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Porn Addiction / 24 yr old guy, Not sure if i'm a porn addict
« on: June 27, 2016, 11:28:18 AM »
Hi, i'm a 24 year old guy and i'm still a virgin.
I masturbate every alternate day using porn.
Earlier i only liked softcore porn videos as they were so sensual and arousing(even though no genitals were shown)
But now i don't really watch softcore as the videos are not available in HD.
But as iv'e read and seen in many videos that porn addicts like extreme and hardcore porn(like gang bang, etc)
But i don't much like extreme porn. I like sensual porn or female friendly porn with more kissing and foreplay and touching and good camera angles and HD etc.
But honestly i haven't tried masturbating without porn and i daily keep searching for new videos
Also i don't use tube sites, i like to download from torrents.

I think my problems are:

>I used to be good at studies and used to remember answers and concentrate on lectures but now i forget everything and can't concentrate

>i think i don't really get good erection like i used to get when i discovered masturbation

>i don't really have much friends, but i think i've always been a little "non-social"

> I think watching porn and masturbating to porn has made my brain kinda dumb


I've deleted all the porn on my Laptop on 25th june 2016( but not on my external HDD), will delete that soon

Lastly i'm still confused that i'm a porn addict or not as i like more sensual and romantic straight porn rather than hardcore, extreme, gang bang and fetish like porn

Also i don't really write and have never joined any forums before


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