak state, in addition there is a high chance of other bodily symptoms showing up in beside impotence, the suffering is beyond words. In reality, because these people lack TCM health cultivation know-how, they have misread the bodily signals from the very beginning, the ancient saying goes: the younger generation should not be ignorant of medicine. If you are ignorant of medical knowledge, you will stumble into misconceptions in many areas and choices, ultimately hurting yourself. When a man encounters impotence, this bodily signal is the body crying for help, telling you to not indulge any further. The principle is similar to when skin pores close when being exposed to cold temperature. Many people are unaware of this principle, once impotent, they instead take supplements and indulge themselves, lacking in rebooting and health cultivation awareness altogether. They do not understand that the best supplement is actually: no leak as the supplement. Because of this, they have chosen the wrong path, relying on supplements to further indulge, the result can be imagined. In the future there will be a chance of going complete impotent, even catching diabetes or a stroke.

Because that kidney qi is inadequate, the body chooses impotence for the purpose of self-preservation. If you misread the signal and instead rely on supplements to indulge, the evil fruit will certainly be incurred, this is the price of ignorance.

When a brother encounters premature ejaculation, soft erections, impotence, he needs to learn to reboot and cultivate the health. If the symptoms are serious it is advised to see a traditional Chinese doctor for treatment, taking herbal medicine will benefit the bodily recovery. But one must emphasize the cultivation of the mind, or else the intake of herbal medicine will likely help to fuel the desires, resulting in taking herbal medicine and indulging happening side by side. The act of supplementing from the above while leaking from the below is detrimental to the recovery process. If you cannot manage to reboot thoroughly but instead leak and supplement simultaneously, I can be certain that the treatment effect will not be optimal, not long afterward you will again find yourself with premature ejaculation. We then have a predicament in our hands, as a matter of fact, there is a misunderstanding in the consciousness, if this misunderstanding does not get corrected, the result will be that premature ejaculation will remain after spending loads of money and taking a lot of medicine. Therefore, to be able to cure a person’s premature ejaculation, one must first enlighten him, speak reason to him and let him understand the principles, enlightenment will actually cure him, without enlightenment he will be finished in this life. Quite a few brothers have already depleted themselves prior to getting married, they have encountered premature ejaculation, their families are pushing them into getting married, this makes him fear marriage, knowing the outcome, why did he do as he did?

Everybody should not lose hope, however, premature ejaculation, soft erection, and impotence can all be recovered from. I have completely recovered due to the fact that my understanding was in the correct place, there was no misunderstanding in my consciousness, I put effort into health cultivation. Most importantly, I don’t do testing, because testing will lead one back into the trap of masturbation. Everybody would certainly ask, how does one know that one has recovered? Actually, whether or not one has recovered can be observed from the quality of the morning erections. When the erection is firm and upright, the degree of firmness is high, this is the bodily expression of recovery. If you attempt to test, then it is very possible to relapse repeatedly, throwing away all the previous efforts. Many people like to test, the result is that once having attempted, they are unable to stop and have again started to indulge.

According to my experiences, the recovery time for premature ejaculation and soft erections is approximately at least half a year, impotence would require at least a year of rebooting and health cultivation. In order to recover, one must do well in all areas, the most important conditions are to control the number of nocturnal emissions and put a stop to sexual fantization, once these two points have been achieved plus efforts made into health cultivation, the sexual function will then slowly recover. I have been through all this, as long as you have the confidence and patience, constantly study to raise the awareness, manage to thoroughly reboot, increase health cultivation awareness, the sexual function will be able to recover for sure. The only thing to be afraid of is misconceptions in thought, recovery will be very difficult in such cases. Premature ejaculation can be grouped as mild, medium or severe. If mild, the recovery time will be relatively fast, if severe, then the recovery time will be even longer and the difficulty great, but as long as one is persistent in rebooting and health cultivation and is doing well in all areas, it is still recoverable.

In addition, some people suffer from premature ejaculation due to nervousness, when masturbating alone there is no problem. Western medicine blame this condition on the psychological problem. Actually, the emergence of nervousness and the depletion of the kidney qi is inseparable, because the body and the mind is one, if the kidney qi has been depleted, corresponding changes will take place in a person’s emotional psychology. Some people have not been suffering from nervousness in the past, after they have started to masturbate they become nervous, irritated and easily angered, this, in reality, is the expression of depleted kidney essence. One may even become nervous while urination and only been able to pass urine when nobody else is around. This time of nervousness obstacles may also be overcome through persistent rebooting and health cultivation, once the kidney qi has been cultivated into abundance, the body and the mind will all return to their normal states.

In the below let’s talk about the mystery of the time to relapse.

Very few people know about this field of knowledge. Firstly, one must be familiar with TCM medical principles. In addition, one needs to have consulted cases with feedback, only after thorough research is one able to experience this field of knowledge.

Among the cases that I have researched into, quite a few brothers have remarked; why is it that every time I relapse, the time of recovery is different? Sometimes recovery would take place several days following a relapse, sometimes the symptoms would linger on for several weeks or even several months, why is it like this? To be able to answer this question, one needs to be familiar with the level of yang qi in the human body. The level of yang qi in the body is different during different periods of the day, it also varies during the times of the month, it again varies with the seasons. If you have indulged during the time when your yang qi level is low, then it will be relatively difficult to recover. This principle is actually very easy to understand. Suppose that you make a call when the phone balance is very low, it’s very possible that your balance is no longer valid after a single call, but when you make a call when the phone balance is very high then there is no problem.

The yang qi level in the human body also undergoes constant change, fluctuating between highs and lows, the overall pattern of change can be found below:

Daily change: between 11pm-1am the yang starts to become active, at noon the ying starts to become active. Hence in the way of the health cultivation, no sexual activities are to take place between 11pm-1am, in order to avoid the depletion of yang qi. This is because during 11pm-1am the yang qi is just starting to rise, like a tiny spark, sexual activities during this time will greatly injure the yang qi, giving rise to symptoms more easily. Yang qi grows from 11pm-1am and becomes successively greater, reaching the zenith by noon and then declines. This is followed by the rise of ying starting from noon and its gradual increase towards the maximum at 11 pm, after that ying starts to decline and yang starts to become active, this is the cycle. When it comes to exercise it is best to do it before noon. Because then the yang qi will be in the rising stage, exercising during this time coincides with the time of the Heaven, the effect will be superior. Normally, towards the evening it is suitable to cultivate quietness, this is because the ying qi is heavy during the evening, exercising and sweating during this time greatly damages the yang qi. When everybody has understood this principle they will be in a better position to choose the time for exercising.

The 12 time periods in the ancient times:

Zi: 11pm-1am
Chou: 1am-3am
Yin: 3am-5am
Mao: 5am-7am
Chen: 7am-9am
Si: 9am-11am
Wu: 11am-1pm
Wei: 1pm-3pm
Shen: 3pm-5pm
You: 5pm-7pm
Xu: 7pm-9pm
Hai: 9pm-11pm


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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part 2/2

Monthly changes:

Every month, the moon will have its brightness and dimness, waxing and waning. We can base the monthly changes of the yang qi on the changes in the moon. At the beginning of the month, the crescent moon is barely showing, yang qi is gradually growing and being released. The phase of the moon gradually becomes fuller and turns into the first quarter moon, in this stage of the moon as it steadily becomes rounder, the yang qi is in its most vigorous period of development and release, the vital energy inside the human body is likewise in its most active state. Once the full moon has passed, yang qi has reached its full strength and starts to give room for ying qi. Yang qi slowly goes into the accumulation stage as the phase of the moon gradually moves from fullness to deficiency. During the 22nd or the 23rd day, we have the third quarter of the waning moon. Past the third quarter the luminous surface of the moon gradually diminishes up until the 30th day, the moon vanishes from sight, only a shadow remains, this is the last day of the lunar month. The entire metamorphosis of the lunar phenomenon is in reality example of the change in the yang qi. Therefore, try not to engage in sexual activities when the yang qi is weak and the ying qi is heavy, or else symptoms may easily arise.

Yearly changes:

Summer solstice gives rise to ying, winter solstice gives rise to yang.

Spring gives birth, summer gives growth, autumn gives restraint, winter gives storage. The word cultivation actually only mentions ¼ of the health cultivation path, in addition, there is growth during the summer, restraint during the autumn and storage during the winter. Therefore, try to refrain from sexual activities during winter. Winter is a season for the accumulation of essence in preparation for the coming year. If indulgence takes place during winter, then the energy available for growth in the coming year will be diminished. Therefore, if you have indulged during winter in this year, then next year your body may experience symptoms. One should not indulgence especially during winter. Because winter solstice gives rise to yang, yang qi is right in the middle of a weak state, relapsing at this stage will easily induce bodily symptoms and is not favorable towards the recovery process. Store essence during the winter, once stored, good health in the following year can be ensured.

In ancient times there is a learning about selecting auspicious dates, nowadays it is no longer widespread. Many young people are unaware of the fact that only a selected few able people are truly able to understand the learning. Doing certain things during certain times is very important because there are deep principles behind it. When brothers relapse during different seasons, the speed of the bodily recovery is different, because the level of yang qi in the human body differs for every season. When you relapse during a time when then yang qi is weak, then you have committed a taboo, the body will have a difficult time recovering. When you relapse when the yang qi is flourishing then it is relatively easier to recover.

Regarding times of relapse that are considered to be taboo, I believe that many brothers have seen the “Nine Poison Days”, nine poison days, according to the Chinese lunar calendar falls on the old calendar date of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 25th, 26th, 27th, these 9 days been called the “9 poison days of the intermingling between heaven and earth”. There are 9 poisonous days in May acting as taboo days for sexual indulgence! Therefore, there are customs in ancient times, in May the wife is to go and visit her parents for a month, extra caution is needed during those 9 poisonous days. There is for sure basis behind these 9 poisonous days, we would rather believe that they exist than not. Because according to my research, there is a lag effect to the retribution of relapsing. Sometimes the symptoms will not show up right away, they may show up after tens of days or even after 100 days. Because therein lies a butterfly effect and time is needed for this effect to develop.

