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« on: January 22, 2018, 11:53:29 AM »
respect bro, very motivating

I've recently gotten the furthest I've ever gone without pmo. I went a month and a half and I did it with ease. I had been heavily pmoing since 13, I'm 19 now and only the most specific genres and scenes satisfied me. Anyway towards the end of my streak, I started getting morning wood again regularly! Had a few sexual dreams, spontaneous erections and attraction to real life women. The progress seemed incredible, as before, I couldn't masturbate to anything but the kinkiest of porn and still feeling unsatisfied.

So this begs the question, whats the problem? I ask myself the same question. The last week of that streak was unbearable, I literally could not stop thinking about sex and possible sexual encounters. The feeling of myself getting aroused to just thoughts seemed so foreign I couldn't stop. I had to force myself to not touch myself. Eventually I saw myself getting weaker with my reboot. I saw myself as semi-cured so I started my old habits, re-activated instagram, got a few dating apps and disabled my porn blocker. I couldn't do it anymore so I relapsed by sexting with a girl. I figured if it was going to happen anyway, it was gonna happen with a somewhat real person. When in this mindset, you cheat yourself, trying every possible scenario in your mind to justify giving up.

It felt incredible during it, I'm so much more sensitive to touch than I used to be, but as I finished, I felt a sinking feeling. Shame, embarrassment and anger. Now the past 5 days since then, Ive been using porn. It feels like a blur.

If anyone could give any tips on how to deal with urges and how to get back on track, please let me know.


« on: November 28, 2017, 05:00:19 PM »
yo just posting this to remind myself and everyone that you can do it. I'm 28 days in, longest Ive ever gotten. No urges to pmo at all until literally 10 minutes ago. Saw something in my history I hadn't cleared and checked out a vid or two and with much struggle stopped myself. I'm feeling much better and I've reminded myself that I can just say NO to the next click and feel this great.

Success Stories / Re: Victory. From PIED Virgin to Successful Sex (Age 22).
« on: November 18, 2017, 05:41:19 PM »
Congratulations man. Seriously. This motivates me a lot. I'm 19 and seeing how it took you 4 years to keep consistent PMO abstinence, makes me not wanna wait anymore time. I went 2 weeks last month and gave in due to a flatline, I had to make sure I could still get hard. I've learnt from that now and I'm currently 16 days in. Respect man.

Hey, I wanted to ask anyone on the forum if they have had the same experiences as me, or lack of...

-Never really had the urge for sex. Used to get aroused by girls in real life when younger not much anymore. Masturbated to porn years before my first sexual experience.
-Hardly felt anything when doing sexual acts with girls.
-At one point couldn't masturbate unless i was gripping my meat like it was a deadlift PR.
- AN ODD ONE I KNOW: So addicted to masturbating when i ran out of lube i used soap. My whole penis stung and went bright red and really itchy. Did this a few times before it really badly hurt (haven't done that in about 4 years.) Wondering if this could of caused permanent damage to my sensitivity or its just the DE?

I have other things like PIED and PA but the majority of the people here have those problems too. I wanted to know if i was the only one with these specific issues..

I just wanted to ask if anyone related or even cured these specific things. I feel like Ive never been normal. Never had the urge to go over and really try and bring a girl to bed. Most of the time I wouldn't even need to try and I still don't see the big deal. It saddens me that all my friends go on about really wanting to have sex with a girl and I can only some what relate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to be normal so badly, one week in and I'm feeling motivated

Hey everyone, this is my first time using a forum so apologies if I'm a bit confused. Anyway I just wanted to share my story and ask for some advice from anyone willing to give.

