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Ages 40 and up / 57 yo addict
« on: November 07, 2015, 02:51:26 PM »
Hey everybody,
 Well I have been trying through Will power to give up my porn addiction and was doing well for about three weeks. Then I started looking at CL and Backpage and couldn't take it anymore and had a relapse. I read before starting that sheer will power will not work, so here I am looking for some support from others.
 After relapsing I felt absolutely terrible. Depressed and feeling beaten ( no pun intended) anyway feeling like I did only made me more resolved to be successful at giving up porn.
 Being as old as I am and using porn for many years has gotten me to a point in my sex life where I can no longer sustain or get an intimate erection in addition to the ed. My wife god bless her is going thru menopause and says it's her. I can not tell her about myself because she would not understand and already have had arguments about my possible porn use.
  I really want to kick this habit and get back to normal sex with my wife. If and when she will be ready after her issue.
  I have a great job, and work very hard. I do spend lots of time there but do so to avoid putting myself in a compromising situation with possibly being home alone and wanting to fap.
 I am going to stop here because I feel it's just running on and could probably go on for quite awhile. I know others on here have issues like mine that's why I'm here for all your support and maybe one day I could help some other person. Thx for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.

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