We need to understand taboos and try not to violate them, this will benefit our health, knowing leads to strength, ignorance leads to aging. If you know to avoid violating taboos, then many dangers may be avoided. For detailed contents into this topic, I would recommend everybody to look into [寿康宝鉴], there are specific contents on “preserving life rebooting period and the taboo of heaven and earth”, understanding this area of knowledge is truly very important.

Lastly, we will talk about the different degree of essence injuries induced by masturbation.

This topic has been suggested by a brother due to the many symptoms that he was suffering from. He doesn’t know how serious his injuries are and so he suggested me to make a rough classification of the essence damage expressions, this way he may also gain a clue for himself. If you have extensively researched into cases in essence injured victims, you will for sure discover that many people are exhibiting multiple expressions from damaged essence. There are many categories of injured essence accompanying the collapse in health, the symptoms are not singular, below is my general categorization on the degrees of essence damage:

1. Urinary system illness: prostatitis, urinary tract inflammation, varicocele etc.
2. Respiratory system illness: lung illness, including rhinitis, asthma etc.
3. A serious decrease in brain power: concentration, memory, comprehension decreasing in varying degrees.
4. Stone related: kidney stone, urinary stones etc.
5. Skin symptoms: various forms of skin illnesses, including acne, hives etc.
6. Hair issue: hair loss and greying as the main factors.
7. Digestive system illness: enteritis, constipation, diarrhea, weak digestion and absorption etc.
8. Frequent nocturnal emission issue: frequent nightly emissions is also an illness.
9. Ugliness issue: too many forms of ugliness.
10. Sexual function obstacles: premature ejaculation, soft erections.
11. Heart issues: palpitation, premature beat etc.
12. Waist pain soft legs: waist pain and soreness, waist and knee soreness.
13. Cervical spine issue: different forms of cervical spinal issues.
14. Tinnitus issue: kidney deficiency induced tinnitus.
15. Excessive sweating, excessive oil: these two forms are quite common.
16. Sight issue: decrease in eyesight, eye floater etc.
17. Other illnesses: roughly over 100 forms, kidney deficiency gives rise to many illnesses.

Even if many symptoms are not directly caused by masturbation, they will still be intricately linked to it, because kidney essence is the health currency of the human body.

Point 1-17 does not involve psychological issues, although they are very bothersome for brothers, they will not make one’s life a living hell. Of course, these 17 categories are relatively general and can only be considered as a rough classification. Below are mainly psychological issues:

1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Neurasthenia
4. Autonomous nervous disorders
5. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
6. Paranoia
7. Autism
8. Phobia
9. Hypochondria

Of course, these psychological issues that I have mentioned are not purely psychological but also contains some element of physical symptoms. For instance, the mood of anxiety is not the same as having anxiety, anxiety has a range of bodily symptoms. Once one has caught these issues, many people want to die. Among those people who visit anxiety or depression support groups, many are very desperate, the symptoms of these illnesses are indeed very strange, everything is present. If you are not a victim yourself and talk with these victims, perhaps you will think that they are telling fantasy stories, it is indeed like that, only those who have had personal experience will know what the sufferers are going through. When I had anxiety and neurasthenia, I was in a state of despair and collapse on a daily basis, the thought of suicide came up multiple times. Because the condition was truly like a living hell, you will think that death may be preferable, normal people would not understand that kind of feeling. Some sufferers are afraid to go out or sit in a car, normal people would wonder how they can be so timid. Actually, once injured to a certain degree, the human courage will really shrink to that of a mouse, because the kidneys govern fright, fright injures the kidneys. When kidneys are deficient to a certain degree, a person would become very timid, as if being a totally different person. Previously when I was ill I would not dare to venture outside, now that I have recovered I thought it was unbelievable, how could I have been so timid before?  I fully understand now, it is the serious depletion of the kidney essence, caused by sexual indulgence, staying up late at night which has injured the nerves.

Therefore, if you belong to the 1-17 category, that is good, you will not wish to die that much. If you have additional serious psychological illnesses, the problem is then relatively serious, recovery time will be longer and the difficulty greater. Many anxiety patients are unable to recover in 5 or even over 10 years, they rely on medication all year around. In reality, anxiety and other psychological illnesses must require an awakening in understanding as a condition to recovery, medicines will be able to alleviate but not to cure completely. One must learn to cultivate the health and understand to treasure the kidney essence. Otherwise, although you are
temporarily alleviated by medicine, symptoms will still easily relapse, because you have not recognized the true cause of the disease.

Concluding remarks:

Occasionally, some brother would ask whether masturbation will lead to bad luck. From the surface, masturbation and luck are not really connected, in reality, a certain relationship does exist. Because masturbation will induce lower brain power. When the brain power is normal, many things can be managed properly, but when the brain power has decreased, many things that normally would not a challenge cannot be managed properly, from the surface it seems like one’s luck has become worse. Take an exam, for instance, some people would say, why was I so forgetful at the time, why didn’t I think of it at the time, my luck is so poor. Actually, the root issue of this bad luck is due to decreased brain power. Because the brain power has decreased, you will no be in shape, at this time our luck will naturally become worse.

Compare again to an interview. The first impression we give out to the interviewer is very important, but a person immersed in masturbation will lack spirit in his eyes, his demeanor will be like a ghost, even with the appearance of black eye rings and eye bags, a look of decadence, without confidence and feeling inferior. When such a person goes to an interview, the success rate will naturally not be high. Many brothers have interviewed more than a dozen times without a single time of success, they blame their own bad luck, in reality, is it is ugliness induced by masturbation, a lack of Spirit. If your vitality is abundant, looking radiant, full of self-confidence, the impression you give to the interviewer will be completely different. This kind of abundant vitality is able to affect the interviewer, he will think that you are very dynamic, and the company is in need of such dynamic and vigor youth.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #57 on: April 14, 2018, 01:40:49 PM »
Season 26 [Soaring Eagle experience: rebooting fed up period, the issue of excessive sweating and the issue of vision]

The fed up period associated with rebooting is an issue that cannot be avoided, it is also an issue that must be overcome, many brothers have already reported this issue to me.

If one frequents the rebooting forums often, then one will discover a phenomenon and that is coming and going of many people. Many people start out with a high level of determination when first starting to reboot, their enthusiasm is at a climax, “mustering up courage during the first battle, courage declines in the second battle, courage is exhausted in the third battle” cannot be helped. Before several weeks have passed these people have altogether disappeared, they have returned to the past. Especially for brothers who have relapsed repeatedly, once relapsed their determination and enthusiasm will take a big hit, after a while of rebooting they no longer feel like continuing, they do not see any hope except for despair and helplessness. In reality, this is the fed up period in rebooting. No matter who you are, there will be a fed up period. This fed up mood is also prevalent in other fields; when you listen to a song for instance, in the beginning you like how it sounds, after listening to it for several weeks you might get tired of it, the feeling that you once harbored towards the song cannot be found again, what remains is weariness and impatience. The same principle applies to diet, in the beginning we like to eat a certain delicacy, if you eat every day you may want to throw up after a while. Still the same works for cell phones; in the beginning we really want to own a certain model, after a while of usage our desire for it wanes, we think that the cell phone is not that special after all, the original feeling of enthusiasm is long gone.

We should put it like this, human being is an animal that easily finds itself bored.

In the world of rebooting this is no different, many brothers are tired of studying, tired of rebooting articles, they are too lazy to read and to study and are easily annoyed. Whenever the fed up mood shows up it easily leads to relapses, this is like a squadron of soldiers having depressed morale, many people don’t want to go to battle and want to become deserters, this kind of squadron lacks fighting strength altogether. If you run into the fed up mood, you need to learn to cope with it immediately,  adjust the mood right away in order to allow the fighting spirit to regain its fullness. A squadron without morale is like a plate of loose sand, a squadron with morale will have strong cohesiveness, every soldier will be like a tiger coming down the mountain. Buddhist cultivation also pays particular attention to bravely forging ahead, no room for a slack mind and maintaining perseverance. But people can hardly avoid having a tiresome mood, this is because people have a laziness tendency. Therefore, whenever the fed up mood appears, we need to make immediate adjustments, just like a watch that is going too slow, we will need to readjust it to the correct time.

In the below we will talk about methods of adjustments.

Truth be told, I have also encountered the fed up mood, but I have re-adjusted it rapidly. Herein lies a concept and that is emotional intelligence (EQ), EQ is the IQ of emotions, it involves self-control, enthusiasm, perseverance as well as self-propelling and the ability to self-encourage. EQ is different from IQ, EQ can be trained after birth, it can be gained through learning. When you have learned to adjust your mood through studying, then you will be in full control of your mood and not be controlled by it. A person’s mood may dominate one’s actions, many brothers relapse due to emotions; the emergence of a bored and depressing mood is immediately channeled into masturbation for relief. If you have a high EQ and knows how to adjust the mood, then emotional relapse will not take place. Therefore, we must learn to adjust our mood, this is especially important in the path of rebooting. When the mood of boredom and depression occurs we will need to make immediate adjustments, when the fed up mood appears we will also need to correct it right away. We need to allow our fighting spirit to pull itself together once again, rebooting properly every day.

Not only does studying rebooting articles lead one to become fed up but the same applies to answering questions. Jia Xing has reported to me that he has become fed up with answering questions, he has contemplated the thought of retiring. During this time I advised him to emphasize recuperation, to not overstrain himself and to not answer too many questions when he is in a bad mood, otherwise if he attempts to answer questions when the mind is tired he will become even more tired, under this condition one will easily contemplate retiring, to quit whatever he is doing so to speak.

Studying rebooting articles works in the same way. In the beginning one is full of enthusiasm, you are able to take in a huge quantity of knowledge. But after a certain stage, you may grow tired of studying. When that time comes, you may make some adjustments; decrease the amount of intake, one article per day will suffice or read a couple of cautionary cases every day. When not studying, take care to maintain a high level of vigilance, do not let the temptation demon take any advantages. When this low period has passed you will once again be able to find that optimal rebooting state.

