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I'm 200 days into no PMO and was 195 days into the no MO and my sensitivity went from "not feeling being shot in the dick" to "She exhaled air into my dick and I came". I cum after 10-15 secoonds from BJ, but still have PIED when going for vaginal sex though... KurĨina brate, jebo mu pas mater (just cussing in my native language to relieve stress).

I just need you, more expirienced, healed rebooters, or anyone who knows to hit me with some solutions for PE after long streak of not jerking off. Has Gabe ever mentioned anything about PE? Thank you!

I got a question. Is there any evidence that porn dreams activates the porn neuropathways? I am in phase where I have wet dream every 7 to 10 days and usually those are also porn dreams (about relapsing to instagram photos in most cases) an rarely a sex dreams . Once I had wet dream 4 nights in a row (I almost got to the point where all of my drawers were jizzed - just kiddin I wear clean drawers most of the time). I'm in this phase since the day 75 (curretly I am at day 150) and I'm in a deep flatline since then. I did PIED test 30 days ago and got 100%  hard. I tested it again today but now it was only 30-40%.
Could these porn/wet dreams be the reason I am not making any progress? I am in a relationship with a wonderful girl for a 3 months and I am afraid that I'll blow it up when we go for a sex for the first time and lose her. If anyone has an opinion or advice, I would be thankful

HI, I am new on this forum and I am 20. I started masturbating when i was 11, sometimes to porn, but most often using my own fantasies and photos of girls. Sometimes I would masturbate 3-4 times a day. I had a period of heavy porn use, but it' s been a while since I stopped watching porn. I have another problem. I am in a 4 months relationship with a girl from the other town. We didn't have  sex yet, I could always get a boner when I was around her. She started to send me nudes whenever I am not in her town and I masturbated hardly to them. As time passes those pictures started becoming more explicit and we started sexting. Few weeks ago we were making out on the couch and I was a little bit "in my head". Suddenly, I've noticed I am not really getting aroused. She was giving me a handjob and my penis couldn't get hard as usual which made me anxious a lot, but she didn't notice (That was her first sexual experience). I was trying to get aroused by looking at her half naked body, but 0 points. Later we did a dry humping and I would completely lose my erection. I found that I rarely have morning wood and my libido is pretty low. I can get a boner when I fap, sometimes it gets really hard, but most often it's a weak erection. She' s still sending me nudes, but I can't manage to get excited due to my anxiety level. I really find her atractive and I am in love with her.

Now I'm on day 18. Few days in a row I'm having a morning wood! I think I went through the flatline during the first 6 days of my reboot...

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