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Ages 20-29 / Join my nofap motivation group
« on: March 21, 2017, 03:39:08 PM »
For me its been hard to access Reboot nation, now that I disconnect the internet when I'm on PC. If i'm alone.
Phone conversations and apps are more accessible to me. If you are feeling same as i had before.
I have created a group kik(app) chat for those who need help.
It's accessible and free
We are no experts but are here for all types of support

Together we fight, you are no alone fapstronauts


Ages 20-29 / i wish there was a rebootnation phone app
« on: February 28, 2017, 11:16:24 PM »
So I am hanging up the keyboard. I am going to have a real journal its gotten tougher for me to get online.

Ages 20-29 / it's worked for me so far. Hopefully, it keeps working
« on: February 17, 2017, 11:09:57 PM »
Quoting my bud Ian here:

"Have you made a gremlin list? Basically, it's a list that you write when your in your "higher self" state of mind in response to all the excuses we use to PMO. I call it gremlin list, idk if there's actually a name for it. It's a little long and personalized but it's worked for me so far. Hopefully, it keeps working"

Below is all me.
Don't give on fapstronauts! I wrote for the
"I'll start tomorrow"

Hey! Put up the Fight
Damn! Its Monday, long week just tired and I need a little something I will start tomorrow. Oh Great! Tuesday you know what not today, tomorrow. Ugh, Wednesday its mid-week but you know, I’ll start tomorrow. Thursday, man I was already doing it yesterday might as well continue and for sure I will start tomorrow. Ok, Friday let’s face it weekend is coming up so tomorrow. Already Saturday? Got here so fast well it won’t hurt another day so yeah definitely tomorrow. Oh baby sweet spanking Sunday yeah let’s do this today, but first let me live this double life. I will preach and show the way of god I will be a hypocrite and once I get home and past this BS yeah baby I am going to get some. Its fine tomorrow is the start of the new week so tomorrow, for sure. Oi! Look it is over, man your week flew its gone and you did not start again. How many more hours, days weeks, months and again you did not start? The whole damn week and you said, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” every single day. Step back analyze is this what you want to be a Failure? You can’t even face a day and your little worthless streak that’s nothing brother it just takes a second a glimpse a thought. THINK! Before you act, stop the hand and those pensamientos(thoughts[Spanish]) Come on you heard the man you are what you feed yourself with. These thoughts they control you, they overtake you, you let them. NOW overtake them and get back control. Face it! Embrace it! Fight it! If you don’t start today, ahorita, right this second when will you? What if today is your last chance, what if there is no tomorrow? Living a worthless life, like this you might as well be DEAD. What do the things the thoughts you have what does it count for? For whom do you act? Your dreams, your ambitions your greatness is dead! Like this you have never been great but a failure. You are not accomplishing or completing anything not even a simple task like taking care of your wellbeing. Now what “greatness” is there in a non-accomplisher? Your nothing but the useless one. Get over it man don’t let the madness consume you. Open up! Don’t ever close your brain! Expand. Re-think. Man when will you get another chance? I don’t know you don’t know it’s not a given we never know our future. So ACT today the future may be uncertain you may be walking a dark path blindfolded but there is a light. Apenitas barely see it but small bright and far but it shines it will take work dedication and discipline. So stop this negative bull shit-ness and get the fuck back up, don’t cry you little useless man. You think crying will solve anything? You think doing nothing will solve your problem? No you need to act. No more tomorrow. No more leaving this for another day. Face it, and the is no stepping back. It is today, this day this exact hour, right this minute, the seconds are ticking off what are you waiting for? Don’t expect no one to get to get you off this. It will be only you and you alone must act it alone it is your problem your issue. Why would someone else be involved if it’s not even theirs to begin with? So you going to act or What? And that problem? Wait! Don’t you always have problems? Are you going to escape AGAIN? What will that do? Nothing, that is right you’re not solving it or brainstorming on how to solve it. You know the problem won’t solve itself and no one will solve it for you. You alone, yes you alone must come face to face and overcome your fear. If you don’t face it today, it will haunt you tomorrow it will haunt you in your deathbed because you could not overcome it. You could not face it. So do it, START it that is all it takes get past the first step. Taking that first leap might be scary at first but once you do, who is there to stop you? What about in the second jump, the third fourth and fifth no one will stop you only you. Your mental barriers your lack of motivations, your “I can’t do it mentality” but if you begin today it will be easy from then on, HA! So you think! Understand you have to fight, until the enemy/beast/devil (within-you) gets tired and falls. But it is not over, don’t let your guard down there is still the next opponent the next fight the next challenge. The next rock in your path. Don’t let it bring you down. Get back up because you have a dream an ambition to feed and understand that no one will change you. Yes, they have influence, they may tell you, they may talk to you, they may push you but face it they don’t control your actions. Your words, your thoughts, your body only YOU have the control. So tell them NO I don’t want to, don’t let them force you into something you don’t want.
So will it be today? Now? Don’t meditate too much on it remember the clock is still ticking. So get back out there and FACE-IT! OVERCOME-IT! Accomplish this NOW and tomorrow you will see no fruits but give it time and keep at it and like a tree it will grow and it will give you fruits and then you will have something useful to give to your descendants. Think in the terms of NOW so let me stop this and get at it and overcome, achieve and succeed.