Specific adjustments method are found in the below summary: (taking jogging as an example, I hope that everybody will have an easier time reaching an understanding)

1. Whenever the fed up mood comes up, one needs to learn to redistribute the bodily strength, do not overstrain. Just like when running 1500m, when one is unable to run any further, do not stop, run slowly but keep going.

2. Learn to motivate oneself, motivating oneself is a form of mood adjustment, enabling one to pull together the emotions. This is comparable to when running while at the same time telling yourself: I can do it, I can finish it, I can make it.

3. When encountering adverse moods, allow oneself to maintain positive and optimistic. Don’t get engrossed in a depressing and decadent mood. This is comparable to when one is no longer able to keep running, you want to give up, a voice is telling you that persistence is equivalent to victory.

I have mentioned before that during rebooting, sexual fantization is one obstacle, the other obstacle is frequent nocturnal emissions, these are the two tigers on the rebooting path. If you are able to conquer these two obstacles then half the victory is assured. If in addition you are able to assail the mood obstacle, then you will able to reboot more stable and for a longer duration.

In the below let’s talk about the issue of excessive sweating.

Brothers have raised the issue of excessive sweating quite frequently in recent days. Although right now we are at the beginning of Autumn, the weather is still very hot, the slightest movement still easily leads to sweating. In sweating, it must be established whether it is due to normal physiological reasons or pathological reasons. Pathological sweating is hyperhidrosis, the reason being that it is an expression the central nervous system being out of tune. According to the TCM point of view, excessive sweating is caused by imbalances in the ying and yang. Excessive sweating at this very moment is main due to seasonal factors, if you sweat just as easily during the other seasons then it is no longer normal, it is a sign that your body will need adjustments. The best would be to seek out a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and combine treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, afterward, persist in rebooting and health cultivation, the body will then slowly adjust itself.

Actually, when the body has been damaged to a certain degree, 2 conditions would easily appear:

1. Excessive sweating
2. No sweating

Excessive sweating is relatively more common while no sweating is comparatively less common. Illnesses induced by masturbation usually takes on 2 extremes, some people would secrete more oil, others would have dry skin, the former case is relatively more common. Medical science clearly categories sweating: self-sweat, night sweat, head sweat,  half body sweat, palm and sole sweats etc. The most commonly seen is self-sweat and night sweat. When it comes to self-sweat, it is when one sweat involuntarily, it normally takes place during the day when it is not all that hot and without the presence of physical activities. Night sweat according to medical science is when sweating while sleeping during the night, upon awakening the sweating stops. In masturbation induced kidney deficiency, regardless if it’s ying or yang deficiency there will be the symptom of excessive sweating. Many people sweat in large quantities as if being washed in the entire body, while in TCM it is mentioned: he who sweats, also losses essence. A large amount of sweating injuries the yang, if the quantity of sweating is very large, it is very unfavorable towards the bodily recovery process. Therefore, brothers suffering from the symptom of excessive sweating would do good to seek timely medical treatment, match treatment with Chinese herbal medicine in order to solve the issue of excessive sweating. I believe that your recovery process will take on another level and that the recovery will be more thorough and stable than it has been previously.

Some brother would ask, why does it feel good to have sweated following physical exercises when there are not any feelings of discomfort. This only shows that your yang qi has not been damaged to a certain extent, when the injury is serious and you sweat profusely following physical exercises, it is very unfavorable to the health. Therefore, when the body is weak it is recommended to cultivate stillness, exercise will mainly take on the form of walking. The mentioned principle also shares similarities with nocturnal emissions; many people enjoy a good health, one nocturnal emission will not bring about any feelings of discomfort. But some people have sexually indulged in the past, if they would have a nocturnal emission nowadays, symptoms would immediately appear and they would feel uncomfortable. This being the principle, once the damage has been sustained to a certain degree, many things are not as one has previously imagined them to be. Of course, sweating in moderation is also beneficial to the body, it enables the expulsion of evil toxins, but excessive sweating will be damaging to the body. When many people increase their exercise load they would experience nocturnal emission during the night and a return of the symptoms, therefore, when the body is weak, emphasize stillness cultivation. Once the yang qi has gradually become more abundant, moderate exercises may be undertaken, this will be beneficial to the recovery process. I would recommend everybody to make adjustments according to their bodily reactions following exercising. Some brothers would not experience any discomforts after exercising, in this case, they may continue to exercise while paying attention to the intensity, more is not always better. Other brothers may experience discomfort after having exercised or the re-emergence of symptoms, this condition suggests that you are not yet suited for this type of exercises, one may choose stillness cultivation, decrease the number of physical exercises, do some Eight-Brocade qigong, take walks, once the kidney qi has been accumulated into abundance, slowly pick up physical exercises from there while paying attention to moderation.

As to the many symptoms induced by masturbation, I recommend to actively treat all of them and not blindly to request you to reboot and cultivate the health without treatment. Things that should be treated are to be treated, combine treatment with rebooting and health cultivation and the recovery process will be relatively speedy. Of course, there are those brothers who do not take any medicines but rely purely on rebooting and health cultivation and have recovered in this way, these brothers usually have great insight into health cultivation. When one has made the proper efforts into health cultivation, this is also very beneficial to the recovery process. Although many brothers have undergone active treatment they have not paid attention to rebooting and health cultivation, treatment under this case will not be ideal. Because recovery depends on 30% treatment and 70% cultivation, health cultivation is the real key. Famous physicians in the past have always given advice to their patients such as: stay away from sexual activities, moderation in diet, arise and sleep early, do not overstrain, etc. The reason to why many brothers are unable to recover from chronic prostatitis after a long time of treatment is because they have not understood rebooting and health cultivation, tens of thousands of treatment fees will not make them better. If you really understood the importance of rebooting and health cultivation then the result will be totally different. Chronic prostatitis that I’ve had for over a decade is completely recovered, tests are all normal and symptoms have disappeared. Therefore, if symptoms are present, treatment is needed but more importantly one needs to cultivate, or else full recovery will be difficult. Many people have temporarily recovered due to the use of medicines, once they indulge the symptoms immediately returns.

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of vision.

[太素脉]: The eyes contain all the essence of the body, if the body is not healthy then the eyes will not have spirit.

TCM also mentions: The essence of the five viscera and six bowels are all contained in the eyes! And so a person’s eyes is the reflection of the state of one’s five viscera and six bowels. In addition, the kidneys conceal the essence and hold the quintessence of the essence from the five viscera and six bowels. Therefore, when masturbation has injured the kidney qi, the following changes will easily appear with regards to the eye region of a person:

1. Lack of spirit in the eyes.
2. Lack of light in the eyes.
3. Muddy eyeballs.
4. Bloodshot eyes.
5. Shrunken eyes.
6. Eyelid changes.
7. Dark circles and bags under the eyes.
8. Sluggish eyes, ineffective eye movements.
9. Hollowed eye sockets.
10. Decrease in vision.
11. Eye floaters.
12. Conjunctivitis.

Among them, the issue of vision is of relative more concern among brothers, especially for those who are students. The decrease in vision is indeed a very big disturbance. There are many reasons for decreased vision, details can be found below:

1. Poor viewing habits.
2. Overstraining of the eyes.
3. Genetics.
4. Addicted to masturbation.
5. Illnesses with the eyes.

Masturbation should not directly cause a decrease in vision but indirectly causes it. Although many people such as elementary school students do not masturbate, they still suffer from impaired vision and wear glasses, this conditions is induced by genetics and poor viewing habits. Yet some people start off with excellent vision but suffer from a serious decline in their vision after becoming addicted to masturbation, the indirect reason should be considered in these cases. By also including poor viewing habits and the overstraining of the eyes, vision issues will easily arise. Through rebooting and health cultivation, the state of the vision has hopes to improve, discomfort in the eyes will also be alleviated. If vision issue is very bothersome for you, laser adjustments in the future may be considered.

Normally, by being persistent in rebooting and cultivating the health, a person’s eyes will once again regain spirit, determination and brilliance. Brilliance is a very subtle feeling, just like the luminance of a light bulb, some light bulbs are bright while others are dim. While a person has an abundance of yang qi, this is reflected in the brightness and brilliance of the eyes. On the other hand, there is the lack of vitality and dimness. If you observe children you will notice that not only do they have great skin, an obvious quality besides it is their bright and spirited eyes, this gives out a clear and adorable feeling. But the eyes of grown-ups is very much inferior, on one hand, their bodies have already been leaking, on the other hand their bodies have taken injuries due to their lifestyle habits such as smoking, staying up late at night and sitting for long periods at a time, these are naturally reflected in the eyes. Back when I was addicted to masturbation, my eyes lacked spirit and determination, it was a feeling of lack of self-confidence. Nowadays I’m totally different, my eyes have once again regained spirit through rebooting and health cultivation, I’m more confident now and is able to look people in the eye.

I recommend brothers who suffer from vision issues to establish good viewing habits, limit the time that you spend on the internet, keep a good posture and distance when reading and studying, pay attention to rest. Afterward, one must cut out masturbation, learn to cultivate the health, increase the intake of nutrients. In this way, the issue of declining vision will become effectively controlled.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #58 on: April 24, 2018, 03:48:38 AM »
Thanks man! This is the best rebooting material, l have been relapsing every week, but thanks to you l have been able to pass 1 month again.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #59 on: May 20, 2018, 12:33:21 PM »
Just bumping. This is excellent material.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #60 on: May 22, 2018, 12:31:12 PM »
Hi guys! Something wonderful has happened to me recently, this is the main reason behind my long absence. The combined positive energy from all of you has helped events to unfold in such a way that a wonderful woman has been introduced to my life. She is not only a beautiful and kind person but has also helped me to overcome long-term issues that I have been struggling with ever since I started to masturbate as a teen. This is a huge transition for me after having been single for so many years. Now that I have more or less adjusted myself to this new priority in life, I’m looking forward to once again dedicate more of my time to this translation project so that more people may be uplifted in their journey towards a totally healthy life. Thanks for your patience and understanding, let’s keep on fighting!

