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Teens / This is a good day, cause: Every day is a good day!
« on: October 05, 2014, 11:43:39 AM »
Hey guys, I am Leonthel and I am 19 years old, but you can call me Leo.

You will notice that I am not a native speaker, but I don't care about my broken english skills. I hope you nevertheless will understand me.

Well, I am from Germany and the first time I heard about nofap was in January 2014. I tried to do the Reboot of 90 days, but I relapsed after a few days of nofap. Further on I said myself that porns couldn't be my problem. I thought just stress would be the underlying problem and so I've forgotten this point.

Since one month now I am trying to overcome my erectile dysfunction that is to 100 of percents caused by my porn and masturbation abuse. Always when I felt bad, I started masturbating on porns with many different windows of different porns. One orgasm by another I have gotten I have noticed, that I have a problem.

I am convinced that my ED is caused by my habits of masturbation, orgasms and porn. I'm feeling very bad and right now I am feeling very depressed.

My longest time I have achieved was 11 days. This time I have reached two times, but I would like to reach successfully the 90 days in hard mode. The 11 days were without orgasms and porn, but with masturbation and I'm not very proud about this.

My story is a little bit complicated, but at the moment I am living alone in my flat since 2 years and doing this year my abitur (last year of highschool). Later on I am planing to spend a year in america with a stipendium, work and travel or even au pair. America possesses a special attractiveness for me, because it's a total different mentality, culture and country than Germany. I also would like to improve my English skills, because I can understand English very good, but I've difficulties in talking it.

So, I am very enthusiastic about the USA. ;)

I think this is enough. I am a very common guy with a porn induced erectile dysfunction and the most important for me is to overcome it.

I will write later on in my log more about me, my attitude for life and my progress in nofap and Reboot.

The Rules: No masturbation, no orgasms, no porn and no triggers!

Let the games begin!

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