Author Topic: 12/27/18 Braved118 without ponography  (Read 182 times)


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12/27/18 Braved118 without ponography
« on: December 27, 2018, 11:57:55 PM »
 Today, I went to work to earn a little bit of money. It is helpful having a company even if the person doesn't have patience. Today, I forgot what I dreamed because I woke up fast. I regret what I did yesterday. In four days, it will be new years 2019. I remember this year the first moment to think of it I think I will never forget it. To be honest I don't celebrate it but seems people are up I can't sleep. I was talking to my old crush by my insta. What we talk about didn't make sense because it was childish. At the end we never so each other again. Which makes me sad because my old crush turn to be a lovely friend. I feel like I want to cry because I am growing too fast. Soon, I will be 15 years old meaning 11 years ago I got violated, 6 years that I left a dark leaving place were i was brainwash, few months after I moved I got depression, after I moved i had to repeat 3 to 5 grade, when I started 4 grade I started getting bully, when I was 9 years old I started watching pornography, I felt alone at some time that I had suicidal thoughts, 5 years ago I learn English,  in 5 grade I started to work myself up to be smart, 4 years ago I graduated from elementary school, 2 years ago I quit pornography, in six grade I did great success in opportunities I got, I move again from too many expenses given to my current parent guardian, 2 years with 2 months ago I had a crush on someone, 2 months later that I like someone I started writing about them, 1 year with 1 month I started watching pornography again, 9 months I had great adventures with my basketball team, 7 months ago I graduated from middle school, 6 months ago I told my crush I like them, 5 months ago I visit my father, I told my mom to help me quit pornography 4 months ago, then I started high school, and an hour ago I started writing this. There is a lot I have done during i have live which is amazing because i still haven't said the little things and the big impacts i had done. My question for today what impact have you done?
                                                                       Sincerely Braved118