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Ages 30-39 / 2 Years still fighting addiction
« on: August 21, 2015, 08:14:53 AM »
My name is Jason. I am 32 and I have been addicted to internet porn since I was a teenager.  I started having major sexual issues about age 30.  What sucks is that once you have these major problems like erectile dysfunction is that you have allready done a ton of damage to your brain. I am still struggling with porn. I made it 28 days about a year ago and then out of no where had a gigantic urge and couldnt say no. It's like my brain just freaked out cause I wasnt getting that dopamine rush. Seems like I can make it 3 weeks then suddenly just can't say no when the massive urge hits. I want to quit forever and be more intimate with my wife. How is it that I know this addiction is so bad for me and my marriage but I continue to look at it.  A real MAN doesn't need porn. He satisfies his wife. He can control himself.  How do I overcome the urge when it hits me? My goal is 90 days. I am on day 1.

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