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Women / Re: Finally doing something about it
« on: May 29, 2016, 06:28:59 PM »
Today after 37 days of not using porn I had a set back. Sadly I failed yet I can say it was less intense that other times, I don't t know if that's progress or not. I started to recall those images on my mind and then I search for some images in my phone and I saw a couple and stopped right away. Yet it took me a while to get out of that state of mind. I feel bad for what I did but I don't want to be discouraged. I want to make my next try longer than 37 days. Hopefully I'll make it through....wish me luck...

Women / Re: Finally doing something about it
« on: May 05, 2016, 01:29:11 AM »
Thank you sm I appreciate your support.
It has been 22 days without using porn!! It has not been easy. But as soon I start feeling that urge I comeback here to the site and read people's journals and that helps me. And  I keep reading that reply encouraging  and really helps me to stay strong.

Women / Finally doing something about it
« on: April 12, 2016, 03:25:32 PM »
Today is the first time I do something about my addiction. I really want  to get rid of it. I know it is not going to be easy but it will be well worth it.
I have been using porn about 4 years ago and it has get worse these couple last two years. It has affected my self-esteem and my relationship with my husband. He has been and addict longer than me and I was trying to help him getting out of it and some how I got into it. That made me feel terrible and I can't forgive my self for that. Which I'm hoping I can forgive my self as part of my journey towards recovery.
Today I relapsed after almost two weeks not watching porn. I know that when I'm alone on my day off it will be difficult not to be tempted.
I read a post on Facebook about an inappropriate  sexual relationship  that kept me thinking and I just started searching and felt for that. :(
Right after I just went straight to and here I'm starting my journal and reading others people's stories with the hope and determination to recover my self. So today is day 1. Here I go  :)

Caliper7 :)

Ps( My second language is English so bear with me and my grammar)

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