Season 26 [Soaring Eagle experience: directly tackling long sitting, underestimating the enemy, foamy urine issue] part 1/2


The former big forum legend Mayan has made a post where he introduced his insights on rebooting, he also sorted out the course of development for the rebooting forums. Mayan is among the earliest figures in the rebooting forums and has made outstanding contributions to the community. Mayan’s personal experiences have been a helping force for many people and are worthy of respect. As to the discussions started by 75, it allowed people to see the reason to why harmlessness theories are running so rampant because behind it there are people or groups of people who are purposely spreading the harmlessness theories. Many of such theories are made up, then carefully disguised and labeled as research done by a certain country, rookies who are ignorant are very easily misled by it. The discourse by Mayan and 75 will help everyone to recognize the true face of the harmlessness theories and the culprit behind them.

Actually, harmlessness theories have existed for a long time. I remember reading a magazine at the end of the 90s, there was an article which promoted the harmlessness theory. At the time I believe that the harmlessness theories were a result of misconceptions from the author, unlike the theories today, with ever more exaggerated arguments and sensational contents as if one would die if one does not masturbate. Personal computers were not yet widespread during the end of the 90s, harmlessness theories could basically not be found, let alone the propagation of rebooting experiences. I was totally ignorant at the time, I remember seeing an add for kidney supplementary medicine, there was a line on the product: deficient kidneys, a hundred illness will arise from it. That sentence was my only exposure towards the truth for over a decade of my life. In addition, kidney deficiency was the only thing mentioned, there was no mentioning about masturbation. Nowadays is the age of the internet, more youth have the chance to come into contact with harmlessness theories via the platform of the internet. One could say the youth of today are fortunate but they are also unfortunate because this age is flooded with pornographic poison. Pornography existed in the 90s but is nowhere as flooded as it is today. Pornography is everywhere on the internet, web portals are full of suggestive material while it is all too easy to download videos from the internet. Many youths have an internet addiction, those with such addiction sit for a long time in front of the computer, this already has a damaging effect on the health, combine it with the ravage of masturbation and the chances to encounter bodily symptoms becomes very high.

To successfully reboot one must clearly recognize harmlessness theories. In reality, this is the first gate of rebooting. Not clearly recognizing harmlessness theories will sooner or later lead one to sway. Many brothers become swayed when viewing harmlessness theories, their rebooting determination is no longer as firm. Therefore we need to keep away from harmlessness theories, keep away from false wisdom and erroneous views. The biggest flaw in the theory of  harmlessness in moderation is this: it totally ignores the highly addictive quality in masturbation. Everybody thinks that they are able to achieve moderation but I can clearly tell you, ordinary people can in no way achieve moderation, talking about moderation after becoming hooked is ridiculous. In addition, not a single person knows where the line to moderation lies. Everybody knows that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, but nobody knows how badly the body is damaged before the onset of the symptoms appears. Because everybody’s constitution is different, some people may not experience any symptoms while masturbating 3 times per week, others may run into symptoms while masturbating once per week. For that same person who masturbates 3 times per week, dare you say that he will not experience any symptoms 3 years down the road? 3 times per week will guarantee that he will not have any symptoms due to his good constitution, he is able to handle 3 years, but symptoms will appear in the 4th year. Some people may say that they are able to limit the times they masturbate to once per week, what I want to say is, are you able to control sexual fantization? Sexual fantization is the invisible form of depletion, normally for people who masturbate they are also addicted to fantization. He thinks that once per week is not a big deal, in reality, he is shedding more via sexual fantization. Just like that, without being aware of it, the symptoms have come to knock on the door!

The first time I came to visit the rebooting forums was about a year ago, at the time the forum only had a couple hundreds of members, today the number is over 30 000, this is inseparable from the promotional efforts that everybody has put down. The booming of the rebooting forums is the result of everyone’s efforts. I have not communicated with Mayan but have had many exchanges with Potato. Although Potato is not a big poster anymore, he still frequents the forums. To have persisted until this day is not an easy feat for Potato, one needs to have overcome a lot of resistance to make it, it requires great willpower. The overall atmosphere of the rebooting forums has improved a lot since the early days, already a group of knowledgeable and insightful brothers is on the rise, they are pushing the forums towards a better development. This is unimaginable in the early days when many questions would go unanswered, therefore the rookies of today are fortunate. The seniors of the rebooting forums have already paved the way for you, upon entering you are led onto the right path and is able to avoid many detours. Being rookies, you should all treasure the opportunity to study the rebooting articles and allow yourselves to reboot more professionally.

Back when I came to the rebooting forums I noticed a phenomenon, many threads were about the discussion of the harm from masturbation. There are also brothers who share their own experiences in order to warn others. But there were very few deep studies on the behavior of masturbation, there were also equally few guidances given on the specifics, many doubtful brothers were unable to gather a satisfactory answer. Everybody should know that once doubt arises one easily contemplates quitting, the arising of doubt also induces relapses. Back then, because I suffered from general anxiety disorder and neurasthenia, I have been researching into neurosis for a very long time. After having been chatting with over a thousand neurosis patients, having gone through a copious amount of comparisons and in-depth analysis on the pathogenic causes, a formula finally came up: staying up at night + indulgence + sitting for a long period at a time = finished. As long as the patient is male, this formula will more or less apply.

My research is based on a large number of cases and is not a result of guesswork. When doing any type of research it is important to collect first-hand case information, through deep analysis one may then come up with a certain pattern. Back then I have chatted with over a thousand anxiety patients from all age groups, the oldest was over 50 and the youngest was 16 years old. Then I realized that indulgence is intricately connected with the said illness, kidneys is rooted in the original qi, the spleen has its source in the prenatal qi. Indulgence damages the kidneys, long-term sitting damages the kidneys and the spleen, staying up late injuries the essences even more. These three factors are like hatchets hacking away at the tree of life, it would be very strange indeed if no symptoms appeared. Subsequently, I went from researching into anxiety syndrome to studying the behavior of masturbation because there are commonalities between the two. Up until today, I have chatted with over a thousand brothers, gathered in thousands of cases and have seen basically every symptom out there.

I have personally experienced many symptoms and have completely recovered from them. Not long ago I was still in the state of ignorance and naivety. I thought there was no way to heal from prostatitis and that hair loss would also be difficult to recover from. Today, through the efforts made in rebooting and health cultivation, I have recovered from both prostatitis and hair loss. One sentence, if you want to get well, one must increase interaction with people who have recovered. If you always interact with those who had yet to recover then you will be fed with the thoughts of not being able to recover. My position is that the reboot must be thorough, health cultivation must be proper, once both of these are in place there is the foundation to make a full recovery. One then combines these with active treatment and many illnesses are curable. If you cannot manage to reboot and cultivate properly, recovery will be difficult no matter what medicine you take, even if you manage to temporarily recover, relapses will become highly likely.

I emphasize rebooting but I emphasize health cultivation even more. Those brothers who are following my articles know that I place a high importance on health cultivation. Because I have found out that rebooting is not a panacea, on the contrary, rebooting is only the beginning. Many brothers have been rebooting for 8 months and even for a year, their bodily recovery is not ideal, no huge improvements were to be seen. The reality is a lack of understanding in health cultivation, a lack of knowledge in health cultivation, too many leakages in other areas. I have been talking about this issue quite thoroughly in season 12, those friends who haven’t seen it may go and have a look, quickly learn to cultivate the health as it will be quite beneficial to your recovery process. Let’s take another example, although a brother has been rebooting for 2 years, he was unable to conquer frequent nocturnal emissions, after 2 years of rebooting his health is unchanged, this is bitterness beyond words. Therefore, following rebooting one must pass both levels of nocturnal emission and sexual fantizations, or else it is too unfavorable to the recovery process, remember at all cost.

Let’s enter into the main topic below.

This season we will talk in detail about the issue of long-term sitting, underestimating the enemy and foam in the urine, the details can be found below.

I have mentioned the issue of long-term sitting in season 7, right now I feel the need to emphasize it once again. We may also go into even more details. Once I found the following text in a book about health cultivation: Illness takes place in between the moment when one puts and takes off clothes. The meaning is that when you think it’s hot and removes your clothes, that’s when you catch a cold and become sick. What I would like to say is: sickness is also in between standing and sitting. Long-term sitting damages people in the same manner as the frog in the boiling pot; in the beginning, you may think it’s comfortable, unknowingly you are taking damage. Long-term sitting, just by the simple motion of sitting, the liver, kidneys and the spleen have been damaged. Long-term sitting is surely accompanied by long-term viewing, otherwise, why do you sit for long periods of time? Long-term sitting injures the kidneys, the bladder channel comes under constriction. Long-term sitting injures the spleen, spleen governs the muscles, therefore long-term sitting also injures movement. Long-term viewing injures the liver because liver opens up in the eyes. Many people disapprove long-term sitting, actually, it was mentioned long ago in TCM that long-term sitting shortens the lifespan. Furthermore, modern research in Western medicine has also confirmed this point, there are many articles about the harmful effects from long-term sitting from the Western medicine perspective. Many people are rebooting and have effectively controlled their fantasies, but their internet addiction is still very strong, they still have the bad habit of long-term sitting and viewing, the result being that after a half a year to a year of rebooting, the degree of recovery is still not optimal. And I have noticed, long-term sitting produces a form of inertia. According to the saying of some people; it’s like a pair of invisible hands forcefully pressing oneself against the chair, unable to stand up, unable to stop oneself, before long several hours have passed. Therefore if we want to recover better, we must deeply recognize the harm from long-term sitting:


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #61 on: May 22, 2018, 12:34:07 PM »
part 2/2

