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Hey guys!

First things first, English is not my first language so I apologize for any linguistic mistake  :P
Of course no blocking software can replace your willpower while rebooting but for me they often prevented me from relapsing.
It's a lot easier when you know you can't access P immediately and disabling all the softwares and filters would take hours.
Also they help me keep my mind pornfree by removing temptation and triggers.
I would recommend to everyone of you to have Anti-PMO software on every device you are using - the more the merrier.

There are so many different softwares out there and from my personal experience I know that a lot of them are garbage.
That's why I need your help guys!  ;)  I want to create a collection of software for PC and Smartphone that works good, that is impossible or very time-consuming to disable and that we can recommend to every newbie who decides to quit PMO! 

Just tell me what kind of software you are using and why it works for you and I will make a list! :)

From my point of view it's best to use many softwares that work in a different way so that they don't interfere with each other:

First you need softwares that block pornographic and adult content:
I guess most of you use K9 Web Protection which works great and is a must-have!
OpenDNS Family Shield is also great because it filters the content via DNS!
Also I use a Firefox Add-on called Procon Latte Content Filter that has a brilliant redirecting function!

You also need something to avoid triggers:
You need an adblocker like AdBlock Plus to block ads that show arousing content!
You need something that enforces SafeSearch to prevent you from searching for P subs!
And I heard there are intelligent softwares that can block images that show a lot of skin but I haven't found anything that works yet.
Maybe you guys know something that blocks visual triggers

And finally there are also softwares for time management, motivation and other stuff that might help for rebooting but I haven't tested any yet.

Whatever it is that helps you, feel free to tell me :)


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