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hello guys. I'm wondering if sex makin it worse in libido flatline?(i really hope no) I'm trying to get out of libido flatline asap. i cant say no to sex. what can  i do to speed up recovery?

Hello guys. I'm wondering if there is any chance to regain libido with sex?
I have weak erections. My doctor said its because I never had sex with a real woman and if I start having regular sex with a girl and go to Gym, my libido will increase and ED will be cured.
what are your opinions. I don't watch porn anymore.

Hello guys Im wondering will I still recover if I fap once per month for 3 months or more? how much will it make the recovery process to slow down?

Hi. My experience is that excessive masturbations of years lead me to low lobido. Also its sometimes hard to get errection. Is there any natural remedies to get high libido? For example training or eating etc.. Any tips please

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Libido Sleep mode?
« on: November 10, 2019, 10:47:22 AM »
Hi  guys!
Im wondering if there is such a thing as Libido sleep mode or dick sleep mode :D
Im doing NNN and every time i do it like abstaining from masturbation, after  some time my libido and erections going on stage like sleep mode. is it normal?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / PIED with GF
« on: October 31, 2019, 06:58:48 AM »
Hey pals. I have a friend who has PIED and has a GF. he abstained porn for 42 days already. but still needs advices how to do reboot to be completely healthy. the problem is he has a gf and is interested what do you guys with girlfriends do so that not to ruin relationship? how did you reboot yourself. I guess he can't do a hard mode reboot but maybe easy mode helps? can he still have sex with GF? what are dos and not to dos.

Hi guys. I have a question about erection issues. Doctor gave me some phills which boosted my sexual performance and erection quality. It went hard and steady, long lasting erection but sometimes i have periods when i dont have desire to have sex and my erections are really weak. Is it normal or whats the problem?

Yeaaah i did it!!! After a very long time, deep depressions and many efforts i finally did it! Let me share my experience:
1)PIED is real!
    I was porn addict and i didnt realized that. When you are porn addict you get horny on porn but not on real girls. I was so suspicious about the reality of PIED but now i believe it is real!
2) Reboot is not what you really think!
    I rebooted myself and i reached 93 days without PMO. Reboot doesnt mean that after you finish it you will go and fuck everyone all around. It is just the beginning of your threatment. It is the first step. It passed 1 year since i finished reboot. I still watched several porn but i will never watch it again.
3)the real problem!
   Most of us think that we have an erection problem but nope. Mostly the only real problem is libido. We dont get horny with a woman when we are porn addicts. Why? How can i prove? I used some phills which are afrodisiacs to get horny. And everyrhing went fine!
4)we all have performance anxiety!
   In any case we all have performance anxiety. Its a must because once you failed you will think about it and thats what is called performance anxiety. The point is to realise your problems and help yourself to overcome them. Each door has its own key and you gotta find it. For me it was like so: i knew i needed to calm down before sex and feel comfortable so i told to the girl that i had such kind of problem and i needed her help. If the sex would be succesfull u would pay 50% more. And it gave me some comfortable environment and it was much easier to relax.

Some further problems!
The problems are that i still found it a bit hard to achieve erection and i blame it perfornance anxiety. Weither i had swallen some sex phills. And the second problem is that i didnt feel much pleasure at all. Im bit confused about that. Is it ok not to feel pleasure during the sex for the first time?

ive been in deep depression for a long time because i couldnt have sex. ive been struggling for years. i thought i had some erection problems but now i realized that the only problem is my libido.
so no Libido = no or weak Erection
I dont get horny much at all. do you have any REAL advices how do i boost libido and get horny  when its time?

Hi guys. Im currently using tadalafil/cialis. When i use it i feel really fine. I am wondering if it cures the ed or just removes simptoms. Will it cure my ED some times later? How long is the period that i can use tadalafil/cialis so i dont damage my health further?

Hi. i got a problem. i dont have PIED. my erection is hard and lasting long but i have a penis head problem. it doesnt get erected as i guess it stays the same size and also i dont know how to explain i cant have sex because of that. my penis head doesnt have any sensation. any thoughts about that?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Still rebooting?
« on: December 10, 2016, 05:27:18 PM »
Hi guys. Recently ive noticed that my sexual attraction to girls has increased more than before i was using porn. Its much better and doesnt have cravings or urge to watch porn anymore. Before that even tiny nude pics could lit me and go to see porn, but now i dont even need to resist it. Its already 7th month i havent watched porn, but i masturbate.

