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Iam 29 years old and iam quite sure i have a mild PIED. I've been jerking off to porn since 15 years on a daily. Sometimes i spent 6 hours opening porn tabs, and the porn iam watching has gotten quite extreme. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and have had some dates where i just could not get hard. Now i have an affair but i realise that iam never "rock hard". I have withdrawn from fapping for a good 2 weeks now, although i could not withdraw from porn completely. Somehow i caught myself watching porn out of a habbit for one or two hours every other day. I just realised though i could jerk off just thinking about my new girl. This would help me withdrawing from all the porn shit i guess.
Can i do that in the process of rebooting or should i withdraw completely from any self induced sexual intercourse?

Also another thing that came to my mind. Iam actually able to have sex and stuff i just dont enjoy it that much because iam not that hard.
I thought about getting some viagra or cyalis to have sex with a rock hard dick. The thoughts of that might arouse me the next time without it and i get out of the mind spiral, what do you guys say?

Thanks in advance

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