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Hi, my name is Santiago, I'm 24 and i've never had sex because I can't seem to get aroused by real girls, I have dated 7... This is my first time in this community and I just found out about all this theories that explain what could be happening to me. Also as the title says: I masturbate from a very early age, more details below...

First of all I am not a porn addict, i'm a masturbation addict since my imagination is very good I don't really need that much porn to orgasm, I just take some new ideas from there and then let my imagination run wild. I did of course watch some porn specially during my teen years but not too much, maybe once a week.

I was wondering what you guys think about this, since I am not actually a porn addict so I don't really know if this will work for me as well as for porn addicts, but then I was thinking what is the difference anyway? I run porn movies in my head when I masturbate and always remember postures, images, girls, pussies, dildos from porn movies and use them in my imagination. So I guess it's almost the same since the subconscious brain doesn't distinguish from real images/movies and imaginary images/movies.
What is a sure thing is that I do have sexual problems, I masturbate just for the sake of it, even when I don't want to masturbate.. for example: I need to study so before I start I go and masturbate.. then after 30mins again.. maybe some hours later again.. My max I think was 7 times in 1 day, my balls where in pain. But normally I do 1 a day.

Another crazy fact about me(apart from being 24 y/o virgin): I have been masturbating daily since I was 5 years old, yes believe it or not you can get erections being just 5 y/o. What happened is that my brother taught me to masturbate, so I tried it and I enjoyed it, kept doing it everyday until now..
I'm afraid that I could have caused irreversible damage to my brain after 20 years of daily masturbation, specially when you are so young and your brain is still developing  :-\
I still have faith tho, i remember last year there was a period when for many reasons I was like 10 days without fapping and I found myself being aroused by all time of girls, from old girls to ugly girls, so yeah there is still hope and I believe I can turn this problem around.

As I said before I dated 7 girls, forcing myself to do so because I lacked the sexual motivation and it was very hard, specially since I needed to attract them even when I wasn't feeling the attraction so much myself(they can pick up on this and it seems fake from me). I just chose them out of "aesthetic attraction".. Mostly what would happen was we would talk about all kind of boring things, I would force myself to touching them here and there then I would force a kiss and feel like I just kissed a wall, my penis was dead all the time, and then it was kinda awkward and I never called em back or vice-versa.
With one girl I also fingered her through the clothes and sucked her tits, but nothing happened either and she felt my abscense of attraction and stopped me after a while, it was useless.. That time I had my dick hard tho.. just that I wasn't too motivated to fuck her and so I didn't make the moves.

That's my situation.. I would like to hear from you guys, what do you think? anybody in a similar situation?
Also if you are interested I will start my no-fap challenge today(I'll leave the link below as soon as I start the thread), I need to start it since it's my last hope of having a sexual life, if that doesn't work I might have to be a virgin for the rest of my life... at least I have some good motivation there!

That's all for the intro, thanks for reading and sharing info/ideas,
signing out, Santiago.

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