1. Obesity: when the caloric intake exceeds the caloric exhaustion, fat will easily accumulate inside the body, the bodily weight will increase. Obesity is a dangerous factor for causing chronic illnesses.
2. Cervical spondylosis: when a person maintains a long-term sitting position, the entire weight of the body is concentrated on the base of the spine. This combined with the immobility of the shoulders and the neck easily leads to stiffness in the cervical spine. In more serious cases the cervical spine becomes deformed and induces bone hyperplasia.
3. Lack of appetite, poor digestion, the whole bodily movement is lacking during long periods of stillness sitting. This will induce weaker wiggle movement in the stomach and intestines, reduced secretion of digestive fluids. In time the appetite will become lackluster, with the appearance of poor digestion and even fullness symptoms.
4. Muscle shrinkage, long-term sitting may cause the internal oxy-carrying blood to decrease, lowering of oxygen partial pressure,  increase of the carbon-dioxide carrying blood volume, increase in carbon dioxide partial pressure, causing soreness, stiffness and shrinkage in the muscles.
5. Gynecologic diseases, many women catch cervicitis not due to poor hygiene habits but is instead related to long-term sitting. Long-term sitting obstructs the generation of immune cells which causes lower immunity. This combined with the obstruction in the blood flow easily induces cervicitis and other related gynecologic diseases.
6. The lower of memory. Blood circulation slows down when one is sitting and not moving for long periods of time, this induces inadequate blood supply to the brain, damages the spirit as well as the brain, produces mental depression. This is expressed in the body and mental fatigue, dispirited mind, chain-yawns. Long-term sitting in contemplation exhausts the blood and injures the ying, this will induce a decrease in the memory and a lack of concentration.
7. Prostatitis: Investigation has shown that among patients with chronic prostatitis, office workers, drivers, IT workers etc with special regards to drivers (long distance drivers) make up the majority of the patients. In addition they do not recover easily, because people that do this kind of work needs to sit for long periods of time without moving.
8. Varicocele: Research has shown that long-term sitting can cause varicocele with the additional possibility of aggravating existing varicocele.
9. Injures the heart: sitting for long periods of time without moving places a lower demand on the working capacity of the heart but may cause a decrease in its function, causing shrinkage in the heart muscle, contributing to high blood pressure and giving the opportunity to utilize the coronary thrombosis.
10. Injures the tendons: long-term sitting without movement will cause the muscles to lax, impeded blood vessels and the clotting of blood. This will easily cause varicocele, hemorrhoid and sit sore. Because of long-term sitting without movement, almost the entire body weight is pressed against the buttock muscles, causing it to become “pressed to death”, becoming damaged due to impeded blood flow.
11. Injured muscles: long-term sitting without movement and impeded blood flow causes the muscles to become stiff, sore, ache, shrink, losing its vigor and elasticity and causing spasms. Once, a person played cards for a whole night without moving, when he stood up he fell towards the ground. It turned out that long period of sitting without movement causes both legs to stiffen and become unresponsive.
12. Injuring bones: people that work for long stretches of time while sitting, due to the whole weight of the body being pressed against the bottom of the spine, improper posture, long-term immobility of the shoulders and the neck, these cause the top four vertebrae to stiffen. It also causes the drying of the vertebrae and induces various spinal diseases, the most commonly seen is hunched back and bone hyperplasia.
13. Injuring the brain: long-term sitting without moving causes inadequate blood supply to the brains. It causes dizziness, blurry vision, the desire to vomit when one suddenly stands up.
14. Injuring the spirit: long-term sitting without moving will cause a depressed mind, it causes a person to become listless, worn out, to chain-yawn. Sometimes it may cause weakened heart and excessive internal heat with the appearance of a tooth-ache, throat ache, tinnitus and constipation among other symptoms. In addition, long-term sitting will hinder the generation of immune cells.
15. Injuring the kidneys: long-term sitting without moving will put pressure on the hips and the bladder meridian, impeding the flow of qi and blood, obstructing the normal function of the bladders. Since the kidney meridian and the bladder meridian are reflected off one another, the kidney function will also become affected. This is the principle behind “long-term sitting injures the kidneys”. And a deficiency in the kidney qi will slowly induce weakness into both the blood and the qi; with the onset of itchy skin, pale or dark complexion, insomnia, excessive dreams, irritable mood, constipation, a decrease in menstrual blood quantity etc. These problems will be reflected on the face as colored stains. The appearance of colored stains is the body trying to tell us: inside the body there are blockages of qi and blood, this is what TCM refers to as qi stagnation.
16. Long-term sitting causes the volume (circumference) of all the blood veins to decrease, a decrease in the heart function, exasperating the heart issues for the middle-aged and the elderly, causing in advance arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.
17. Long term sitting causes inadequate blood flow in the chest cavity, causing a further decline in the function of the heart and the lungs, exasperating heart and lung-related disease such as emphysema infection for the middle ages and the elderly, protracted illnesses etc.
18. Long-term sitting will also cause inadequate blood supply to the brains, reducing the oxygen and nutrient supply to the brains, exasperating weariness for the body, insomnia, decrease in memory and increasing the chances of catching dementia.
19. Long-term sitting without movement will induce soreness in all muscles of the body, stiffness in the neck, headache and dizziness, exasperating lumbar and neck vertebrae illnesses.
20. Long term sitting will easily induce slower stomach movement, decreased secretion of digestive fluids, decreased appetite, exasperating belly bloating, constipation, indigestion and issues with the digestive system.
21. Long-term sitting may cause the venous plexus around the rectum to become congested in the long term, increasing the degree of clotted blood and thereafter exasperate the hemorrhoids, causing blood in the stool, anal cracks etc.
22. Because that many middle-aged to elderly people often remain in a static state where one is not fond of talking, long-term sitting will speed up the decline of their speech function, as well as causing the reactionary speed of the brain to slow down, this is consistent with the “use and disuse” theory.
23. Long-term sitting will also induce psychological depression, unprovoked bursts of anger, a poor state of mind, show decreased interest to the outside world or showing no interest altogether.
24. Long-term sitting easily incurs kidney stones, gallstones and similar problems.

I have extracted and summarized these 24 points. Basically all the harm from long-term sitting is contained herein, there is a statement: long-term sitting may kill! This statement is not meant to scare people, this boiling the frog way of killing people is without shape and form, unbeknownst to you your health has been weakened. Furthermore, some people are quite clueless and are not aware of where the problem is coming from. Reports from the World Health Organization has found, each year there are over 2 million people whose death is related to long-term sitting.

Long-term sitting will give rise to illnesses, it will bring one closer to the God of death, is this true? It is, this is absolutely right! However, more and more people are sitting down and for longer durations. Some people have been observing, office workers sit on average for at least 5 hours each day, the duration for continuous sitting is over 2 hours on average, in addition we should not forget about those who work with IT and driving.

Some brother would ask, I cannot help my working schedule which requires sitting every day, what can I do? My answer is, every 40 minutes get up a move a bit, set a computer alarm. There is dedicated alarm software online that are available for download, everyone may go and download one, it will remind you to move around when it is time. In addition, I can reveal my own methods. At home I surf the internet while standing up, I just put a chair on the table and in this way I avoid sitting for long durations at a time. However, there would appear a new problem and that is standing for long durations. TCM: long-term standing injures the bones. Therefore, I would normally stand for a while and then sit down for a while. I found this method quite much suits me. Everyone who is interested may give this a try.

Other brothers would ask, does meditation count as long-term sitting? Meditation is a state of practice, there are indeed masters who are able to enter a meditative state for few hours or even for half a day, even for a few days. Because it is a special state of practice, normally it is harmless. I would recommend meditating for 1 hour each day, you may also set up a plan according to your own circumstances, if you have reached that particular statement, entering the meditative state for few hours at a time will not be a problem. Naturally I have also seen an article that dealt with harmful effects from meditating for long durations. In that article, it is said that sitting for long durations in the double lotus position will easily give rise to foot and leg problems during old age. The person who wrote that article was a person who was famous in the Daoist circles, he has profound experiences, everybody may give consideration to his advice. Nowadays I mainly rely on loose sitting or single lotus as meditation posture.

There is no way to over-exaggerate the problem of sitting for long durations, I hope that everyone may deeply recognize this problem. While rebooting, I recommend to exercise actively, but pay attention to the intensity, more is not always better. Practice has proven: those who often perform aerobic exercises recover relatively more quickly and more optimally.

In the below, we will deal with the topic of underestimating the enemy.

Threads about underestimating the enemy appear from time to time on the rebooting forums, an example of the argument would be: rebooting is very easy, rebooting is very easy. The brothers who normally make such a thread are all in the desire-hibernation period. Those who have read season 4 will know after the desire-hibernation period is the high season for relapses. Many brothers during the desire-hibernation period are able to control their addictions, the desire is not strong and sexual fantizations are few. For some people, the hibernation period only lasts for a few days, for others, it lasts for a month or so. During such a period, many people harbor an attitude of underestimating the enemy, they feel that rebooting is not hard at all, that they are rebooting just fine, their threads reflect this attitude.

If everyone is observant, they will for sure notice that not long after the thread was made the contents have changed to something like: I was too confident, I have relapsed. I was too careless, I have relapsed. The underestimating attitude from the beginning has turned into post-relapse regret. The saying that the arrogant army will surely face defeat. Chairman Mao has once said: underestimate the enemy in strategy, pay attention to the enemy in tactics. We may underestimate our temptation demon when it comes to strategy, but when it comes to tactics we may emphasize the enemy. If rebooting was that easy, why do so many people repeatedly relapse? Moreover, many people are postgraduate students, they all have high IQ. To paraphrase a TV dialogue: You underestimate rebooting! To be successful at rebooting one must systematically study rebooting knowledge in a professional way, constantly increase rebooting awareness and realization, only in this way is thorough reboot made possible.

Let’s talk about the foamy urine issue.

Many brothers have asked about and experienced the issue of foamy urine. The formation of foam in the urine is mainly related to the surface tension of the urine. Normally speaking, the higher the surface tension in a liquid, the easier it is for foams to form. Under different circumstances, changes in the composition of the urine such as protein, mucus, organic material will cause an increase in the surface tension of the urine, foams will then form easily. Is lots of foam in the urine a sign of disease? This requires analysis into different situations.

As to the phenomenon of foamy urine, we will need to analyze if the reason is due to physiological or pathological reasons.

If the reason belongs to the below conditions, then the increase of foam in the urine is not due to diseases.

