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Ages 20-29 / How We Met and Why I Thought PORN Was the One
« on: December 22, 2015, 03:32:58 AM »
Ever since I can remember I have been exposed to the pleasures of sex. It started when I was like 4, maybe even younger. I was approached by a maturing teenage girl I knew. She asked me if I wanted to have sex. Oddly enough, at this age, I knew what she was asking me--I said yes. And we would have sex quite often. I know what you're thinking. Is it even possible for a 4yr old to have sex? Apparently so because this my personal experience believe it or not.

 Now, most guys would be like "man you had "p" on tap at age 4. Your a pimp!" In fact this was the response I got from a guy when I told him my story. Just to set things straight this is not an experience i believe makes me lucky or manly. Infact, i believe the opposite is true. Mainly, because from that point till now I have viewed women as sex objects who should lay down, and let me have my way with them. This is how I have been conditioned to think. I've been conditioned this way, not because of a rare occasion that most say I'm luck to have experienced, but because of an ongoing exercise day in day out that has cursed me to believe it's a woman's duty to please me.

At about the age of 13 I stumbled upon my dads box of porn. This was back before VCR was obsolete. As I watched I became instantly hooked, and what I witnessed were women ready and willing to do what ever they were told. These images only confirmed my assumptions of women I had developed in my earlier childhood.

At this time in my life I was home schooled, both my parents worked, and my sister had just turned 18 and decided to move out. This was the perfect storm. I would sit around all day, uninterrupted by nagging thoughts of someone walking in, watching these videos, being very careful to rewind them back to the precise spot before I popped them in.

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