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« on: September 29, 2016, 02:48:35 PM »
Day 1: Hey gang. I've kicked the porn habit and haven't watched any porn in years. But I'm now trying to kick porn-subs like Facebook, YouTube, etc. which are how I'm getting dopamine hits. My goal: get back to work because I'm having trouble concentrating. I'm going to start with a 90-day hard mode reboot from all porn subs. I've installed K9 blocker on my computer, have blocked these sites, and have also added a friend as the administrator, and just finished day 1. I've all but lost my ability to work so I set a goal of 2.5 hours work today and finished 3.5 hours. So I'll try for 3 hours of work tomorrow and will slowly add 30 mins a week until I'm back working how I did before porn/porn-sub addiction (8-10 hrs/day). Today is day 1 and I'll check in daily to stay focused.

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