Does it mean that you can reboot even when you are masturbating but not watching porn??

Hello guys. I have a question. What causes the paib during erection? I find it hard to get boner but when i do i feel paon. Also my penis feels dead senseless and shrunk really often. Any clue?

Hey guys i noticed that when im chiling at evening laying down i can get hard boner which lasts long. In other time of the day i cant get a boner. Wtf is wrong with me. Im so tired with this problem, any clue?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Strange cure?
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:24:03 AM »
Hey guys i just noticed that when i eat pepper my erection gets better in several hours. Wtf is going on??
Ive read pepper contains L arginine and it helps. Is it true or just im molested??

Hi guys. i have this issue. i feel pain when i get boner after masturbation. do you have a clue whats going on or how to cure?

Hello. I have completed 3 Months of nopmo challenge (93 days)  During this period i had many Ups and Downs. big depression and doubts.
during my nopmo period i had zero libido, lifeless white shrunk penis with low blood circulation in it. it was so shrunk and senseless that i thought it was dead forever. after 3 months my libido got back but i still couldnt get boner easily. to say shortly before Nopmo challenge id give 1-2 points to erection, after nopmo i give 5-7 points to erection. nowdays its getting more and more easier to achieve erection. what i learned from nopmo is that our biggest problem really is the porn addiction. to you who have doubts about the nopmo challenge i want you to know
Erection consists of 3 factors :

1)Psychological/hormonal stimulation
2)Blood circulation
3)Nerve stimulation

and the symptoms are:

1)(Performance Anxiety/No Libido) cant get the boner even if you dont have other problems
2)Penis shrinkage, cold penis, white penis, low sensitivity
3)low sensitivity, penis feels too much soft when you touch it

1) you dont get erections when you see naked body because:
    1. you are experiencing lack of libido during over masturbations cuz some hormons are depleted because of it and they need to be recovered(simply your brain is exhausted)
    2. your brain thinks that this is not the thing you must get a boner because it is used to pixelled bodies.
    3. your brain needs to recover nerve paths to your penis.
    4. you simply dont want sex because you are desperated.
2) you feel penis shrinkage because:
    1. nerve paths are desensitized due to overmasturbation and it doesnt let blood circualate normally in your penis. that means low blood = low erection
3)You dont get the boner because:
    1. You  have PE/Lack of self esteem (most of us reject this factor because we think that other factors are the problems but we have PE also along with other factors)

It has passed 1 more month since ive completed NOPMO challenge. now i sometimes fap but not so often and its like 10 x times more pleasurable and I dont have so much urges to watch porn or masturbate. my erection is getting better and better day by day(i think its because of abstaining from porn) Im getting over Performance Anxiety now but i still have 2 problems left

1)Premature Ejaculation
2)Pain in the penis shaft during the erection

any helps to those 2 problems?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / PIED or not PIED?
« on: September 21, 2016, 02:18:08 AM »
Each of us wondering if we really have pied or if its different issue.
For me i just noticed that i feel shrinkage and coldness it might be just circulation problems. For thid i tested with drugs and noticed that its much easier to achieve erection and its rock hard and lasted like 30 minutes. Does it prove the fact that i dont have pied and have different issue like circulation problems?

Hello. Ive just Completed 90 Days without PMO and this is my detailed Analysis and Notes.

The daily notes are really depressive, IF IT DEMOTIVATES YOU DONT READ IT!

my name is Alex.
 im about to start my 90 noPMO journey and want to share it with you who are desperate because of your health issue. its 12th of June and i feel really really desperate and dissapointed. recently i had a gf who i loved head over heels. i lost her due to my health issue and were in severe depression for couple of months. nowdays i have 0 Libido and failed to have sex 2 times last month. it makes me think about really bad things so i have to accomplish this  90 day period to get my Libido back and have a normal life. im hoping that this streaks will heal my libido and weak erection. im hopful because last year i had to cut off porn (without no fap period) and after several months i felt higher libido but then i got back to porn my libido screwed up again through i didnt realise what was going on. i hope it will help me and this report will help you too. i swear each sentence and word will be 100 % true without cheating. so this is the report of daily update:

