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hello friends.

tonight i had my third wet dream in 3 days, after 1 month of rebooting. can you guys tell me if that is good or bad and your experiences with wet dreams?

thank you!

Hello everyone! I'm 22 years old, living in Brazil (sorry for any english mistakes I can possibly make).

First of all, I wanna say thank you to everyone who reads this... I believe this is a great tool to help each other.

My story: I've been watching porn on the internet since I was 15 years old. Even before that, I already was into foot fetish: always looking for girl's feet no matter where I was and searching for pictures of them on Playboy magazines. So when I got high speed internet at home, I switched from the magazines to online porn, but always searching for the same stuff. I believe that's when I started to wire my brain to porn... I've been doing it pretty much everyday, for all those years (7 years).

I quitted it exactly 19 days ago, after I was desperately googling for solutions and found and realized I had PIED. I have failed pretty much everytime I tried to have sex. I even wasn't able to have sex with the girls I had steady relationships, which was very embarassing, and sad. I could never get hard enough to make actual sex and when I did, I lost it when tried to penetrate.

I visited some urologists while I still was in a relationship, but they all said the same "at your age, I'm pretty sure this is anxiety" or something like that... I knew it wasn't. Actually I knew there was something wrong with me, because it was like a part of me didn't want to have sex with them... this part of me only wanted those girls from the porn fetish movies I used to watch. I even thought about the movies when we were trying to have sex, to see if I could get hard enough. Of course I knew that was a problem. I took some medicine like cialis, and my penis started to work properly, allowing me to have successful sex. But I was just masking the real problem and quitted the medicine.

I broke up with this girl a month ago (sex was not the only reason, but certainly one of them) and right after that, I started the rebooting proccess. I can say these 19 days have been great. I'm more confident, more happy, back to the gym (like everyone says, exercising helps!) and started to eat healthy. I don't even miss that girl lol. I don't miss the foot fetish also. After watching Gabe's videos, I noticed I wasn't treating girls properly, even my ex-girlfriend. I was looking at them like a "pathway" to satisfy my fetish thing, which now I know it wasn't real.

After stopping PMO and reading all the stuff I could about PIED, I feel stupid for doing it for such a long time. I don't feel any urge to open porn sites or to masturbate. My libido is still turned off, but I believe this is normal (?). However, yesterday I was in the bus, a girl on the street smiled at me and I could feel some action down there! That made my day  :P  in these 19 days I've had one wet dream and around 5 morning woods... does this mean progress?

I've been very positive about all this and the rebooting proccess... a couple months ago I was very sad thinking I would never be able to give pleasure to a woman or have children, family etc. Now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading!

ps: one thing that really helped me quitting porn instantly, was the documentary "hot girls wanted". It's on Netflix. It gives you and idea about how filthy is the porn industry. If you are having a hard time leaving porn behind, go check it out now.

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