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Hello fellow rebooters. I'm only about 13 days into my reboot journey but overall I'm feeling great about the progress and I'm excited to start this healthier phase in my life. I have questions about flat line though. Can someone who's been through it give me a general time line for the flat line? Is it typically gone after the 90 days? I wasn't expecting to experience it at only two weeks in, but maybe that's normal? Any opinions from people who have been through it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ages 30-39 / Hard mode
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:24:51 AM »
Hard mode sucks! Almost 11 days since I started this journey and so far so good. I know that hard mode is not easy (hence the name.) But I am convinced that this is the key for me. I must live as though porn is not an option and I  must start being the man I strive to be or it will never happen. One thing for sure is that I never realized how sexualized our world and media has become. Being away from PMO even for this short time has opened my eyes to the world of triggers out there. I know I have to be careful and it scares me to think about the young's teens growing up these days, do they have any chance at all of avoiding the pitfalls of pornography? Let's hope so.

Ages 30-39 / It all starts here
« on: September 17, 2015, 11:36:49 PM »
If you're reading the 30-39 journals, hopefully you get the Goonies reference in the subject line. I'm not sure where to start. I'm brand new to this site and not very tech savvy so I hope I'll get it all figured out as this site and its videos has given me a new hope.
The last nine months have been by far the worst of my life. I have been battling major depressive disorder as well as generalized anxiety. My marriage is a mess, I haven't been the greatest father and my stress levels have been sky high. The worst part for me is that I never saw it coming, I've always been the guy that other people rely on and turn to for help and now I need help but I'm too proud and ashamed to ask for it.
I started viewing internet porn at a young age. Ever since I've gone through cycles of pmo and then being ashamed to the point that I'd stop for a while until something triggered me again. I've always felt bad about pmo but until just recently I had no idea how damaging it has been for me. I just thought I was dealing with a lot of different issues in my life. Never did it occur to me that porn addiction was at the root of it all. This is the very beginning of my journey to heal myself and my relationships. I believe that my recovery from depression, anxiety, ED, and the key to rebuilding my marriage lies in rebooting my life and reconnecting with my faith.

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