Day 1 -I'm desperate and i have no another choice. im really hopeful to this streak. my libido is 0. erection is weak
Day 2 - I feel like it wount work and this is the waste of time. cant concentrate at work. im always sleepy and low in energy. my libido is 0 again and weak erection, i  must concentrate really hard to get a weak boner. feel numbness and shrinkage of penis.
Day 3 - I dont really know if im mistaken but today ive felt really tiny improvement of libido. it was not a big deal but i felt it. i had a weak boner towards a girl and it was not a spontanous boner. the rest of them remains same. i got a bit optimistic towards this streaks so im setting a slightly orange color to the Libido Bar and orange color for the mood bar
Day 4 - I dont feel any big improvement so far. i just had a weak erection thanks to a bit concentration. but i think numbness is fading away and the sensitivness is increasing just like libido but really very slowly. i dont loose hope.
Day 5 - im getting more optimistic to this streaks. i feel like libido is increasing. i cant wait to see the result of this course. im a bit depressed cuz i dont see any big improvement. through the numbness is slowly fading out. i have to wait and see. if this course dont help me im gonna fall in a deep despair. p.s. i had a weak arousal towards a girl and it didnt require any concentration, good news.
Day 6 - Good news! now im sure my libido increased slightly. girls became a bit more attractive to me and i feel more energized, my confidence also improved slightly. through erection and numbness didnt improve any much. now im more hopeful to this 90 days streak. im 95% sure this course will heal me completely. this is the first strike day-im horny. the matter is to restrain myself till 90th day. i'm looking forward to see Green slots in the erection, libido and numbness bar. cheers!!!
Day 7 - Bad news. low sensitivity and numbness drives me crazy. probably this is the penis nerve damage which needs time to be recovered. i got much higher libido definitely but ive found out that my the only problem is the low sensitivity/numbness. if i heal this up, everything is gonna be ALRIGHT!!! i got worse mood again. damn i'm confused. fuck my life.
Day 8 - no major changes. just slightly better libido and erection requires slightly less concentration.
Day 9 - it was just an ordinary tiring day. all ive noticed so far is that compared to day 1 my libido is a bit increased and numbness is also slightly increased. i thought increasing libido was the my real solution but appearantly improving the sensitiveness (numbness) is the key. my mood always changing during the day. i feel desperation every time when i think about my health problem. damn i feel horrible till i see any major differences.
Day 10- okayy... i achieved the flatline. everything remains the same. my horniness level is 0, bdw congratulations to myself-first 10 days streak. i was feeling several mood changes for today and was feeling like this streaks wount help me and desperation. later ive found an article about that it is normal and 10 days is nothing compared to years of PMO and it calmed me down a lot. also last night i had a wet dream. good knews at least. im so motivated now as never before.
Day 11 - Well.... Flatline again. no improvements. im really worrying about myself. at least i have slightly better libido
Day 12 - Flatline! i guess this is the hardest part of NO PMO. even when youre horny its easier to get over the will of faping just because flatline makes you think like whats going on? its getting worse and worse. i feel the same but people all around say that you can get over flatline. this is natural. zero penis sense. its like penis is 100 % dead and your libido is 0. youre indifferent to sex. and this strikes you really hard.  i just keep on doing nopmo. no matter what happens ill go through 90 days and ill get my reward! this guy also helped me to get over it
Day 13 - im still on flatline but today i noticed that im horny.  also numbness is just a bit improved. my mood is better because im more sure that this course will help me heal myself. i feel a bit more confident (energy). first yellow slots for the mood and energy. Cheers! my libido went to 0 at the end of the day
Day 14 - Apathy. as the people say flatline causes depression and im in the the worst mood due to my health conditions, im overexhausted , all i dream about is health. the fact that in 12 days im turning 24 and im still virgin with those bunchloads of health problems making me go into deep depression. im envious of the people who eat junk food doing shitloads and are still as healthy as fuck. im not drinking alcohol, doing exrecises, not using drugs and im still sick as dog. if this course wount help me probably ill do all the shits like drinking alcohol and using drugs ending with suicide. i will screw my life up more. it makes no sense. im still on Flatline... and my mood is worst during this course. the fact that i lost GF just because of my health issue just worsens my Depression. but i know i will  resists this, one day i will be healthy and have a normal life. i'm strong! I MUST RESIST!
Day 15 - much better mood. i feel more energy than ever before during this streaks. numbness is slowly fading away and sensitivity is coming back. slightly better erection and libido.
Day 16 - Flatline! through my erections and sensitivity is better.
Day 17 - everything remains same. still flatlining, my mood is mild
Day 18 -Flatlining... i guess just because that flatlining  contains the mood changes my new topic should be about my mood and depression. yeah it is real my friends. flatline causes really bad depressions. i feel horrible. feel like useless, it feels as if my life is over and there is no point in living on. im thinking that it would be better if i died but my steady character urges me to fight. this is the only thing that makes me keep on my knees and fight hard. it is the only thing that makes me feel alive. im in depression and think like this 90 days streak is totally useless. lets wait and see...
Day 19 - flatlining nothing unusual.
Day 20 - morning i feel energized, ive just started noticing the improvements, before this day all of them were minor changes but now i can surely say that this 20 days streak gave me some benefits like energy slightly increased libido, at last ive noticed penis improved sensitivity, and i got erection without huge attempt of concentration after the fantasy about a girl. my mood is really good. i feel more strength in my penis. at last on the day 20 i gained slightly more confidence!!!
