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I dont have any scientific evidence to apply here, only my own experience. That being said, I drank heavily every Friday and Saturday for almost 4 months of my rebooting. Not saying it didnt slow it down at all, alcohol really isnt good for anything, but I am out the otherside, feeling great!

Porn Addiction / Re: Posture and how important is it?
« on: May 17, 2015, 07:43:49 PM »
Thanks man this improved my PIED. Im 100% cured! Little did i know it had everything to do with my back!!!!!
Gold!  ;D
While keeping a straight back wont cure your PIED, its definitely a symptom of it. I remember just a few months ago while at the depths of my addiction i was walking around like the Hunch-fap of Notre Wank! Porn weighs heavily on the back it seems. Hours, sometimes days, spent sitting in glow of a computer screen thrashing my cock in a dark room couldnt have helped my posture either.
I went for one appointment to an acupuncturist to try and help my bad posture. It didnt work; i spent the whole session imagining the acupuncturist naked which just infuriated my problem.
My point is, well, i dont really have a point, but PIED can only be cured by rebooting through quitting porn. 

Lmao @Hunch-Fap of Notre Wank. But yeah, posture is important!!  Movers and shakers don't sit in chairs all slouched down looking like an ice cream cone that was left out in the sun too long!

Honestly, I have been rebooting for over a year now, with some minor slip ups right at the start. I never had anything i could call "brain fog" and I didn't objectify women before. The differences I have noticed are, my dick plays an active roll in everyday life. Its always perking up to remind me hes there and ready to rock; altering and guiding my decisions and leading me into sexual encounters. If anything I objectify women more now because i am so damn horny ALL THE TIME. Its a whole different life. I basically feel like a dominant male now at all times.

I understand its hard man, but don't be concerned with "what counts and doesn't count". IMO, if its questionable, DONT DO IT, wait for some real results. I think a lot of people are a little too concerned with technicalities then with solving the real issues. Mine was PIED, which is 100% gone now even when I''m drunk. What brought you to the site? Your personal goals could definitely change the answer to this question, PIED? Delayed? Or just trying to get rid of an unhealthy habit?

Porn Addiction / Re: **PORNFREE 2015** (Sign Up NOW!)
« on: January 04, 2015, 10:53:07 PM »
Sign me up 2015 will be the first ENTIRE year of completely NO porn!

Honestly I can say I'm fully recovered (no ED issues, no DE, relatively normal sexual function) but it wouldn't really be true. Even now every month I go everything seems to get better and better, so who knows how high i will go? Not sure if that's a good way of phrasing it but cant think of anything better.

One thing however, i still get insane porn cravings that are extremely difficult to beat. You are young catching this so hopefully these wont be as bad for you, but definitely cant go back to porn! Will undo all your hard work.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask! Wish you the best.

Hey man, consider yourself lucky to have figured out the problem so young!! I dealt with that all throughout my teen years, failure after failure. So disheartening. Anyways, the second flatline is normal. Your recovery will be totally nonlinear, you will have good days and bad days, good weeks bad weeks etc and as time goes on more good then bad. That's how mine was, I'm sure yours wont be too long since you caught it so young!

Good work and good progress! Keep it up!

Hey there!
  Im just going to add that I think this is unrelated to the experiences of most on here, and I am not sure anyone on this board can provide enough help or insight into a problem like this. A professional counselor would be needed for something like this, honestly after reading this thread am sick to my stomach. I don't know what part of the world you and your husband live in but I would think in many countries what he does is a "life ruining" offense. Best of luck in dealing with this issue.

zGreat progress man! Just remember if/when you flatline dont be discouraged! It WILL suck, but this is just a tiny glimpse of what will come once the flatline is over!

Porn Addiction / Re: Frightened and Humbled
« on: June 22, 2014, 09:31:59 PM »
stick around brother man! No matter how much relief you feel when you return to the habit, it always is an empty and lonely feeling after PMO!

Stay strong brotherman!
I was having some insane urges and posted a similar thread a little while ago, Gabe hooked me up with some good advice. He said to print out some of the science and articles from and go read them outside in a public place! make it tough, need to definitely get off the computer and being alone is not ideal! I have battled that quite a few times now.

I have also found going and doing something works well too, clean out your garage, or do something outside!

Probably a good idea! I had to get off the computer and just drove around for a while to get my mind working on a different level. I went ahead and printed that and some other information off of YBOP incase this strikes again! Thanks for the response Gabe!

