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Porn Addiction / Joe Weller also has PIED
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:33:19 AM »
I just started watching videos from this youtuber (he has 3kk subs) and I found out that 6 days ago he uploaded a video talking about his porn addiction, he addressed it in a very funny way and it still amazes me how he had the balls to talk about this in his channel out of nowhere, his channel is about pranks and funny things but he did it anyway.

I thought I'd share it since it's cool to see other people going through the same thing as we are, specially "celebrities" which we all subconsciously look up to, don't get me wrong I don't wish this to anybody, you know what I mean...
I also found the video to be a quite funny way to explain the very basics of PIED to a newcomer.

But yeah, the way he talks about it shows that he understands about PIED, he might even be around these forums and yourbrainonporn just like all of us.

This is something that can happen to anybody and in fact it does happen to a lot of people nowadays, we are not alone.


Hey guys, I took the no-fap challenge 2 weeks ago and have been facing a problem. I didn't fap yet but it's very difficult for me to control my sexual thoughts from time to time.. today for example I was studying and suddenly I started thinking about me having rough(porn like) sex with a girl, I didn't even touch my penis but I was like 2 minutes thinking about sex and I had an erection, so afterwards I check my penis and there is pre-cum there(that transparent liquid)... And my libido is a bit lower...

So.. is that a relapse?? It seems like one because I got excitement over imaginary sexual porn-like activity and even managed to pre-cum and lower my libido.. So I got some dopamine from it and it wasn't real women exciting me, so it is a relapse I guess..

Now the question is: how the f***am I supposed to do this?? I must completely block any sexual thoughts during what, 3 months??


I thought this would be motivating for us to stay away from porn, as the addiction can be deadly at times...

This man was on day 286 of no-fap and had a relapse while he was driving, people say the ejaculation was so big that it blurred the windows and he couldn't see outside.. resulting in this fatal and unfortunate accident..

May this glorious man rest in peace. We shall remember him as a hero, a fighter, a man who lived 286 days without fap or porn and that now rests among the angels and has a harem of 286 virgins for himself, one for every day he fought.


Now, on a serious note: we can really take this as motivation, this guy lost his life due to his addiction, just like we are doing with our lives.. We must be strong and keep going, just today I had my first relapse, made it to day 9.. but I will keep fighting, the sacrifice is worth it.

Stay strong my friends, don't give up, and if you fukin relapse make sure that it's not while driving xD

Hi, if you want to know some background info about me you can go here:

If you are not willing to check that out here is a very brief intro:
I'm 24 and I've never had sex because I don't seem to get aroused by real girls. I've been masturbating daily since I was 5 years old, even masturbating just for the sake of it without actually wanting to masturbate, sometimes I even ejaculate with no pleasure...

I have done damage to my brain apparently, specially since I started this addiction so early on (and so many years ago) when my brain was still developing.. I hope that I still can repair it with a proper no-fap challenge, I think that I still have a chance of having a sexual life and not being virgin and lonely for the rest of my life, specially since the past year for different circumstances I was 10 days with no fap and on the last days I was getting boners just looking at girls, even ugly or older girls... So yeah there is hope of recovery!

So that's it, I'm starting my no-fap challenge here, I won't set a special ammount of days, just as many as possible and I won't ejaculate by myself: the only possible release will be having sex with a real girl. I also will not watch any porn, although that has not been a problem for me, I barely watch porn anyways (see the introductory thread for more details).

This challenge is a matter of life or death for me, I don't want an asexual life, I'd rather die, so I have some motivation there.

I already did day 1 since I haven't fapped since yesterday morning so... here goes the report from day 1:

DAY 1: Woke up with a boner in the morning and fantasizing about women, I thouched myself for 1 minute and then managed to stop it, didn't ejaculate anything. At midday when I was coming back from the gym I stared at a girls ass and got a very light boner after letting my imagination go wild.. but see, that's the problem for me: I can get aroused in my imagination but in real life it just doesn't happen, maybe if I was actually slapping that ass my dick would be dead, but as I imagined it I got a semi-boner.. So this mini-boner doesn't tell me anything yet, let's say everything is normal right now.

Hi, my name is Santiago, I'm 24 and i've never had sex because I can't seem to get aroused by real girls, I have dated 7... This is my first time in this community and I just found out about all this theories that explain what could be happening to me. Also as the title says: I masturbate from a very early age, more details below...

First of all I am not a porn addict, i'm a masturbation addict since my imagination is very good I don't really need that much porn to orgasm, I just take some new ideas from there and then let my imagination run wild. I did of course watch some porn specially during my teen years but not too much, maybe once a week.

I was wondering what you guys think about this, since I am not actually a porn addict so I don't really know if this will work for me as well as for porn addicts, but then I was thinking what is the difference anyway? I run porn movies in my head when I masturbate and always remember postures, images, girls, pussies, dildos from porn movies and use them in my imagination. So I guess it's almost the same since the subconscious brain doesn't distinguish from real images/movies and imaginary images/movies.
What is a sure thing is that I do have sexual problems, I masturbate just for the sake of it, even when I don't want to masturbate.. for example: I need to study so before I start I go and masturbate.. then after 30mins again.. maybe some hours later again.. My max I think was 7 times in 1 day, my balls where in pain. But normally I do 1 a day.

Another crazy fact about me(apart from being 24 y/o virgin): I have been masturbating daily since I was 5 years old, yes believe it or not you can get erections being just 5 y/o. What happened is that my brother taught me to masturbate, so I tried it and I enjoyed it, kept doing it everyday until now..
I'm afraid that I could have caused irreversible damage to my brain after 20 years of daily masturbation, specially when you are so young and your brain is still developing  :-\
I still have faith tho, i remember last year there was a period when for many reasons I was like 10 days without fapping and I found myself being aroused by all time of girls, from old girls to ugly girls, so yeah there is still hope and I believe I can turn this problem around.

As I said before I dated 7 girls, forcing myself to do so because I lacked the sexual motivation and it was very hard, specially since I needed to attract them even when I wasn't feeling the attraction so much myself(they can pick up on this and it seems fake from me). I just chose them out of "aesthetic attraction".. Mostly what would happen was we would talk about all kind of boring things, I would force myself to touching them here and there then I would force a kiss and feel like I just kissed a wall, my penis was dead all the time, and then it was kinda awkward and I never called em back or vice-versa.
With one girl I also fingered her through the clothes and sucked her tits, but nothing happened either and she felt my abscense of attraction and stopped me after a while, it was useless.. That time I had my dick hard tho.. just that I wasn't too motivated to fuck her and so I didn't make the moves.

That's my situation.. I would like to hear from you guys, what do you think? anybody in a similar situation?
Also if you are interested I will start my no-fap challenge today(I'll leave the link below as soon as I start the thread), I need to start it since it's my last hope of having a sexual life, if that doesn't work I might have to be a virgin for the rest of my life... at least I have some good motivation there!

That's all for the intro, thanks for reading and sharing info/ideas,
signing out, Santiago.

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