Day 21 - and here is the end of 3rd week. and the result so far is really good. today i feel energy in my whole body and slightly more energy down there. i feel better how testosterone level is increased in my blood. when i think about sex its more pleasurable, i dont feel like zero libido now and girls are more attractive and sexy. but this is not everything what i wanted. i still feel penis numbness and arousals are not strong and easy. need more time. cant wait to get through 90 Days!!! its already 3rd day i haven't had depression.
Day 22 - my penis is a bit more alive compared to beginning of the streaks. this morning i was feeling so much energy and healthy i havent felt so long. my nerve system over whole my body is calm and feels energy. i still have arousal issues. its better but not perfect.
Day 23 - severe depression. im tired of life. im almost 24 and im already impotent. everybody around me have sex and me? what about me. doctors say im healthy, i just have psychological ED. after doctors cant help me im wandering around forums and blogs just to find the answer and heal myself. whatever.. im tired... i will always be impotent. there is no cure for me but anyway ill get through 90 days as i promised will post this useless report and probably kill myself. im too tired with the things around me.
day 24 - my erection is a bit better and can keep it for longer but i still need much concentration. its all about my brain i guess. through im on a flatline. im starting realizing that all of the problem is in my brain, as the doctors said im physically healthy and i get arousals with a special injections that means i got no problem phisically. its all in my brain. im more hopeful today, probably soon ill get desperation mood again. its a flatline u know. today i tried a little trick. i imagined about my not so hot co worker who wants to have sex with me. i have more self confidence with her of course and guess what? i got erection much easier. the barrier is in my brain and if once i break through that ill be free!!!
Day 25 - well ok. i got a small depression today. the more time passes the more i realize that my only problem lies in my head and this is called low sex drive. my brain needs big stimulation to get a boner. well if my brain functionality changes to its natural i will need much less stimulation to get a hard boner. for now i try hard to concentrate to get  70 % boner. sometimes my spontanous boners 90-100% that proves the fact that my dude is physically healthy. i need brain rewind! btw my best streak was 28 days without pmo. im near to break my record. and yeah my brain functionality slightly changed cuz girls are more attractive now. im 90% sure that this course will heal me but as the depression strikes i loose all the hopes. just to formulize the point is Natural functional brain = better Libido(girls are more attractive so ill require less stimulis)= easy boner=high self esteem= able to have sex! lets wait and see. 25 days streak, well done!
Day 26 - flatlining, no any news so far,  got dead penis  but its more alive than it was in the beginning
Day 27 - Today i feel much more energized and my whole body is much more sensitive towards girl, i feel more sensitivity in  penis and boners are harder and easier to achieve, this is really  good news. this shows that this streak is worth it. im happy until the next depression. :V
Day 28 - Just WOW. i can say OMG! my not talking about erection issue. im talking about sensitivity. i woke up morning and i was feeling amazingly good. my full body was feeling more sensitive calm and rest. i was feeling like i havent rest for 15 years and at last i was full of energy. i was feeling like dopamine level flow in my blood. everything was much more satisfying. even air was tasting good. i havent felt that way for about 10-15 years. i was amazed and surprised. i was like feeling alive. daaamn it gave me lots of hope. i will be cured!!! the rest things like erection and sensitivity remains same. but i think this streak was worth even for this. whole day i was workging non-stop without feeling tired. im so interested if i will feel the same tomorrow morning. cheeeeers!!! the first green slot in the energy bar. this is so amaziing!!!! this green slot motivates me so much i cant even explain. today i felt like i was alive for the first time of my last 10-15 years!!!
Day 29 - yeah as i hoped. this morning i felt the same good extra sensitive and happy way. it is amazing feeling when u are calm and dont feel fatigue anymore. now even a windy or rainy day makes me feel good. i dont know how to explain this. it is like when resting and your whole body is resting and u feel everything  much better way. what about erection issue - my sensitivity is increased like 4-5 points out of 10 comparing to the begining of the course. i need less concentration to get a boner. girls are like 20-40 % more attractive now... all I can say for the first time is that. THIS COURSE IS REALLY WORTHY!!! at last im sure now this course will definitely heal me up. i should have added self-confidence bar. im sure like 50% that i can perform now in bed while i had 0% self confidence after 2 failures. i cant wait to see the full 90 days progress. this is amazing. you may already noticed my mood is getting much better. i feel like alive now at last i was dreaming about this for a long time but my main goal is to be 100% healthy man. Cheers! and ya one more Notable improvement and this is very essential. before the streaks when i got boner i had kind of pain in the midle string of my penis. now this pain vanished and the sensitivity recovered. this is really good news. BTW i broke my lifelong record of nofap it was 28 days before.
Day 30 - here we go the first month is finished. would be good to summarize this progress but i dont really have so big improvements with sexual issue. i just feel improvement with my energy. i dont feel fattigue. i feel more sensitive peace and calm in my mind i find every little things are more satisfying. i dont feel much better in sexual issue. today i tried to concentrate on a boner. after a kind of more concentration i achieved hard boner and it lasted a bit longer but the problem is that i still feel really big weakness in my penis, even its arroused. thats a penis sensitivity issue.