1. There are semen substances in the urinary tract: when semen substances are present in the urinary tract for men, this may cause foam in the urine. Retrograde ejaculation (often seen among diabetes and autonomic nervous system disorder patients). Frequent arousal will increase the mucus production in the glands of the urinary tract. Following nocturnal emission etc.
2. Over-rapid urination: during rapid urination, the urine forcefully comes into contact with the surface of the water, air and urine are intermixed, foams will form easily but will disperse easily. In addition, by standing at a position that is too high, under the influence of gravity, the force of impact from the urine onto the surface of the water will be relatively high, foams will easily form.
3. Concentrated urine: under the circumstances of decreased fluid intake, profuse sweating, diarrhea, the inadequate water content of the human body will cause the urine to become concentrated, causing the protein and other contents to increase within the urine. This will easily cause the urinary foam to increase.
4. Other causes: disinfectant and detergents within the urinal is another reason which would cause the formation of foam in the urine.

When foam appears in the urine from time to time, this often has physiological cause and the cause will be found in most cases, such as over-rapid urination, concentrated urine etc. If foamy urine disappears by getting rid of the above causes, and in the absence of abnormal symptoms or illnesses, then there is no need to become too worried.

The below circumstances should give rise to alert:

1. Proteinuria: the abnormal increase of protein content in the urine is one of the most common causes for foamy urine. It is also a clinical expression for various diseases and especially when it comes to kidney diseases. Various primary kidney illnesses, such as glomerulus, kidney inflammation etc and various kinds of secondary kidney damage, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, hepatitis etc will all cause kidney damage and increased protein in the urine. Although the kidney function is normal under the cases of multiple myeloma, acute hemolysis, leukemia etc, due to the emergence of a large amount of abnormal protein in the blood, protein will also leak into the urine and lead to proteinuria. Foamy urine will normally occur during proteinuria, the special characteristics for the foamy urine is a layer of floating foam that are miniscule in size and would not disperse after a long time.
2. Urinary system infection: Infection in the urinary system may cause increased foam in the urine. Commonly seen cases are urinary tract infection, cystitis, prostatitis etc. In the majority of cases, there are accompanying symptoms such as frequent urination, the urgency to urinate, pain during urination etc.
3. Increase in urine sugar: The presence of organic substances (glucose) and inorganic substance (various mineral salts etc) may cause increased tension for the urinary fluid and hence the appearance of foam, but the foams in this case are rather big and disappear quickly. Due to an increase in urinary sugar for diabetes patients, secondary urinary sugar increases, foam urine will likely occur.

I have encountered foamy urine myself, normally the foam would not go away after a long time, one then considers the possibility of internal inflammation such as prostatitis. Naturally, if the intake of protein is excessive, the foamy urine situation would also appear. If foamy urine occasionally appears then there is no need to worry. If the issue is persistent or occurs often, then it’s best to do a checkup at the hospital.


Frequent nocturnal emission is indeed a watched topic among brothers during the rebooting phase, everybody wants to minimize its frequency. I was once like everybody else, I have searched for countless methods to prevent nocturnal emission. Throughout my personal experiences, I finally chose the kidney strengthening exercise from the Eight Brocade Qigong. The above-mentioned exercise is supported by TCM theories in addition to having undergone many peoples’ experiences, its reliability is quite high. Kidney strengthening exercise is not only effective against nocturnal emissions, it is similarly effective against seminal leakages. I have introduced the kidney strengthening exercise in season 3, there have been many feedbacks from brothers and many people have indeed managed to decrease their number of nocturnal emissions, keeping the number within once per month. This frequency is advantageous to the recovery process. Naturally, there are many brothers who have tried the exercise with unchanged results. One aspect to consider is not to perform the movement properly, another is the failure to avoid the other factors which give rise to nocturnal emissions. If those other nocturnal emission inducing factors are not avoided, then even if one has been doing the kidney strengthening exercises, one might still encounter nocturnal emissions. For instance, if a brother has done the kidney strengthening exercise but over-exercises and becomes fatigued, then during the night he will still have a nocturnal emission. Some brothers cannot keep sexual fantizations under control, the issue of nocturnal emissions still cannot be resolved.

Recently on the forums, many brothers have shared ways of reducing the frequency of nocturnal emissions, with regards to these ways we may give them a try. But please remember, do not put all hope into one method, because if you are not careful in avoiding other factors which induce nocturnal emissions, nocturnal emissions will still take place. I have specifically written a season on these other nocturnal emissions inducing factors, everyone may take a look for reference.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #62 on: June 03, 2018, 10:54:00 AM »
Season 28 [Soaring Eagle experience: withdrawal reactions, curved penis issue, semen changing color]

I have mentioned withdrawal reactions in my previous article. Lately, many newcomers have come to ask about withdrawal reactions. I get an absent-minded kind of feeling, a feeling of time and space dislocation. The rebooting forums have already experienced turnover, newcomers are constantly entering, the questions they ask have all been asked by the seniors. Previous rookies have turned into rebooting veterans, the situation has already emerged where the old are helping the new. We will thoroughly talk about withdrawal reactions in this season in order to eliminate any concerns from the newcomers, solidify their rebooting determination, I think this is necessary.

While rebooting, the first psychological threshold that one must pass through is the one about harmlessness theories. On the physical level, the first level that one must pass through is withdrawal reactions. The majority of the brothers will encounter withdrawal symptoms within a month of rebooting. Before rebooting the symptoms are not apparent, instead the symptoms show up during the reboot. Many people panic when the symptoms first appear, they immediately think about harm from self-restraint, they immediately think about the adverse effects that self-restraint has on prostatitis, the result is falling back into the trap of masturbation. This is withdrawal symptom in reality. Normally by persisting in rebooting, withdrawal symptoms will gradually diminish and even disappear. If rookies are not aware of and do not understand withdrawal symptoms, then they might harbor thoughts about quitting. Because he is nervous and afraid, indeed, it is an unpleasant feeling to be entangled by withdrawal symptoms. But as long as one is persistent, withdrawal symptoms will come to pass. When withdrawal symptoms appear, pay attention to cultivation, don’t overstrain, one may perform some moderate exercises. Normally the recovery of the body will improve ever more once withdrawal symptoms have passed, the condition being of course that you have learned how to cultivate the health, to actively exercise. In this way there is a guarantee for making a recovery. Don’t always sit down, otherwise the speed of recovery will be very slow.

I have researched into many addictive behaviors. Normally after cutting out an addictive behavior, some symptoms are bound to appear. Withdrawal symptoms are relatively common in the world of addictions.

Take quitting smoking addiction for instance: smokers after having forcefully quit smoking are likely to encounter restlessness, impatience, chest tightness, coughs, short-term forgetfulness, lack of vitality, fat gain, shivers, insomnia, increase in appetite, coughing black-greyish phlegm, higher blood pressure in addition to arrhythmia etc withdrawal symptoms resulting in great suffering. But these kinds of symptoms in the majority of cases will gradually diminish as the body recovers.

Take cutting out alcohol addiction as another example: after cutting out alcohol the psychological symptoms are expressed as anxiety, depression, irritability. Heavy users

experience hallucinations, illusions, delusions, obstacles in awareness etc. Symptoms of the nervous system are expressed as palpitations, chest tightness, profuse sweating etc and autonomous nervous system symptoms. Heavy users may encounter tremors, twitches, an eruption of epilepsy etc. Stomach symptoms are expressed as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea etc.

Withdrawal symptom is a form of adaptive rebound, normally by persisting in rebooting, symptoms will gradually disappear. Normally the symptoms during rebooting are expressed as:
Mood obstacle: poor mood, easily agitated and angered, decadent and pessimistic, loss of interest.
Sleeping obstacle: many brothers report having sleeping problems during rebooting. Problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, insomnia, excessive dreams are relatively common.
Bodily symptom: illnesses with urinary systems are commonly seen, such as aggravation of prostatitis.
Other brothers may encounter soreness and pain in the waist, lack of energy, discomfort feeling over the entire body, disappearance of morning erection, increased hair loss, changes in semen etc.

Do not panic or be afraid when encountering withdrawal symptoms. Reboot well, emphasize cultivation and the symptoms will quickly pass. This is a threshold, everybody needs to go through it.

Let’s talk about the issue of a curved penis in the below.

I have chatted with over a thousand brothers, not many of them report having a curved penis, but once in a while a few people would show up. Indeed this problem cannot be underestimated as it will affect a person’s self-esteem. Let’s first take a look at 2 cases:

Case 1: male, 25 years old, unmarried, no sex life, penis curved to the left, the angle of the bend is considerable since a few years back, due to the embarrassment he is never made a visit the hospital for treatment.

Case 2: Soaring Eagle, my penis bend to the left at about 20 degrees, the urination stream leans towards the left a bit because of masturbating with the right hand in the past, what can be done about it?

Among the brothers that I have come across, some have their penises bending towards the left, some towards the right, some even have an angle of bend of 45 degrees towards the right. There is an article from abroad about rebooting which talked about that masturbation would induce the penis to bend towards the right, but one needs to also look into the specific case.

Many people have the vile habit of masturbation and yet they do not run into this issue. I think masturbation is one of the causes, the appearance of a bending penis should be due to a combination of factors. For example, if you masturbate during development and it is directed towards the left or towards the right, or by applying pressure on one side while rubbing, while the penis is under development this will very much likely influence the direction of its growth. Just like a small tree, by bending it when it’s still small, what will the result be? It will grow along the bend, once big it will still be bent. Yet big trees do not have this problem, because their orientation of growth has basically matured.

How to treat this problem once it has arisen will depend on whether or not it affects your self-esteem, in addition, how it will affect your future sex life. If it is affected the doctor would normally recommend a correcting procedure. Therefore for those brothers who suffer from this kind of issue, they should seek immediate treatment and listen to the professional advice of the doctor. At the same time, do not masturbate anymore, make effort in cultivating the health, too many symptoms are caused by masturbation. When symptoms appear it is actually a bit late. TCM advocates curing yet-to-be illnesses, we should work on prevention before it happens!

Lastly, let’s talk about semen color.

