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Ages 40 and up / Re: Wow! How did i get here?
« on: January 22, 2019, 01:58:46 AM »
Day 24 and still PMO and MO free.

Thanks Jjo7 all very helpful.  I do try and concentrate on my wife first and mix it up a bit.  She is pretty conservative between the sheets and it often gets awkward if I push it much.  I think it comes from her catholic school days.  She doesn’t even like oral sex as she has only ever let me perform it on her twice in 10 years.  I think she likes it,but gets very self conscious and it ruins it for her.  At least she’s not shy about giving BJ’s. 

I have been trying to concentrate on her throughout the day, more loving and initiating touch at times when it wouldn’t lead to sex.  But i think i might have been pushing it a little as she did say something today about me being all about sex.  I guess on this new journey i’m Excited to be PMO free and just want to have sex with her all the time. 

I did have what i am seeing as another sign of recovery Yesterday.  I was still in a bad mood from the other day and feeling very horny since it had been almost a week since we had sex we both were into.  Obviously not counting the other day when she just spread her legs and let me go to town. 

Anyway, i was at work all day still being pissed at the world but I was able to leave work an hour early. When I walked in the door i could hear the water running in the shower.  My first thought was i should go join her in the shower and then immidieatly panicked and thought what if she says yes and i can’t get it up.  I didn’t have time to take ED meds and have them take effect.  I decided to go give it a try.  I walked in our room and she opened the shower door and asked if i wanted to join, i Immediatly said yes, grabbed 1/3 of a blue pill ( i keep 100 MG tabs of V around and often break them into pieces, but usually take a whole one for full prep). I decided to use 1/3 tab to test out how I was doing. One in the shower she immediately started touching my dick and it started to respond.  It had only been probably 3 minutes so this had to be all on its own as the ED meds could not be active yet.  She got me about 75% hard by kissing and some stroking , then 100% by a BJ then we had shower sex.  She pulled out some moves she never has in the shower and for the first time in a longtime i wasn’t worried about my erection going away when switching positions.  It felt so great!  Sex felt more natural, i felt like a better lover and my sense of being a man felt stronger. 

I woke again this AM with raging MW that would not go away and offer a little coaxing my wife agreed.  While there still could have been some Viagra still in my system, i don’t think much as it had been 14 hours since i had taken it and i only took 1/3 of a pill. 

I just read JJacks complete journal again i find it motivating.  He says a couple times that he doesn’t feel like he is just his dick anymore.  I think i just see myself as my dick as my dick and what its doing, or not doing, or should be doing is on my mind all day everyday.  I just want to not think about it. 

Given i just got Sex two days in a row, i don’t see my wife being into the rest of the week.  I know as the days go by the urge to MO will increase greatly so i need to prepare.  I still am finding it much harder to resist the MO than any P or PMO. 

Thanks all for your support.  Even if i don’t post everyday i am hear reading multiple times a day.

Hey mate, how long had it been before your reboot since you'd had MW?

Porn Addiction / Re: "Free January" challenge
« on: January 22, 2019, 01:43:51 AM »
Day 7, done. Had some bad news with work this evening and was very close to P. Its amazing how much you crave that dopamine rush when you feel low. Well I got straight onto RB and started this post. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow guys.

Hey man, how long have you been without morning wood for? And have you gotten it back?

That's interesting news.

How long have you been without for now? Just curious seeing as you're very well recovered

How long have you been without morning wood for now?

I notice in your first post you said you got it back. How long were you without it originally before it came back?

Thanks for your help brother


Over 1 Year No Porn / No Masturbation / No PMO.

Reboot Status: Healed.

The advice in my original post still stands. I hope this update shows as many others have also shown that the reboot and recovery from severe PIED & Porn Addition is possible.

As noted in my original post, I wrote I would provide another long-term update after some more years at that later stage or I may never return! I am providing an update now at this mark, then I will update after several more years.

I will check this thread for one week, the first week of this year then leave the website as I have recovered. I am here to answer questions anybody has on how to recover if there is confusion or anything else rebooters are struggling with. My only condition is do not write any poisonous words, artificial sexual stimulation literature or anything like that. Otherwise I am here to help for 1 week.

How many orgasms have you had over the last year? And have they been through masturbation or with a partner?

Ages 20-29 / Re: First post - unsuccessful rebooter (no morning wood)
« on: August 26, 2018, 08:57:32 PM »
Any advice on whether it sounds like a physical issue or pied would be much appreciated guys, I'm incredibly worried

Ages 20-29 / First post - unsuccessful rebooter (no morning wood)
« on: August 25, 2018, 09:54:43 PM »
Hey guys,

This is my first post and I'm desperate for anyone to give their advice.
Long story short, I'm 26 years old and have noticed ED symptoms since I was around 20/21. It never really occurred to me that I had ED until I had a few unsuccessful sexual encounters (was a virgin until then), and realised that I wasn't get morning wood. It also occurred to me that I was only getting 80% erections max to porn, never fully hard anymore, and the genres I was viewing were quite extreme, with long sessions.

At 22 I saw a urologist who did a penile ultrasound and according to him everything was normal. He said my testosterone was also fine, but I'm a bit sceptical as I never saw the results and didn't look much into what normal testosterone was at the time.

Basically since then I have tried unsuccessfully to reboot, making streaks of no longer than a week or two max.
However, finally around August 2016 last year, I have managed to not watch porn at all. I have however a few times sexted/shared nudes or gone on tinder (porn substitutes) in the last year (probably 5 times in total).

The only improvements I could say in the last year is that I have had successful sex, however my penis is never more than 50-75% erect, and certain times I haven't been able to get it up at all, or have lost my 50-70% erection whilst changing positions or just randomly. I'm unable to get any erection at all whilst solo, however my anxiety over thinking about my ED definitely would be a contributor to this.

Aside from this I still never get morning wood, which is my biggest worry barring maybe 4 or 5 times over the last year where it has been probably 40-60% erect and gone away as soon as I noticed it or stood up out of bed. I think on these occasions though it has been due to erotic dreams, never just randomly waking up.

I just wanted to get people's thought on whether this is likely PIED or a physical issue. I will be seeing a doctor this week to get a testosterone/hormone test done and will report back my results. I have had thyroid tests done over the years and these have all been in the normal range (T3, T4 and TSH).
The only thing I could report back is that I do remember when I was in my late teens and was getting morning wood and 100% erections to porn, I remember I was finding it increasingly hard to masterbate to fantasy alone, where I would regularly go soft and find it hard to maintain a full erection.

Appreciate any help or advice guys


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