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Ages 20-29 / Neji
« on: December 26, 2014, 09:44:19 PM »
Hello everyone,
This is Neji here,

I started PMO since I was teenager, not knowing that playing with fire that could bring me where I am now.. Lol
I am greatly inspired and enthus to see so many people are feeling same and ready to shake off this.
Hope everyone get success and happiness in life.
Thank you for reading my post ; :)

I recently started reading online and rebooting project, I am happy to welcome any partner in this journey to better life.

Day 12 now, without PMO

Total flatline and hard edge so far,
though yesterday I encounter one serious issue thought to share and possibly get some advice on it.
Because of Job stress I was feeling bit negative and stressed. My old patter (still persistent) asking me to get comfortable and I was feeling super horny even when I was on job.Also my mind was trying to fantasize to take self away rom stress and I have to literall drag it back everytime,
 When i came back from job and after good rest it hit me with raw crave, though most of trigger point was guarded. I was moving from one corner to other corner of house though i wanted to spare some time for study which is very crucial for job. I was almost about to relapse but then I start reading YBOB and reboot article and dif some meditation. Finally slept and wake after hour.
feel better but I need to figure out how to avoid hard crave at a time. As once this beast on head it makes harder to think staight and decide rationally.

so far no relapse but need to learn and realise many things on way but I am determine to get success and freedom.

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