Normally after kidney qi has been damaged by masturbation, changes will take place in the semen. Extremely many people report changes in their semen, everybody should have encountered this problem. Normally the below situations will appear:

1. Change in color, turning very yellow or greenish yellow.
2. Non-liquidation of semen, the appearance of crystal or jello substance.
3. Bloody semen, this is caused by many factors, common reasons are inflammation and stone.
4. Semen becomes thin and less, decrease in stickiness.
5. Seminal discharge becomes greater and more concentrated, this is also a state of illness, pointing to the presence of inflammation.
6. Decrease in the quality of the sperm (no sperm, dead sperm, low vigor, deformity etc)

Among the articles that I have read, there was 2 sayings regarding the normal color of semen: 1. Milky white or light yellow; 2. Greyish white or light yellow. If strictly speaking, milky white is not normal, it points to the possibility of inflammation. From looking at everybody’s question, the appearance of crystal and jello substance are relatively common. Next common is the yellowing of semen, if it is light yellow then it is normal if it is very yellow or a greenish yellow then attention is required. Some brothers will encounter bloody semen with the semen having red or pink in it. If bloody semen appears it is recommended to immediately seek to diagnose and treatment at the hospital.

When first starting to reboot, changes will easily take place in the semen, this can be seen as a withdrawal reaction. Following persistent rebooting and cultivation, the quality of the semen will slowly improve. Moreover if health cultivation is not emphasized then changes will easily take place in the semen, such as heavy drinking, smoking, long-term sitting, staying up late at night, exposure to AC etc. Maintaining excellent lifestyle habits is very important, it has a direct impact on the health.

In TCM theories it is mentioned: “Sowing the seed, the man must first cultivate the sperm”. If one wants outstanding offsprings, the man should take good care of the body, cut out whatever is needed to be cut out, cultivate the quality of the sperm, by doing this will the offspring become quite healthy. Many brothers have had their sperm checked, some brothers have encountered weak spermatosis, there were also cases of azoospermia, other cases include a lack of vitality in the sperm, dead sperm and quite a few cases of deformed sperm. Normally the main reasons for a lacking quality of the sperm are prostatitis and varicocele, while masturbation is able to induce these two illnesses, the quality of the sperm will then become affected. Many people are addicted to masturbation, it has resulted in vastly lower sperm quality. Some have encountered infertility, although some are still fertile, if they continue to masturbate they might unfortunately end up becoming infertile. Therefore there are a hundred advantages in cutting out masturbation and not a single harm. By not cutting out masturbation there are a hundred of harms and not a single benefit. If we really try to find benefits in masturbation, masturbation allows you to release emotions and pressure which allows you to relax. But the consequence is to sink into the vicious cycle, the loss outweighs the benefits.

I hope that everybody is able to persist in rebooting and health cultivation, nurture the quality of the sperm, preserve the best of you for marriage. Do not at all cost discard yourself before marriage. Sperm is the seed, with a good seed will your offsprings be healthy. If the seed is not good, your offspring may suffer from a poor constitution with the appearance of many illnesses and even the chance of premature death.


While replying to a thread, I saw a brother mentioning: the marriage between man and woman is the necessary relationship between the sexes. Male and female cannot thrive alone, it’s the way of the nature that they are compatible with one another, this cannot easily be discarded. This brother has cited ancient marriage cultivation theory, there is a certain truth to it. But if one does not have ample experience and lacks own thinking and understanding, one might think why practice self-restraint? Wasn’t it mentioned that male and female cannot thrive alone? Would self-restraint lead to shortened life? By staying away from women and thus not mixing the sexes, wouldn’t the male stop thrive? If I lacked ample experience this is what I would also think. But I have do thoroughly understand TCM theories and have come to realize that the above quote is not absolute, there are pre-conditions involved.

In TCM it has been mentioned: lack of essence leads to disease. It has also been mentioned: the overuse of kidney essence leads to disease, if kidney essence can be preserved, the penis will be firm! After seeing the above sentence everybody may wonder, doesn’t this contradict

“male cannot thrive alone”? I will make an example so that everybody may understand. Master Empty Cloud has never touched a woman during his entire life, he lived to be 120 years old. Not a few Buddhist practitioners have lived to be beyond 100 years old. If the saying goes “Male cannot thrive alone”, then if monks do not touch women, how can they live to be over 100 years old? In Taoist cultivation, total self-restraint was also mentioned, since ancient times not a single Taoist immortal has leaked essence. Bai Yuchan has said: not a single drop of semen is leaked, this is the ladder towards the heavens.

Therefore, “Man cannot thrive alone” is not the absolute truth, it does not suit the monk, for the ordinary man it is quite suitable. This is because the heart cultivation is not yet in its proper place for the ordinary man, there is sexual fantization as everybody knows, it is not good to hold in fantization. Sexual fantization is an invisible form of leakage in itself, many brothers have encountered repeated symptoms following sexual fantization. Monks have properly cultivated their hearts and so do not have this problem.

However, the ordinary man should not go and have sex as soon as the idea pops up, he should look at his own bodily condition. If the body is weak and is wrapped in symptoms, self-restraint is needed in order to cultivate the body. Once the kidney qi has been cultivated into abundance and the health is totally recovered is he able to live out a controlled sex-life. Many famous physicians during ancient times have required patients to keep away from bedroom affairs, or else the body will have a hard time recovery and the efficacy of the medicine will also suffer. Nowadays many Chinese traditional physicians no longer mention these things, it is very regrettable.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #63 on: June 19, 2018, 12:44:10 PM »
Season 29 [Soaring Eagle experience: rebooting condition adjustment, obstacles in development, emission due to nervousness] part 1/2


Recently when browsing the forums I saw that many brothers have relapsed, the reason being that they couldn’t get past sexual fantization. To be successful in rebooting, sexual fantization must be conquered. Put in another way, if you are able to put a stop to sexual fantizations, then you are halfway there, your record rebooting streak will take a big leap forward! If you are not able to conquer sexual fantizations then what awaits you is repeated failure. It is not scary to fail, what’s scary is to not learn. Only through constant studying in raising the awareness, to ceaselessly summarizing lessons are we able to improve our rebooting efforts. Do not be discouraged after a failure, we need to look at our own progress. In raising the awareness there is a process, once your awareness has been cultivated then rebooting will come naturally, hence the saying: when conditions are right, success naturally follows!

Time is of the essence when cutting out sexual fantizations, it is important to first become aware.

Some brothers have asked me, what to do when the flames of desire are burning? Will do push-ups help in suppressing the desires? My answer is this, you are too late in stopping the fantization, at the beginning the thought is like a tiny spark, it is easy to put a stop to it. Once the spark has turned into a prairie fire, a flame of desire, it is too difficult to put it out if you wanted to. When you notice the fire after it has been greatly developed and you want to put it out, then it is very possible to have the opposite effect, the more you suppress it the stronger it grows and bounces back. The new thought need not be feared, late awareness is to be feared. One needs to become aware of the new thought of sexual fantasy during the first 0.01 seconds, end it immediately, do not hesitate, do not compromise, be decisive, be direct and efficient! End it early! End it firmly! End it quickly! If you don’t vanquish the temptation demon the demon will vanquish you, there is no third option, if vanquished by the demon then symptoms abuse awaits!

With regards to sexual fantizations, my article in season 17 have described it in detail, everybody may look over it again. Among my articles, season 17 is an important one because it deals with how to cut out sexual fantization. By passing through the barrier of sexual fantization will rebooting become more steady by the day. Otherwise even if one has been rebooting for a long time, failure still remains, one is still unable to vanquish the temptation demon.

An illustration from my previous season have shown, rebooting is like playing chess, the person sitting in front of you is the temptation demon. This is the same as real life chess; when you first play against an expert, there is only room for defeat, no matter what you do you will be defeated. This is because the opponent is an expert and has abundant actual combat experience. While you are a rookie that is ignorant about everything in addition to harboring many misconceptions, under this circumstance, how can one defeat the temptation demon? The temptation demon is at a higher level than you while you are only a rookie. In reality, there is only one way to defeat the temptation demon and that is to ceaselessly study to raise the level of awareness. Once your awareness has been cultivated, your level raised, and you battle the demon once more, then you will notice that the temptation demon is no longer a match, you are able to vanquish and defeat the demon. To be able to successfully reboot is a process of constantly raising your awareness. Once you have the awareness to study and have formed excellent studying habits, you are not far off from successfully rebooting.

There is another issue and that is while the penis is erect, out flows some transparent liquid, what is this? Among the articles that I have researched into, there are 2 sayings; the first is pleiotropic fluid, the other the fluid secretion by the urethral glands with a lubricating property, some brothers call them lubrication. Urethral gland fluid is transparent and sticky, it may be elongated into thin threads, it has the property of lubricating the urinary tract and constitutes the first substance in ejaculated semen as well as being part of the seminal fluid. And pleiotropic fluid is an important part of the seminal fluid. Therefore no matter which of the two liquids is flowing out, they will actually both cause harm to the body. Many brothers run into symptoms after fantasizing without masturbation, sexual fantization is an invisible form of leakage, TCM has mentioned: when the mind wanders, essence leaves. Among the TCM medical cases that I have gone through, there have been records of sexual fantization leading to illnesses, sexual fantization is able to induce illnesses, this is very true! To find out the effects from gazing without masturbating, you can take a look in the mirror and you will notice that your complexion has been decreased, there is a good chance to encounter pain in the testis, swollen feeling in the lower abdomens or frequent urination. These are the consequences of invisible leakages from sexual fantization, it is the conclusion from many brothers. Everybody needs to persevere in putting a stop to sexual fantization and achieve total reboot!

In the below we will enter into the main topic.

In this season we will describe in detail the adjustment of the rebooting condition, development obstacles, and emission to due to nervousness, specifically:

Lately there are many brothers who have been reporting having poor rebooting conditions, such as the emergence of weariness, laziness, low in moods, loss of movement and related phenomena.

I have also encountered these kinds of conditions, the emergence of this type of behavior is intricately connected to the season of the year, “spring weary, autumn tired, summer doze off, winter unable to wake up”. The changing of the seasons deeply affects a person’s psychology and physiology. It is not difficult to understand that we get tired during the day in the summer when the weather is sizzling hot, not allowing a good rest in the evening. But why do we still experience tiredness during the clear and refreshing autumn weather? This is because during the sizzling hot summer, the human body sweats profusely causing an imbalance in the water and salt metabolism, weakening function in the intestines, places a heavier burden on the cardiovascular system, the human body is placed into a state of over-depletion. Following the end of the summer and the coming of autumn, the climate turns from sizzling hot to be cool and pleasant, bodily sweating noticeably decreases, the human body enters a resting phase of a cyclical nature. The salt and water metabolism starts to recover towards balance, the burden on the human cardiovascular system also finds a relief, digestive system also improves by the day. Yet during this time there is an unexplainable feeling of weariness in the body, this is what is often referred to us “autumn tiredness”. In reality, this is the natural human physiological response towards the different seasons. After a period of adjustment, the weariness will also naturally disappear.

