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Ages 40 and up / Old Hog, New Tricks?
« on: February 08, 2016, 07:52:02 AM »
To state the obvious, I have a problem with porn, and I need to get over it....somehow.  The back story.....I am 68 years old, and have been involved with masturbation since around age 13 or 14, so have been involved with PMO for a very long time.  Starting with "pin-ups" and written stories, and escalating over the years to video tapes and, of course, with the dawn of the computer age, the PC and internet.  The "male culture" in which I was raised considered PMO as "just something guys did" and that women and wives should just ignore it. I am married, and have been for 45 years to the same woman, to whom I have been "physically faithful".  "Got religion" about ten years ago, and realized that what I learned via "male culture" was and is wrong.  Been fighting the battle less than successfully since then.  Have tried various things, including some other on-line groups, but always "went back to it".  Found "yourbrainonporn" and am favorably impressed, both with the breadth of approaches and the activity of the group, so I am making my "formal debut" with this post. 

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