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the begenning
« on: January 01, 2017, 07:23:45 AM »
Greeting to all the reboot nation

Week 2


Two week, exactly 14 days =about 348 hours, since I have decided to make a different choice every time I get the chance to. 

I have relapsed more than five time after my last post , I was of curse dwelling inside the PMO black hole , from witch no hope , no wise acts and no willing to act escapes it’s trap. Despite the overwhelming feeling of disorientation, and despair , something deep down kept whispering in my head ; “change”.

So in the 28 November , two weeks ago, I attended a motivational seminar , where I had the courage to stand in front of 800 stranger and speak up about my struggle with PMO . this was the beginning of my desired journey.

7 days later I witnessed a car accident , in witch a friend of mine from work got hit by car , the emotional height of weakness & sorrow was so strong that I knew that I was still alive deep down , and that I owed to my self to do whatever it take to stop feeling weak , vulnerable and helpless .

In order for me to break the cycle of PMO , I need to step into my fairs : ”religion”;” studies”; family” “work”.; and“ my self ”. The five pillars of my life. and the guide line of my decision making.