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Thanks alotfnatk for the great advice! Thing is i think i started from maybe 13-14 but i would also masturbate over people i know in real life no pics. This last year i have been kind of depressed (not so much now) and wanked alot when i was bored and i would watch some pretty extreme porn. I don't get an erection over pictures but i do over videos. I don't seem to have morning wood as much, i find i sometimes don't wake up with it but will get one when laying in bed. I find getting erections standing up more hard... i've always done it sitting down and i think i use quite a hard grip. I have severe phimosis so i think thats the reason why i used the 'death grip' because my foreskin doesn't move up and down. I'm hoping no PMO will help with that too?
Thanks again!

Ok so i haven't PMO's for a good week. Thing is i still go on facebook/watch some funny youube videos. When doing that there are sometimes women showing cleavage etc. I mean i'm not really getting horny over them really or rubbing my penis does that count as like porn in regards to rebooting? Like do i really need to try not looking at girls on facebook/avoiding videos with women?
Thanks guys!

Same issue here. You may have also used an aggressive grip like i did which is why you need that stimulation and your penis going inside a vagina isn't the same...

I've been masturbating since like 14 pretty much daily sometimes twice. Sometimes when i ejaculate it doesn't even feel that good... often when i do it too much. The porn i watch is sometimes also quite extreme... i often don't have the urge do watch porn i just do it when i'm depressed/bored. I do have a bad penis curve which i'm getting surgery for that has stressed me out alot etc but i won't want to be toucing my penis for a while after that. Guess my reboot will start then properly for sure. I've never had sex or kissed a girl but i just know from the smyptoms i have some kind of ED.
The fact that i still get morning erection does that mean it can't be too bad? E.g may only take like 3-4 months? Or am i looking at like atleast a good 9 months?
Thanks guys!
Sorry haven't replied for while though my post was lost in forum.

Question: I'm pretty sure i have PIED due to the extreme porn i have watched for a good year. I used to get semis when thinking about girls and what i wanted to do to them... but i masturbated to porn twice in one day and since then i can't get the semis anymore. I still get morning wood... i mean i will have a nap and sometimes get them. I don't always wake up with one but do get one while laying in bed. How serious do you think my case is? Just wondering if it will take me 9 months or more.

I've read quite alot on the site. It's just my morning erection tend to last fairly long but don't happen all the time. When watching porn i can get an erection quickly and it's hard although when i stop watching it can go less hard fairly quickly of which is what is bothering me a bit. I mean i get quite hard just when searching it... when i had a relapse i was getting hard just because i knew i was searching some up... vanilla porn hasn't worked for me for a while so... i'm glad it's not regular ED...

I know i have porn induced ED of which can be fixed. I'm worried that i may actually have erectile dysfunction... like if i do stop pmo my erections still won't work properly. Should one be able to get an erection through just touching their penis and not thinking at all? Because i cannot... i think that is mostly due to me using the death grip while masturbating. I even have a small dimple on my penis where i think i pressed to hard... i'm hoping in stopping that for like a year it should recover?
I'm not worried about having porn induced ED as it can be fixed right? I'm worried if i may also have a physical element of ED..

Guys i'm 18 and wondering if i may have ED or porn induced. I get morning erections of which some last a long time. Also i find just lying in bed i can get erection/semi#s. When watching porn i can get hard fast or thinking about it but i find my erections can stop quickly too. Is this still signs of porn induced or do i have a mixture of ED and porn induce? Please help this is really bothering me... i mean i'm 18 never had sex... tbh never kissed a girl either... i mean maybe i could get a boner when kissing one. But i have watched some pretty extreme porn for the last year. I also find my penis becoming hard with porn but not being at it's full length.

Thanks alot for the help! When i fantasise about something of which i watched in porn which is kind of extreme i find myself being able to get hard quite east and get a full erection. I have to admit i did relapse ysturday but not looking at a screen just thoughts and i also stopped my diet. I guess it's a bit to ambitious to try and sort multiple things out at once. I need penis surgery of which wil hurt and i wont want to touch my penis, yet alone masturbate for a good couple of months so that will really help me to.
Thing is they need to give me an erection through an injection when i'm asleep... will this porn induced ED interfere?

Thanks! I think part of my whole not being able to stay erect is the death grip i have been using... i even seem to have this dimple on my penis where my finger would usually press when masutbrating... it's not very noticable. Will stopping that grip help? Like will i recover from it if i dont use the death grip again?

I was wondering... rebooting is removing all of the porn induced wiring from watching screens. When rebooting one was to fantisise about people they knew in real life or anything they saw in real life... would that help? I mean maybe a bit of perving may help to? Because your looking more at real life women.