Ages 20-29 / online dating?
« on: February 02, 2017, 02:48:52 PM »
So how is online dating for you?

Tried it? tell me about it.

Ages 20-29 / I ain't the Same
« on: January 11, 2017, 10:53:30 PM »
Can you believe it Day 26!
So I got busy over the Christmas and New Years Break.
Went to 2 catholic retreats, one in December and One in January
I say I changed but the True Battle starts when i head back to school

Thursdays is our retreat-group reunion they help me remember my promise.
And the talks they give us uplift my mood.
Makes me forget about PMO

I also started hanging out with friends and They are encouraging
in the Cross-Fit class us four joined.
Today I am sore and a little sick. (flu)

They days I don't go to the Cross fit class I go to the gym solo.
Its different being by yourself.

I made an amazing friend she knows my secret (that i watch P), I trust her.
It was hard telling her but man she has changed my thinking and the way I see things.
She has also trusted me with some of her problems, her relationship issues.
Sometimes I am amazed with the advise I give her, When did I become so wise?
Its great to have someone who gives you a different opinion on your life, sometimes you only see one path, one way out.
But when you have someone who cares for you they open up a path for you.
They tell you, "that is not the only way out... follow me..."
and when she is in dark paths I help her, I am there for her. I care for her
I respect her decisions and the things she tells me, I don't judge her.
It is so different having a girl as a Friend, she is like a sister to me.

Ages 20-29 / After a Week I relapsed
« on: November 23, 2016, 07:54:00 PM »
Yes I am a bit disappointing in myself, but I have faith in myself.
Just been a little stressed and under pressure, I really need to get back to exercising.

it is the first 7 days in a long time and if I could get past these days I have a goal to go further and I know I can.

Faith Courage and Hope Brothers.
Be as little negative and believe in yourself.

Don't be to hard on yourself and accept who you are.

Ages 20-29 / Been thinking Addiction Counseling? Have you?
« on: November 17, 2016, 07:49:13 PM »
I am back to this website.
Used it for a month or two. It helped I shouldn't have left. But oh well life goes on, got to accept my actions.
Just got to accept who I am.

I remember why i left, it backfired I read someone else's message he wrote down some links and it bang, It was tragic.

Its amazing so far a day and 1/2 without pmo
but I know I can always fall back and just one daring picture/video will awaken my urges
Been watching Breaking Bad:
the Group Counseling sessions that the drug addict Jesse Pinkman have awaken my interest.

Those who have had Counseling, recommend it?
I know i am going to have to change something, but I need some help to get past a hundred days.
That is my Goal, for the Time being.

Ages 20-29 / Live Wisely Prosper, basically:A Guide to Happiness
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:12:30 PM »
I recommend a good book:

What Great Philosophers Can Teach Us About How to Live
by: Alain de Botton

interview is greatly reccomended

If you are hesitant to get the books, watch his videos
they are great:

A Guide to Happiness: Alain de Botton Shows How 6 Great Philosophers Can Change Your Life

In his six-part video series, Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, de Botton tells us that he’d always looked to philosophy as a discipline that “has wise things to say about everyday worries…. Philosophy promised something that might sound a little naïve, but was in fact rather profound: A way to learn to be happy.” I’m still not sure if this sounds more naïve or profound, but de Botton’s videos, each nearly 25 minutes long, concern thinkers who surely knew the difference. Each video also functions as a travelogue of sorts, as de Botton visits the cities that produced the thinkers, and tries to square their histories with the modern world around the relics.

Porn Addiction / need to stop Fap-fap-fapin
« on: April 21, 2016, 10:59:57 PM »
I am 22.
and i admit it i have stopped and started many times,
and lately i have been going at it daily, for like the longest time,
the last break i had was 2 days or 3, but that was weeks ago.

I am addicted. This is my first time writing this out,
so here i go hope it is for the better.
so i know i have conditioned my body to PE
cuz i been caught and every time i get a feeling that imma get caught again,
so i finish quickly it is SOO bad and sad

I also need advise i work from home,
 on pc and need to be on it, like 6 hours or 8 hours a day
to edit photos & videos etc.
but i always get really really distracted.
especially by Porn, i tried disconnecting the internet but its no use
any tips?
and if its not porn its anime, or manga or youtube or cellphone

I am a sick man, in the head
the other day i was like wtf am i watching,
I wont lie i was watching shemales, it started with hentai~anime
then it got super intense 
never in my life, but before it gets even more,
I need to stop.

I noticed a few things... (Has this happened to you?)
ONE) is that I have become more carefree
- I care really little about my work output, and each time is less and less.
and i care soo little about my work i just fap-fap and i forget about it.

TWO) I have lost my interest in women.
- Crazy but just the other day a good friend of mine asked me
"who do you like from our youth group?"
and i was like
" mmm... no one really" (seriously before i would have been like this girl and this other and that one )
all i see are their imperfections and i just lost interest
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Porn has messed up my head so much

Three) Gained fukn weight!
- i use to work out and stuff and go run 
but i sweat a bunch after fapping so hungry afterwards

Ages 20-29 / day one
« on: April 20, 2016, 11:44:10 PM »
my d is pissed  >:( cus this website dint do autosave
it was long asf
and today my 1st day

thaz it

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