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Teens / 15, Wanting To Quit Early
« on: December 01, 2015, 10:58:16 PM »
(Little biography) Hey guys, I'm ibob4tacoz. I'm 15, a currently a sophomore in high school. I have plenty of interests: Music (electronic, rock, and rock-pop), photography, headphones (audiophile), airsoft, gaming (specifically PC), and other techy stuff. I swim and run competitively for my school, and love sports.
So, I started back when I was 11 or 12, in 7th grade. My best friend showed me it, and after that, I'd be MOing once every week or so. 8th grade was more or less the same, except maybe a tad more frequent. Once a week, or a couple times a week, occasionally a couple times a day. I would stay up for hours consuming P, clicking through tabs into the night. Fast forward to last year, I would  PMO maybe 3 times a week, stop for a period of a week or so, then pick back up. Now, I've gone through a couple relationships in the past 4 months, and if I can recall correctly, cuddling and kissing was enough to arouse me to some extent. (Sorry if I jump around) In the past few months, I would PMO at least 3 or 4 times a week. Then around late September, I started to PMO daily, every night, and it seemed to be part of my routine. I noticed that I was getting bored/desensitized to the more "tame" genres, but I shrugged it off, kept doing what I was doing. I thought of going to some more hardcore stuff, but decided against it. My point is that I wasn't getting the arousal or erections that I felt just last year. Now, I would be barely half-erect, then when I was about to come, get fuller, then die off quickly. Mentally, I wasn't getting that lust that I felt before, if that makes sense. That scared me. I was getting closer to my last girlfriend, and I was afraid that this would somehow transfer to actual intercourse. I ruled out any organic causes, since I'm 15 and more or less in shape and healthy.
ANYWAY, I googled my problem, saw that this was pretty common, stumbled onto here, and I'm now pretty hopeful. I want to stop my P watching and  quit this crap early before it gets any worse. I hope that what I described is enough for you guys to confirm that this is actually PIED. I highly doubt it's organic, since I'm 15, but yeah... Apologies for the wall of text, hope I didn't sound too professional/upitty, and hope to see people join me on my journey. Thanks for popping in.

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