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Porn Addiction / starting to Reboot again
« on: August 28, 2015, 02:03:44 PM »
wish me good look. i've been trying and failing a long time. hope that this try will work out better...

well sodonewithit and spree, u have interesting points there.
i guess i'll have to try to balance between honesty and not rushing too quickly into places i wont feel convenient in.
either way, even in this short time into reboot, i'm sensing and understanding a lot more about how and who i am in relationships then when i use porn.
sad for all the years i spent and didn't acknowledge who much this thing was a part of each and every relationship i had.

thank u for you replies.
i think that i'll try to live what ever comes for me now, and try to be as 'clean' as possible from Porn substitute. she's going away for a month in a few weeks, i'm sure that when she'll be back i'll know more about how the reboot is affecting me.
for now, if we'll have sex- ok, if not- ok as well. don't what to raise questions marks for no reason. and if the sex wont be perfect and that will make me lose her- well that mean she is not the right girl for me in this time.

thinking a lot about sex doesn't indicate that your libido was healthy and real... i felt a lot of sexual desire to woman i met when i was on porn, but i was still unable to preform and maintain erection for long.

maybe the situation u experienced was extreme enough for a shock that changed your impulses. it's seems like u should take a good time of reboot but also consider to talk to some one professional- because it seems you have complex situation (i fount it best to talk to a therapist that recognizes in PIED).

good luck!

first- thank you for your story. it helped me to read it today.
i must warn u a bit from dating sites, when i was trying to quit porn last time i opened an account in one, and soon it became a porn substituted for me.
the idea of clicking and looking on more and more girls photos was too close to the problem i had.
 a friend told me that in worst case, it is better to just M with out any material and not to go on any site. and about escorting- well, i know too many guys that became addicted to that as well- and it's worst and more dangerous (and expansive) then porn E.

i'm sure that u will meet someone soon and that this is only a part in your journey.
wish u good luck.

i'm after a few year of knowing that i have porn addiction, and going to therapists and groups. it helped me a lot- used to M everywhere and any time. but i still had a big porn problem. my porn-use escalated to really bad stuff and materials (and i mean REALLY), and only in the last few months i admitted that i had a PIED.
to be honest, it prevent me from starting new relationships with women, because i was afraid what will happened when we'll have sex (or what will NOT happen). it made me to gave up a lot of opportunities.

now for the first time i'm trying to Reboot. not 'balancing' or 'restricting the amount'- full Reboot, or i'll stay with my ED. decided to quit porn or P-substituted, no craving or chasing relationships that i'll ran from in the moment of truth, and even M, for the start of this process.

and just happens- after a few days i met someone.
thought to pass on it, but i looks like something with a good potential. how should i act with this two things together? how can i work good on my Reboot and not lose this new thing in my life?

i'll be happy to hear your advice on the subject.

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