Thanks for the big reply! How long did the flatline stage last and also once it's over will the urge to masturbate/ get horny from women come on?

How long have you masturbated/porn etc for? Also do you get morning wood that lasts long and is decently hard?

Yeah i only rarely felt the real need to masturbate... i just did it because i was bored and i knew when i started i would want to.

Well i have had alot of anxiety and a bit of depression because of certain surgery i will need. I have known about this for about a year, haven't told my parents etc. I think it's my motivation of wanting to fix my penis because i have other things i need to fix... i think it's the flatline stage they are described on the website page, has something to do with testosterone going down when you stop or something.

Just to add i'm pretty sure i used the death grip. I have a dimple on my penis of which is where the palm of my finger would usually press. It's not very noticeable though... i think thats one of the reasons why i can't masturbate easily due to me needing to use alot of force. Thing is i used to be able to get semi erections when i checked out girls when sitting down... i no longer really get that since i decided to masturbate twice in one day...

Yeah the first few days i was tempted a bit... but now it's like i don't even feel the need too... my morning erection today was harder then before and lasted long, even a bit after i went to the toilet. Am i going through the flatline stage btw?

Ok so it's been about 2 weeks since i have stopped mastubeation and porn. I may see the odd baikini pic on fb at most... anyways... i'm finding this quite easy? Like i don't seem to have much of an urge to watch porn or masturbate... like am i in the flatline stage? I still get morning erections. Thing is i see posts of people struggling after a few days? I have watched porn + masturbated roa bout 5 years maybe a bit less. Recently i have watched more extreme porn in the last year.

Ages 20-29 / Re: Just wondering...
« on: July 13, 2014, 05:42:31 PM »
I'm not sure if i masturbated with alot of force... damn... if i have used this death grip wank... will the effects of this go aswell as the porn addiction.

Ages 20-29 / Just wondering...
« on: July 13, 2014, 02:35:15 PM »
I'm 17 almost 18 and have masturbated since i was like 14 and watched porn since like 14/15. I use to mix porn with people i know in real life but this last year i have been watching purely porn and some pretty extreme porn too. I was wondering... i still get decent morning erections although don't get random boners. How long will it take me to reboot? I'm hoping not 9 months? I'm having penis surgery possibly in half a year just wondering because i'm not sure if this may effect it.
Please help!

Ages 20-29 / Re: Please help i have questions!
« on: July 13, 2014, 05:06:16 AM »
Thing is i still got random erection while i was doing porn masturbation etc... although if i had done it near to the end of the day.. close to bed time god i sound 10... the next dasy i wouldn't wake with one. Today funnily enough i didn't wake up with one but i remained in bed and i got one of which was pretty hard.. glands weren't though, i pee'd and it remained for a bit longer. Anyways i can't be too severe right? And i wanted to get a boner to see how bad my case was. I just really want to be sure this is porn induced. I mean the porn i have watched went from vanilla and over the years become more and more extreme... like i probable won't get as hard watching normal porn.

Ages 20-29 / Re: Please help i have questions!
« on: July 12, 2014, 12:18:46 PM »
I was at the gym and saw a really hot woman... i felt quite horny but my dick didnt go hard/grow... is that a sign that i have actual ED. I'm about 10 days in no porn or fap.

Ages 20-29 / Re: It worked :D ED gone
« on: July 12, 2014, 10:28:45 AM »
How long have you guys watched porn and masturbated for? When i say how long i mean years since you started, how many times per day and also how long do you watch the porn for. I have been doing porn + m for like 3-4 years, i still get morning erections but cannot get a erection without thinking about something. Apparently you should be able to achieve an erection just form rubbing. Also my morning wood is softer then before.

Success Stories / Re: 100 days report
« on: July 12, 2014, 04:57:43 AM »
how long until you saw this progress? Did you go through the flatline stage? Also how long did it take because i'm not sure if the date you put in is like american or not.

Ages 20-29 / Please help i have questions!
« on: July 12, 2014, 04:55:36 AM »
So i've been watching porn for well over an hour per day for a good 5 years, masturbating 1 to 2 times per day. The porn i've watched is also pretty extreme. Anyways i have stopped for a good week now. I still get morning erections although they used to be harder. Anyways i don't seem to get semi erections looking at girl and cleavage etc... since i have started... i guess i'm in the flatline stage right? How long until i will get semi erections over things like that again? Also because i do get morning erections still is my case that severe. In the past i have also masturbated over people i know in real life and certain events i witnessed... won't go into detail.
Could it take me up to 9 months if i get morning wood still? I woke up this morning with no erection but layed in bed and got one.
Please help!

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