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Ages 20-29 / Will Rebooting ever bring me my horniness back again?
« on: December 30, 2014, 03:26:11 PM »
Hey guys,
I´m on my 4th reboot-attempt now. First one 54 days (Then MO) and 72 days no PMO, then relapsed to porn again. Then 36 days and 89 days. And my last one was 50 days. There were also many shorter streaks, like 5-10 days. I´m able to have sex again and i´m not depressed anymore, but my libido just won´t come back on a regular basis. I don´t have the slightest urge to masturbate in the moment. I have faced many flatlines and came out of them, but everytime i started to masturbate on a regular level (maybe 5 times a week) again, after maybe 1-2 months my libido disappeared. I don´t know, wheter a longer no PMO-period would solve this problem. I´m really frustrated. I´m even thinking of taking external herbal aphrodisiacs and if nothing helps, i´m considering to take small amounts of testosterone, because maybe i just have low t, even if that is quite unlikely, because of my young age and my physical appearance. What do you think ? Will my natural libido ever come back again through rebooting? I´m pornfree for a year now and i´m not sure anymore, if there are any further significant improvements possible.
I would be glad if someone has a success storie in a similar situation or some effective recommendations how i can increase my libido in generell.
best regards

Ages 20-29 / Re: 50 days in, then i had sex. QUESTION
« on: December 22, 2014, 07:29:23 PM »
When my morning boners have pierced my matress, i´ll know that i´m recovered  8)  ;)

Ages 20-29 / Re: 50 days in, then i had sex. QUESTION
« on: December 22, 2014, 07:22:28 PM »
Thanks man, this helped me a lot. Yeah giving up sex is quite difficult, especially because of all the the many opportunities i´m facing. But "are you doing whatever it takes to do". When I have to go 5 months hardmode, then that´s the price i have to pay. I want to to fix this properly, not just 70%, but a 100% so that i can regain my full potential. And there is no easy way out, so i will take the long road now. But in 2015 i will fix this shit!!! BOOOOM

Ages 20-29 / 50 days in, then i had sex. QUESTION
« on: December 22, 2014, 07:02:23 AM »
Hey guys,
This isn´t my first reboot. It´s my third. After my first i relapsed to porn again (54 and 72 days streak). After my second (36 and 89 day streak)  i could sleep with woman again, but was still struggeling with libido and morning wood. So i decided to give it another try, because Gabe Deem explained in his video that his morning wood didn´t came back until the fourth month. And so i´m thinking that i´m not 100% cured yet. 50 days in of No PMO, yesterday i had Sex with with a girl. The sex was good and i orgasmed twice. But now i have a guilty conscience, wheter this was a good idea, because of the set-back that might be caused by this. What do you mean? Is occasionally having sex and orgasm harming the reboot? Or is it even beneficial because of Rewiring? If I would give it another 50 days, would this be comparable with a straight 100 day streak? Or is it crucial, that there is no interruption in form of orgasm?
best regards

Porn Addiction / Re: Over sensitised.
« on: November 12, 2014, 12:12:11 PM »
Same here. I made the mistake that i rationalized, i have to watch some porn again in order to desensitize just a little bit back. Don´t do that!!! This was a fucking huge mistake, that cost me much time again. When having sex I literally came after a few seconds after my reboot haha. Everything was just such an high stimulus. But it goes all back to a natural level, when you have sex and masturbate on a more regular level again. Don´t fall in the trap to use death grip in the first place. After your reboot, what you can try is this, i know it sounds a little bit mechanic, but set a timegoal when you wanna come when you are masturbating, for example 20 minutes, so you teach yourself for longer sexual activities. Of course when you can´t handle 20 minutes straight,  stop before you come and start again, as soon as you calm down after maybe 20-30 seconds.

Jeah it´s kind of weird right? But i knew when i started rebooting the first time (maybe a year ago), i got horny as fuck especially in the first week. I relapsed then pretty soon and tried often to achieve at least 7 days. After a while it got easier and easier like my body adapted to abstinence and then i made my 54 day streak and then my 72 day streak. Unfortunately i relapsed to porn again. And so i had to take another try. First i made 36 days, then a lot of 5-10 day streaks (half-assed it a little bit here) and finally 89 days which was my longest period. Since that my libido has been swinging around from nothing at all to horny as fuck. So I have three questions and i would be so glad, if someone could answer them properly:
 1. Could it be possible that your body adapts to abstinence, so that when you´re not jerking off it slows down libido, because it knows from the past, that there will come no release anyway ? (like saving energy)
2. If you are right and i have to do more rebooting, is it possible, that it will take maybe just a few weeks or can i assume that i have to take the long way up in the area of 90 days or sth. again?
I know it is a difficuilt question, but is it common for guys that are almost cured to need much less time? At the moment i´m on day 12 again. I´m able to sleep with girls again, but i have very low libido and almost no morning wood. Brainfog and depression went away for the most part as well.
3. Can notropic substances like l-tyrosin slow down reboot or are they good for minimizing side-effects or even helping the process?

