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Porn Addiction / GQ Magazine article on porn addiction, PIED
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:07:54 AM »
This might be a repost, but did any of you guys see GQ magazines article yesterday on why everyone should quit watching porn? It's cool to see the issue getting some attention, and GQ is a pretty reputable magazine with a sizable following. Really short read, check it out!

No fap lyfffeeee 8)

The YourBrain Rebalanced Radio Show - Episode 12 is up and running!

Hey everyone! The title says it all. Apeman, Jeff and I (members of another porn addiction website) have decided to do a 8 part radio show that tackles issues on pornography addiction, PIED, rebooting, rewiring and just life as a pornography addict. The show is recorded on Skype (hopefully weekly, but it will probably be slightly more irregular than that) and we will hopefully be having special guests for each episode. As of right now, the show is audio only. It's available for streaming and download!

The show's format is casual - we're really not too concerned if we get off topic and chat about other things that aren't apart of each episode "topic". The goal of this show is to provide content where pornography addicts interact and communicate with each other, hopefully humanizing the condition a little bit more. While this forum is a fantastic resource, most of us only communicate through typing, which can make our interactions impersonal and distant. This show hopes to make this condition a little more human for everybody.

As of right now, we are shooting for 8 episodes and we will gauge the feedback after that to see if it's helpful and if we should keep going. The topics for all the episodes aren't worked out yet so definitely post and talk about topics you'd like to hear about. PLEASE PLEASE. And also if you'd like to be on the show freakin' let me know!!



Season 1 of the YBR show was filled with a lot of great moments. Interviews with Gabe Deem, Noah Church, and Gary Wilson are featured in the following episodes. We cover a range of topics, stemming from "Starting the Reboot" to "Porn Addiction and Modern Science and Research". Enjoy friends! :D



Season 2 is back of the YourBrainRebalanced Show! At least, that's what we will call our hiatus. ;) Only Daniel (Jeff) and Charlie (fugu) were available for this short introductory episode - BUT DON'T FEAR. Jack (Apeman) will be back with us shortly, and guests will be a part of future shows. We simply talked about what we've been doing the last few months and answered a few old questions.


Season 2, episode 2 of the YBR show features Jack (Apeman), Noah Church (Spangler), and Charlie Marcotte (fugu) in a general discussion about pornography addiction and challenges we have individually faced during the course of rebooting. The topics were wide ranging, but the podcast is filled with a lot of great conversation. Check out this fantastically funny and informational presentation (almost stand up routine) Noah did on porn addiction and pornography induced ED back in November:


This episode of the YBR show discusses all of the important, helpful activities one can do during a reboot that'll improve your quality of life. Daniel Simmons has returned from his meditation sabbatical (!!!) to give us first hand knowledge and experience about the boons of meditating. Noah Church and Charlie Marcotte are just ignorant. ;) ;) ;)

Towards the end of the episode we answered a few fans questions that were particularly engaging...shout out to OSS from RebootNation for asking great questions and listening to us for a long time. :)


In this episode of the YBR show, Gabe Deem and Gary Wilson join Charlie "Fugu" Marcotte and Noah "Spangler" Church to discuss common pornography myths and misconceptions. After the topic discussion, the cast chatted about a variety of pornography addiction and pornography induced sexual dysfunction topics. It was a really good discussion and we always love having those two on the show. The SoundCloud file will be up soon with streaming and download access - but, for now, here is the YouTube video. With our talking heads.  8) Enjoy!

Give us feedback on the show, let us know what topics you want talked about and if you are interested in being on the show!

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