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The way I see it, there are two possible main reasons here:
1. There is an actual venous leak problem. To rule this out, have a penile ecodoppler test done. this should detect this problem. In my case I had it done (twice!!) and everything was correctly.
2. The actual problem that we are all suffering, Erection is not as strong as it should be and hence not enough to support position changes.

In my case, the second option is what happens to me. Why do I know? because depending on the day, my erection can be held while standing while other days it actually disappears the moment I stand. Plus, me being able to hold my erection while standing has started to happen only recently, I have spent almost two years when this seemed actually impossible.
So, all in all, if my erection is strong enough and I know we all know when taht is the case, then no matter if I change position. If my erections seems to be "strong" but it is actually not, because I am not aroused as I should be and because all of this PIED shit, if I stand up or sometimes if I just move to change positions, erection goes down.
So, what am I doing to improve my erections?
1. Eating lots of nitrate rich foods
2. Exercise as much as possible.
3. Trying to be free of stress. This seems obvious but really if I go throuh problems during my week, my dick literally dies.
4. Allow your dick to rest. If you masturbate or have sex every day, you dick gets tired , specially with our condition. Let it breathe.
5. Dont obsess. I know how difficult this is even for me.
6. Take L Citruline supplements helps at least in my case.

With all of this in place, I have been able to improve my erections a lot and being able to hold it even standing.
But, I have to be honest, I go through cycles every 2 or 3 weeks where my libido dies and my dick goes dead, to be recovered completely back again after those cycles. Why? I think the answer is porn, I am not able to quit porn completely. and also I think this situation gets me depressed more than what I would like and with depression comes dead dick, so a looping cycle that I need to get out.
This is my view, hope that it helps.

I forgot to mention i tried cialis 5 mg and that turns me into a sex machine. However i quitted cause all muy medical examinations including ecodoppler turned out to be ok. So i wanted to cure naturally. So far this is what i find works great for me:
Including lots of food rich in nitrates
Drinking beetroot juice
Exercising regularly
Consuming L citrulline supplements
With this i can get erections similar to cialis. However not as reliable as with the pills. Problem is ed comes back over and over again and stays for periods between 7 -9 days. Then i recoger everything back again. So i decided to quit porn because i think that is the key. The problem is that if i start reboot i notice i start having PE symptoms. Is this expected? All in all, this is getting hold of my Life and driving me to depression. How do you cope with It?

Same problem here. I am as Lost as you are :(

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / I need help please
« on: December 02, 2019, 04:18:59 PM »
Hi, I am a 36 year old guy.
i am suffering a lot with Porn Erectile Dysfunction. I have been reading the posts and I think it makes sense all the information in them and I am trying to get clean of porn. I have been using porn since I was 13 and, although I experienced ED in say five times in my life and always with one night stands, in the last 3 past years, I suffer ED. Out of 10 attempts, 3 result in no erection at all, 3 in PE and the rest it is good erections. But  I seem to go in cyclic periods every 2 weeks approx, where I pass from having morning woods and normal erections to dead dick that lasts for 3 or 4 days.
I have not been able to quit porn or artificial estimulation. My last attempt was only for one week and a half and my erections became so stronger that I had to give in. Since then, dead dick again.
Additionally, I have a girlfriend and all of this is affecting us in many ways.
sometimes I am even starting to feel suicidal.
I do really need help.

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