I started masturbating to pornography when I was 13. My story is an odd one considering I masturbated before I was able to get an erection. So before I even began to get sexual urges, I was watching porn and attempting to masturbate in an attempt to fit in with all my friends in school. Weird, I know. Anyway so eventually I began to get erections at 14, I think, and have been masturbating to porn ever since, until about 3 months ago, I am now 19. Now its on and off. My whole sexual development has been based around porn, I remember the early days when I would get erections in class and the touch of a female would get me going, these are things you take for granted and I wish that I had. I would skip from video to video, masturbate twice a day. I combined it with a very specific way of masturbating, (a very tight grip, twisting, with sudden jerks, I would also tense my whole body to have an orgasm.) I became so conditioned to this way of masturbating that really started to effect my life. I masturbated like that for 5 years until I was 18.

I was a late bloomer in regards to puberty. All my friends were developed with body hair and deep voices and I didn't gain any of that until i was about 16. I had always been the short little, quiet kid until then, so I took it out on pornography and also became a serious gamer. My life changed for the better from 16-18, I grew, developed, hit the gym and changed my life for the better while still using porn. My confidence grew and I started getting a huge amount of attention off girls which was all really knew to me. However what seemed like a perfect transformation story, wasn't as good as I hoped.

Due to the attention off girls, I began to get many sexual opportunities. The first time was a hj off a girl I had known for a while and I used to have fantasies about. I felt nothing, 0, no feeling at all. Its been the same with every other time I've tried. The first few times were hjs and bjs and I felt nothing, but managed to maintain an erection. The first time I had sex, I gained an erection from foreplay and lost it when it came to the act. I was apologising over and over and she kept telling me it was fine. I eventually got a semi and had sex like that, didn't finish. Ever since then, I've had problems with erections with girls. I'm 19 and have yet to ejaculate with a girl. Ive lost count of the amount of times Ive had to explain to a girl that "I do find her attractive and that I don't know whats going on with me." Its created some what of a sex phobia for me, I've turned down and avoided so many opportunities for it and I feel like I'm wasting my "glory days" of youth. I still feel attraction to girls, as i regularly make out with them at parties and clubs but I know the minute I take them home, I will either not be able to get a hard on or If I'm able to get one, I wouldn't feel anything.

After finding videos by Noah Church and some others I realised this was the reason why I can't feel anything during sex and can't maintain erections. I know pornography has played the largest role in my condition but for some reason, I don't find it that hard to cut out. Its the ejaculation which i need. The release of stress i get, as I'm struggling with many issues in my life at the moment. I don't want to make that the excuse as I know without those problems I'd still be addicted. Ive gone a month without porn and merely a week from masturbation. I masturbate to nudes while sexting with a firm erection (most of the time) or random pictures of girls with limp erection. In fact while writing this now, I think I'm focusing on too much of the visual aspect, and the conditioning of the feel of my hand on my penis isn't helping either.

I relapsed badly an hour ago, going far into my porn addiction and finding a specific video i love. The reason for this was because I wanted to reassure myself that I can get a full erection and feel amazing while masturbating. After going a week without masturbation, my penis essentially died. I wasn't horny at all, no erections, I couldn't imagine any scenario in my head to get me aroused, touching myself did nothing. It made me depressed so i started pulling every trick out the book to see if I could get aroused. I stumbled upon youtube videos, then to porn and I gave in. It was incredible while doing it but after I felt horrible, so disappointed, especially considering I'm staying over at a girl's this week. I want to get that feeling of ecstasy with a girl so badly. Theres nothing I want more than that. I want to feel everything and crave sex, rather than be afraid of it.

So I wanted to ask anyone who's cured their PIED. Is it too good to be true? Can i go from feeling nothing during sex and losing erections to having incredible sex and ejaculating. I can't imagine it to be honest. How long could it take? If I lose my libido will it eventually come back? Ive installed porn blockers and even made custom phone wallpapers telling me not to give in. Most of the time its not out of the urge, its to reassure myself I can still have an erection.

Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated, thank you.

Ps: I apologize if this was too long, it was me venting all my frustration for the past few years. Ive never had anyone to share this issue with, I thought it was a genetic factor for so long haha.

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