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Ages 20-29 / Reboot for the sake of My Love
« on: June 26, 2015, 11:17:32 PM »
Hi Guys,                     

[As of the title above, i have broke up with my girlfriend, but will not change it since it still reminds me what happen if i don't quit this dopamine addiction, that lose the one you love!  :'( ]

My First post here, I talk about my story and hope I get really get my much needed support here.

I am 24yo, started watching porn and PMO since ard 15. I just started rebooting myself on 22nd of June and currently in need for advice.

The reason I am Rebooting is for my girl. We met and i really like and adore her (could really do anything for her), we started dating and things escalated, while one day we were making out in bed, Kissing and all, I got an erection fairly quickly, but when she started stroking my P and giving me heads, My P went soft and I couldn't sustain an erection, even when 1 time I did sustain and erection I couldn't finish (this happen on multiple times). This got my girl and myself really frustrated, we did tried another few more time but most of the time I couldn't finish or sustain an erection (I was really anxious and frustrated trying to maintain an erection). She think is her problem that I am not turn on by her and she got really sexually frustrated.

Later I told her that I might have PIED. She said she is a little disappointed but will try to go through this with me, but I can feel she is starting to distance herself, and she said she prefer me not to stay over at her place anymore. Everything is going down and I am getting really bad anxiety and depress mood while trying to do a reboot (which i have manage to persevere for 1 week)  :'(

So I wonder if anyone around is experience a similar situation and hopefully could give me some advice.



Goals (Set on 02/07/2015):

*Join a gym: Not done yet
Workout for 1 month: Not done yet
Workout for 2 month: Not done yet
Wotkout for 3 month: Not done yet

*Find a new sport to play: Not done yet

*To socialize (go out to party or meet friends) at least twice a week:
Week 1: Not done yet
Week 2: Not done yet
Week 3: Not done yet

More goals to do!

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