Are there any other arguments? I´m frankly very confused wheter my reboot is finished or not. I can have sex with a girl again, but I have no morning erections and when i stop masturbating i experience a flatline very soon.

Thanks man

Porn Addiction / Is the flatline an indicator of a porn-induced-issue?
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:46:34 AM »
Hey guys,
My question is, if the flatline appears just, when you have some porn-induced changes in your brain or do "normal" persons experience it as well, when they are going for abstinence?
Or in other words: Is the flatline an indicator for porn-induced brainchanges or just the logical consequence of avoiding all sexual stimuli for most men in generell?

thanks for answering.

Ages 20-29 / Re: After Reboot: strong swings in libido and erections
« on: September 28, 2014, 07:12:29 AM »
Of course I ´ve abstained so far. I´ll never watch porn for the rest of my life. Are there any other suggestions?

Ages 20-29 / After Reboot: strong swings in libido and erections
« on: September 27, 2014, 01:35:52 PM »
Hello guys,
I just finished my reboot about 2 months ago. I had 2 streaks with 89 days and 36 days of no PMO. Since I have finished my reboot, i have strong swings in my libido and my erections. For example I would have 2 weeks, where i feel like a asexual with dead dick and lack of libido/arousal (even no morningwood at all) and then maybe a week where i would experience high libido, many sponateous and also long erections. I´m confused, what causes this swings and if that is considered to be normal in this range. Even my mood swings often around - from strong confidence to complete bitch. In the moment i´m thinking of doing another reboot, but this is really the last thing i wanna do. I´ve been through a harsh time during my last one, but i think many of you know as well what i´m speaking about.
I hope some of you have some helpful advice or similar experiences to share. I would be very grateful :)

I hope my english is correct so far, I am from germany (unfortunately the hole thing about porn addiction and its consequences is still very unpopular here)

Thank you man, this was very helpful! Yeah I think rewiring plays a huge part  for me in the moment. And Dating many women was the plan after rebooting anyway. I´m just back from the nightclub now, where i made out with two girls and my arousal was really on and i had a hard boner each time. I wasn´t able to pull them direct to sex, but i´m sure that i were able to fuck them. Jeah I think morning-wood and spontaeous erections aren´t really reliable indicators for rebooting-success. Relating to this night, I think i´m actually fine, but my major problem in the moment is, that i have developed some kind of complusive disorder around my sexuality. A success experience would be gold in this time, so that i can develop trust und confidence around my sexuality again. And when I fail with the women I´ll have sex in the future, i can even think of a another period of abstaining completly.

Thank you for your answer  :) Maybe you are right. I didn´t had sex yet. It would be really interesting, wether I´m able to perform. Yes I had two flatlines in my reboot. But isn´t it unnormal, if you have almost no morning-wood? Maybe I have the wrong criteria for my success... But I know from the past, that I had much more sexdrive and I´m just 20, so I didn´t think that there are hormonal imbalances. I even checked it last year and there was everything fine.

Hello guys,
I´ve recently finished my reboot and decided to MO after 88 days (before this i had a 36 day-streak and a 12 day-streak = 136days with 2 O´s). I thought this process would fix my ED and libido-issues. One day after masturbating I felt really good. I had strong erections and my libido was just on. I thought everything worked out just fine. Now 3 days later, i´m feeling almost the same like before I started the process. No erections, no morning wood, no feeling in my penis, zero libido. This isn´t my first reboot, last year I did one as well (54 day-streak and 72 day-streak). After that everything was fine. I have to say, that I was in therapy at the same time, because of my depressions. So I don´t exactly know, whether my reboot or the therapist has caused the healing ( Maybe even a mix of the both). But unfortunately I relapsed and masturbated to porn again, but only maybe 5-10 times. But this was obviously enough to cause the same issues again. I am 20 years old and really confused, why I´m still fucked up now, beacuse the last reboot was shorter than this one (126 vs. 136 days) and I assume that my brain was in a much better shape before starting  this attempt than a year ago.  Do you mean the streak was still too short and I should take another try?  When yes: how long do you think will it take? And do you think that just masturbating now has set me back in my brain? ( I masturbated 4 times since then) Please give me some helpful advice, I´m really a bit frustrated, if it will ever work out for me. I´m glad for your responses !
I hope my english is not so bad, I´m from germany :)
best regards,

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