Therefore, if you are recently in a poor rebooting state, the advice is to emphasize cultivation, don’t over-strain yourself, emphasize mood management, slowly it will pass, the good rebooting state will return. One must learn to adjust oneself, this is especially important. The rebooting state of a person goes up and down, this is very similar to the up and down of an athlete's condition. Merritt is now clocked at 12.8 seconds, could he make the same time again next time? Maybe the condition will have fallen back. Rebooting works in the same way, in the beginning many brothers gain a tremendous amount of determination after having read a few rebooting articles, their determination runs high. But after a dozen days, the enthusiasm is lost, the motivation nowhere to be found. When reading articles one binge reads, when not reading one has not read an article in weeks, there is no persistence in raising the awareness in this way. Like climbing a mountain where one gives up halfway. Therefore in order to be successful in our rebooting efforts, one must keep up a stable rebooting condition. When first starting out our enthusiasm is running high, we can take in a higher number of articles, when the enthusiasm has waned we should not stop reading altogether but to decrease the number of articles. Read some rebooting articles on schedule every day just like brushing the teeth, form the habit and the habit will become natural. Given a stable rebooting condition, the steady raising of the awareness can be guaranteed. Just like playing a video game; one doesn’t simply play one day and then rest for a dozen days, but rather one plays every day in order to level up quickly. Of course I’m not in favor of being addicted to internet gaming, I only use it as an example.

Main factors that induce a change in the rebooting condition can be found below:

1. Rebooting fed up period (the season 26 article specifically mentions this).
2. Seasonal factors (the turning of the season may affect the psychology and physiology of a person and from there influence the rebooting condition, this is easily neglected).
3. Having read harmlessness theories (swaying easily forms after reading harmlessness theories, this is followed by doubt and the thought to quit arises).
4. Planning when doing things (brothers who plan will be able to reboot more steadily, he will know the number of planned studies for each day).
5. Trivia in life (if there are many trivialities then they will easily cause a distraction, or if the mind becomes weary then one no longer wants to read articles).
6. Pressure from work and studies (when under big pressure a person’s emotions will easily become disorderly and from there affect the rebooting condition).
7. Have wife or girlfriend (The rebooting condition for these brothers is very difficult to stabilize, specifically why that is everybody should know without I have to mention it).
8. Environmental pollution (For example somebody watching porn in the bedroom, or due to confirmation to social niceties one needs to visit such places, these will all affect the rebooting condition).
9. Following emission (There are many cases of relapses following emissions, it is easy for the mind to waver following emissions, one needs to maintain vigilance).
10. Dietary factors (The emergence of wild fantasies is made easier by overconsumption in meat and medicines, the rebooting condition will then become affected).

If we want to be successful in rebooting, we must keep our rebooting condition steady. Just like walking on a tightrope, we need to maintain stable, find the point of balance, there will then be stability and longevity in rebooting.

Below let’s talk about obstacles in development.

Among the thousands of cases I have gathered from sufferers and the thousand of brothers I have chatted with, many have reported development obstacles, these are mainly concentrated in the below points:

1. Penis development obstacles.
2. Height growth development obstacles.
3. Appearance development obstacles (looking much younger).

I believe that everybody can easily comprehend the first 2 points. On the third point, surely people will ask, isn’t looking younger a good thing? Actually looking younger isn’t necessarily a good thing, many brothers are fretting over this, when looking younger than one’s peers people may not take one seriously. Furthermore, a person in his 20s who looks like a high school or middle school student will encounter difficulty in finding a job in the future, the employer will think that one is not mature enough and not up to the task. When looking younger is mentioned here, it is not looking 1-2 younger but 5+ years. After one has started to masturbate, one’s appearance will take on one of two inclinations, the first is to have aged in an obvious way, the other is delayed development with a young looking appearance. Both outcomes will cause distress while turning older and uglier following masturbation is the more common outcome.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #64 on: June 19, 2018, 12:45:13 PM »
part 2/2

Development obstacles with the penis are relatively commonly seen. The penis is linked to the liver while masturbation hurts the liver and the kidneys, this will affect the development of the penis. Some people have a naturally weak constitution, if they are wildly addicted to masturbation the result will be that the development of the penis will be affected; the phenomenon of smallness and shortness will then emerge, making them feeling self-inferior. Many brothers are under 10 cm, some are even under 8 cm, some are too skinny which is also a very troublesome issue. At the onset of development obstacles with the penis, one should immediately cut out masturbation, pay attention to health cultivation, things will alleviate this way, at the very least the quality of the erection will improve.

I have specifically talked about height growth obstacles in season 8, those brothers who are worried about height may have a look. Many factors influence height growth, masturbation is among one of them, being addicted to masturbation have the possibility of affecting bone growth, because according to TCM: kidneys govern the bones. Being addicted to the evil habit of masturbation will induce obstacles to the growth of the bones which will then affect height. But not all people who masturbate will have their height affected, this is because many factors play a role in height, masturbation being one of them. If the other factors are properly managed, such as eating well, exercising properly, sleeping early, excellent genes, one may still reach the optimal height under these circumstances. But what is sure is that masturbation will affect bone density. Masturbation will induce soft legs, during intense exercises, broken bones or bone fractures will easily occur.

Masturbation indeed affects development. But everybody has a different constitution. Different dietary, exercise and living habits after birth led to the difference in how the body is affected. Some people love to exercise, have a lack of bad habits, sleeps and eats properly with proper nutrition, although he masturbates the impact on the body is relatively mild. While some people have a naturally poor constitution, this combined with long-term sittings and staying up during the night, lack of exercise, poor diet, serious development obstacles may arise under such circumstance. Therefore for the guys that are still undergoing development, they need to realize the danger from masturbation as soon as possible in order to avoid tearless sorrow in the future. After the development phase is over things becomes fixed, many things will then be hard to alter.

Lastly, let’s talk about emission due to nervousness.

Emission due to nervousness is quite commonly seen, brothers with this type of problem will often appear.

I know that nervousness will induce emissions. During middle school I remember taking a midterm exam, a student had an emission during the exam because he still had unanswered questions, but the time was already up, he became nervous and had an emission. At the time this event was talked among the students as an odd story, people thought this was unbelievable. Now that I have done research into masturbation behavior, I have come to realize that emission due to nervousness actually occurs a lot.

Everybody may first take a look at a few cases:

1. Big brother Soaring Eagle! I would like to inquire: during the night I did not have an erotic dream but the dream was about an unfinished exam, as soon as I started to worry I couldn’t hold it back and had an emission. Does this count as a nocturnal emission or semen slippage?

2. Brother Soaring Eagle, I’m a 4th-grade university student and I’m about to take the National Judicial Exam. These past months have been extremely tormenting, I have started to reboot since the beginning of the year until now, there have been many relapses. Due to nervousness before the exam, I have had nocturnal emissions 4 days in a row including last night. I have lost hope for the future, please help me! If I continue to leak my whole being is done for!

3. Brother Soaring Eagle, I had nocturnal emission last night, I wasn’t able to hold out for 100 days, after my emission I was very disheartened. The emission occurred during dreaming, I dreamt about being selected by the teacher to sing, I didn’t know what to sing, became nervous and had an emission which woke me up, it was only half past four. I was very disheartened at the time, I no longer hold the same excitement as I previously had. I will still continue to make effort, persist in doing kidney strengthening exercises and fight towards the next 100 days.

The classmate from middle school that I have mentioned would have nervousness induced emissions while being wide awake. Many brothers would have emissions while being nervous in their dreams at night or during intense nervousness in the day. Thoughts fill the day, dreams fill the night, nervousness induced emissions may also occur during the night. When these situations occur, do not panic, one must learn to manage one’s emotions, give oneself plenty of positive suggestions and don’t overthink. In addition, combined with persistent kidney strengthening exercises and active treatment, these type of nervousness induced emissions can be overcome. I remember there was a brother who would always have emissions due to nightmares, this has always bothered him. Afterward I advised him to engage in active treatment and persist in practicing kidney strengthening exercises, to manage the mood during normal times, to maintain oneself in a state of tranquility. Subsequently he reported improved emission rates compared to before.

Quite a few people became distracted once they become nervous, with thoughts in turmoil, during this time you should tell yourself: breath deeply, keep calm, maintain serenity in the mental state. Give oneself more suggestions of this nature, with time, nervousness will naturally be overcome. Keeping calm is very important. If you are able to maintain calm and collected, this will slowly affect the subconscious, when that time comes, the occurrence of nervousness induced emission during dreams will slowly decrease and even disappear. This is a knot, you must learn to untie it instead of becoming ever more nervous by it.


Many brothers have the mindset of turning negative emotions into masturbation. In other words, whenever setbacks or worrying matters show up, one immediately finds an outlet through masturbation. Brothers with such inclinations must learn to manage the mood and correct this erroneous attitude of behavior. In the season about types of relapses, I have specifically talked about relapse due to mood, this type of relapse is too common but the harm is really too great, it will let you sink into the evil spiral. Properly managing one’s mood is a necessary factor towards successful rebooting. Some brothers are scolded by their parents, they then experience great emotional pressure, upon return to their rooms they relapse. Some brothers are scolded by their boss, they lose control of their emotions and are not able to think clearly, they relapse upon returning home. Some brothers relapse due to optimism, such as after the national high school exam, once relaxed they relapse. Or in connection with celebrating success, after a successful celebration, a person will be inclined to relax. Then there is the boredom mood, being alone at home during the weekend, the temptation demon springs forth, relapse happens without one being fully aware. Relapse due to the mood is too common, we must realize the importance of properly managing our mood, manage our mood well in order to make ourselves reboot more steadily.