Author Topic: Re:Life, The Beginning of my manhood. Road to Freedom from PMO Slavery  (Read 387 times)


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Hello, I am now 20 years old,a fellow victim of PMO slavery. Chained by this addiction in almost 8 years. I don't want to quit for the sake of others and due to the consequences of my mistakes BUT because I want to change my life, my lifestyle, my freaking whole soul. I started PMO when I am in my elementary years when my classmates and schoolmates watching P and I totally hooked. I become a numb, I lost interest in all things. I always think about myself only. I let my studies fall, my life fall and myself fall now I'm totally broke as hell. I'd post a topic in TEEN section because I made a mistake, the biggest mistake of my whole life. Because of PMO I always crave to have a CS, now I got a shamed and my life become totally Miserable. The effects of PMO really made me a negative person, and I already lost my last hope. I know I can't change the past but I'll shouldn't let my past ruin my future. Now this is the time to change my life, my lifestyle and my soul. I know this journey is not easy as cake but it doesn't have a finish line, it's all about how long can we take to achieve our goal, to become a PMO free. Let the struggle begins!