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Porn is an asshole.If i could take back the hundreds of wasted hours of my life i would but wouldn't we all?I discovered this disgusting habit at the ripe age of barely 10 years old and imagine what it did to my poor brain.I was hooked from the first moment and i never even questioned it.By age 13 most porn scenes didn't turn me on anymore and i would search for more and more novelty. Eventually porn itself didn't do it for me and i tried everything from a-z to turn me on. It was an endless search for new pleasures.I masturbated mostly every day but not usually multiple times during this time.By age 14 my erections got weaker and weaker however me not even paying it any mind.In January 2016,still 14 i started dating an amazing girl who I'm very blessed to still have. And at first i didn't have any problems probably because i was so exited of a new novelty. one night  i couldn't stay hard during a hand job and since that day i have the worst performance anxiety imaginable.Soon after i discovered ybop and quit porn on march 6.It has gotten much easier to get erections over these 110ish days without porn but still remains the awful anxiety and difficulty maintaining full 100% erections probably due to my tightened pelvic floor from kegal masturbation. I believe that any sort of masturbation other than solely to touch is super harmful.As for now i will never go back to porn again and once I'm out of this flatline I've been in at-least 100-110 days of the reboot i will work to relax my pelvic floor and maybe get back to a normal life.The rebooting process certainly works as when I'm not in flatline my ability to get an erection is as good as i remember it.

My libido is still very inconsistent so I'm wondering if i could get it going.

I'm on day 68 of no p, 40 of no m and sadly i keep relapsing to partner orgasms. I'm determined to not have any more orgasms until i get better now.i had minor pied where the longer i was with my gf the more i would lose arousal/erection strength. i have no clue how my dick is actually working because of this awful flatline. during the reboot i have had no interest in sex and only get turned on by physical stimulation to my dick which usually gives 90-100% erections. i am 15 and have pmo since 10 or 11 never super crazy often but it was still a big part of my life.i feel lost and i could use some help. thanks guys

Teens / Minor pied anyone?
« on: March 24, 2016, 12:27:42 AM »
15 and there are many times when i am hard with my girlfriend and a few concerning times when I'm not.Ive made sure thats it is porn induced.Started rebooting 2 weeks ago. anyone else have a similar problem?

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