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Women / My 7 years porn addiction and It's time to STOP
« on: January 03, 2016, 04:05:46 AM »
I started to know about porn when I was in secondary school . It was pretty normal to all my classmates and  the girls talked about porn like they were talking about clothes and stuff . I didn't know much about porn so it was hard for me to keep up with the conversation with my girl friends so on the weekend , I searched for porn and related things .As I engaged myself in those sites ,  I was soon addicted to porn and I watched at least 3 to 4 videos a week .
I watch porn whenever I feel stress ,lazy and bored or when I have the urges for masturbation ,which I dont masturbate ,  because I think it would be painful , including having sex too . I think this is the consequence of watching too much porn , I have never had sex before ,and I don't think I want to have sex either .
I can think about a sexual image then start go to the porn sites to feed my cravings and urges . After watching porn , I immediately feel horrible , disgusting since I haven't been able to control myself . I talked to my bestfriend about my porn addiction but it didn't help much . She also confessed to me that she watched porn too and she tried to convince me that it was a completely normal hobby . I have tried using tools ,apps to stop me from watching porn , I was on 26 days streak of no porn on  until I killed my streak today .
I used to have serious issues with porn , like 3 months ago , I was studying for my exam then I sudeenly felt the urges for watching porn then I went on the internet and watched porn videos , read erotic stories for hours . As a result , I didn't have enough time to study and my grade was quite low . Or even when I can't sleep , I watch porn .
I still live with my parents and they dont know about my addiction , they would be ashamed of me if they found out .
It has been 7 years and I am just too tired of hating myself after everytime having watched porn . I'm new to this forum but I hope to get rid of my addiction by sharing my stories here .
I'm 18 now and it's time for me to stop , to take control of my own life and this is my 2016 's resolution .

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