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Porn Addiction / Question about being with a partner.
« on: May 10, 2014, 10:56:58 AM »
As I stated yesterday in my question about video chatting, I am going to be meeting up with a long time friend in June. We are very close and are intensely sexually attracted to one another. Now doing research and reading people journals, most people say sex with a partner is helpful and generally necessary. My issue is at that time, I will only have been rebooting for a little over a month and am wondering if sex would be detrimental to my reboot at that point or helpful. Should orgasm be avoided? Though I know I may be in a flat line by that point anyway so sex may not even be an option at that point. Just wanted to get some opinions and personal experiences.

Ages 20-29 / The Comedian's Reboot Journal
« on: May 09, 2014, 04:56:46 PM »
Hi everybody. I've known about porn addiction and pied for a little while now, and knew I needed to do something about my issue. I kept making excuses about why "now" wasn't a good time or I need to wait till "then". I'm done with that, I deserve a better life and breaking free from these porn induced chains will make it that much easier to better myself. I am 21, a virgin, not that any of my friends know that. I have been intimate with women before, I have just never done the deed. Why? Reasons upon reasons upon reasons I could list, but at the center of the issue I think most of my insecurities about sex stem from my pied and my porn addiction. I'm done letting that pull me down. I started my Reboot last Sunday (May 4, 2014) and so far I have not masturbated or watched porn since. I will keep this journal updated with my progress and I guess we shall see how I do. Wish me luck everybody, it feels very good to know I'm not alone.

I will probably add more detail about myself as my journal goes along.

I started my Reboot last Sunday (May 4th) and have not watched porn or masturbated since. So far it seems to be going well but I had a question for successful or experienced Rebooters. I have a best friend (an ex from high school) and we have recently rekindled our friendship and have grown very close. We are intensely attracted to each other sexually and are planning on getting together in June to attempt sex. I have informed her of my Reboot and what it entails and how I might feel by then and she is super supportive. We have been video chatting and things have gotten heated. We have discussed our intentions to each other when we have our encounter and what we would love to do, and have bared all but I'm wondering if this will set me back and if I should stop being sexual on video with her. I haven't masturbated but I have talked dirty to her and have seen her in the nude and have gotten very very aroused. Since we are talking about sex in real life and are going to meet in June do you think this is constructive or destructive? Should we just stop and wait till we are in person. Any advice or insight would be great.

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