Guys sometimes i see topics like people saying they abstained from pmo for about 180-270 days and still are not cured. This is really demotivational things. How do you think about that?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Flatline Motivation
« on: September 04, 2016, 11:05:49 AM »
Hey guys i was thinking about that some people including me flatlining and it feels like will never end. i think it would be better if you who got cured write here how long your flatline lasted and how you felt. it will encourage the flatlining guys here.

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Weird erection types
« on: September 04, 2016, 02:55:51 AM »
Hi. Recently i posted about weird boner. I can achieve boner with stimulation but i have low sensitivity and penis head doesnt fill with blood its kinda flassid. Thats really awful feeling but recently ive noticed that during morning erections whole penis is filled with blood and even my penis head too, morning erection is kind of softer compared to stimulated erections but it also has erected penis head. Isnt it strange that during morning wood the head gets erected but it doesnt during stimulated erections?

Hello guys
I think that each of us who suffer with low sensitivity in penis has nerve damage. For me i have really weird boner. When i get boner i have rock hard penis shaft but the penis head doesnt seem to be erected. It is small and soft. I realised that during the arrousal process it fills with blood but after each session of filling it with blood it shrinks and thr blood goes out of it. I guess thete should be some kind of mechanism which prevents the filled blood from flowing out of the head and its damaged right? Also during non arrousal time my penis looks like dead
How can i cure nerve damage? I had left only 2 problems like:
1) low sensitivity/nerve damage
2) no libido/ hard to get bonner

Any natural treatment to damaged nerves?

Hey,I was just wondering if the stressful life and depressions cause the worsenings in dexual desire or erection issues. Is it right? And if its so and i cant deal with the stresses how can i still cure myself in stressful life?

Whats the maximum threshhold days of the nopmo challenge? Im writing this cuz im getting more and more dissapointed. Im on the 69th day of nopmo. I had some improvements in erection and libido on the 50th day. Now im totally numb to sex and girls. My dick is feeling like dead. No urges to have sex. No libido and no boners. WTF is happening?

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