So after waking up this morning, have been having insane and almost uncontrollable porn cravings all day. Have avoided P for about 60 days (not keeping track with exact numbers as i plan to completely cut it out of my life forever). Figured i would distract myself by hitting the gym, had a GREAT workout, testosterone must be flowing, now im back home and the cravings are even worse? Almost uncontrollable?
This is the first time in the reboot i have experienced any real cravings, tons of mood swings, flatline, off and on libido etc, but this really shows that my brain really is addicted to porn, no doubts in my mind now. Just figured I would post this here to eat up some more time and try and distract myself.

Worst part about it is, even once the ED is subsiding, the performance anxiety remains, and you must overcome that as well. That is what im currently going through, can get it up everytime with a girl im familiar and comfortable with because I know if it doesnt happen, itll be no big deal. With someone new, however,  who might not be so understanding, i cant think about anything except "will i get it up?" which ensures difficulty.

Ages 20-29 / 23, PIED, unorthodoxed reboot
« on: May 11, 2014, 06:37:41 PM »
Ill try to be as brief yet descriptive as possible.

- Started PMO at 12/13. P came before MO with me. PMOd probably 2-3 times a day my entire life, sometimes long 1 hour or so sessions.

- Failed a few attemps at sexual intercourse between the ages of 15-17. This was such a depressing part of my life i have a hard time remembering the order of events and exact ages, so these are really rough guesses.

-Went to numerous doctors, urologists, was told i had weak blood flow to penis, either psychologically or from a weak heart. One urologist told me this is an early sign of heart disease. great news on my 18th birthday...

-Finally had some somewhat successful sex in the 17-18 range. Was taking viagra, herbal stuff, so many diff supplements it would physically make me sick. Luckily this was a steady girlfriend, and the more sex we had, the less pills and such i needed. After 2 years, ED completely gone, had sex regularly, and still PMO'd daily.

-Fast forward to now, broke up with the girlfriend 4 months ago. PMO skyrocketed, 3 times a day. Had trouble AGAIN with erections with girls i was picking up at clubs. blamed alcohol at first, confused, depressed, etc.

-After some serious internet searching, found YBOP and this site, havent looked at P since.

Seemed to feel great the first 7 days, then hit the flatline. completely dead dick, it even looked tiny in limp mode, was pathetic. Depressing. No sex drive whatsoever. Here is where my reboot gets diff from the norm..

          I'm taking some cheap testosterone booster for gains in the gym, and i believe it is positively effecting my libido. Im not saying this is a good idea, but i had already started it, and plan on finishing it. I have been having sex 2x a week or so since then, and i feel like that re-wiring early on might help me, sex drive seems to just go up the more i have. I will report back once i get further along to hopefully shed some light for whoever is going next.
    Morning wood, which was nonexistent for the last 4 years of my life, seems to be making an appearance. Due to it requiring 5 alarms to wake me up in the morning, ( 4:30, 4:35, 4:40, usually the 4:45 gets me out of bed) its difficult to pinpoint exactly how hard it is though, but i know its there. I can easily get a erection (90% maybe) from touch alone now, where as a month ago it wouldn't do ANYTHING without porn, no matter how hard i pumped it.
   I think i probably will have a relatively easy reboot since I have been having such regular sex for the last few years. I will definitely stress the fact that once you mix in O's, you should take it easy!!! I made the mistake of having 3 o's the first night i returned to sexual activity, and afterwards had the most mind shattering headache i have ever experienced, which remained for almost a full 24 hours.

     So there ya have it, I will keep this updated, and we will figure out if the approach im using will have any effect. If I dont get the results I want I will definitely do the refrain from O reboot, but I feel like for me this is worth a shot.

    I dont plan on ever looking at P again in my life. I can feel my brain go into hyperactivity just surfing facebook photos now, so i stay off there as well at least during this process.

     Together we can beat this! 8)

Im in the same boat, you dont really notice the loss of morning wood/random erections as it starts, when you actually step back and think about it its so damn depressing!

I think you will do well, especially if you had the willpower to cold turkey quit smoking, you should have no problem staying away from porn. Ive been off porn for 30 days. The embarrassment i felt having a incredibly hot naked woman in my bed and being unable to get it up (which it sounds like you also had to experience, wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy) has emboldened me with incredible willpower, which im sure you will also have.

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