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Hello all,

I posted this on another forum and believe this has everything you need to know about PIED and Porn Addiction including how to beat this:

a downloadable pdf version of this article is available at the end of the article.
*Note: You can save the article as pdf without sharing by using Google Chrome and saving the website as pdf.*

Stay strong rebooters!


Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with losing erections when standing\changing sex positions?  I have noticed for awhile now that i find it very difficult to maintain an erection when standing\changing positions and it is lost after a couple of seconds.  Do you know what is the cause of this?  I am guessing it is from prolonged pmo (training our bodies to only get an erection while sitting\laying down) but i am also worried this might be a physical issues (weak pelvic muscles or high blood pressure).  I am hoping rebooting or kegel exercises might fix this but i want to hear if anyone was successful in finding a cause and curing this issue.

Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated.


Success Stories / How Many days did it take you?
« on: June 24, 2015, 02:20:59 PM »
Successful rebooters just a short question above. Answers would be much appreciated. I mean from
realizing you had the problem of porn addiction through to recovery. If you can also include your age that would be great.  Thanks

Ages 30-39 / My Reboot - Breaking Good - "No More Half Measures"
« on: June 20, 2015, 07:10:51 PM »
Hello fellow rebooters,

I wanted to share my story with you all.  I am 35 and have been PMO since the age of 15.  I would PMO on average once a day.  I did not have my first sexual experience with a real woman until i turned 23.  Even then i experienced ED.  At the time,  I blamed it on performance anxiety being the shy guy that i am and it was my first time.  I never given it much thought that Porn could be the cause of it.  I thought PMO was just being normal...turns out what i was doing (PMO) became the biggest mistake of my life.

When i turned 27, i finally met my first girlfriend.  We were together for 5 years and i would always have issues with ED & PE.  She was patient and comforting throughout our relationship.  Looking back now i should have given her more credit than i gave her when we were together.  I tried using ED pills which helped a little.  Even having a girlfriend, I would continue to PMO through the years we were together.  We eventually broke up mainly due to my ED issues.  After the breakup, I thought my ED might be physically related (I had high cholesterol\bp, overweight, vitamin D deficient).  Again, made no connection to my porn use.  For the next couple of years, i made it a mission to get back in shape and be healthy.  I started exercising and eating healthy.  I thought i was doing everything right to fix my ED problems.  I even took a break from PMO for a couple of weeks but stopped because of the lost of libido.  I continued to PMO daily.

It wasn't until last March i would meet my next girlfriend.  We met on an online dating site and she was perfect for me.  She was beautiful and we made a connection right away.  I fell in love with her.  In the beginning, we decided to hold off intercourse until we were both ready.  It wasn't until May 1st we decided to have sex for the first time. We tried 3 times that day and all 3 times I lost my erection during intercourse.  The first two times she was patient and comforting but after the third time, i saw the look on her face.  It was the look of confusion and disappointment that i will never forget.  I felt betrayed by my body again! I tried telling her that this was not her fault and i used anxiety as an excuse.  I told her i would go see a urologist and check to see if there was something else physically wrong with me.  The urologist took all the tests and they all came up normal.  My urologist prescribed me Cialis which did not help.   I felt so confused and kept asking myself, "What is wrong with me?!!!"  I have this beautiful woman that i love and i am about to lose her to my ED.  On June 5th,  she eventually broke up with me because of this. I was devastated. Angry.  Depressed. The next day i researched everything on the web that might help me find what was causing my ED/PE issues.  That was when i stumbled on YBOP and i finally made the connection with my Porn use and my ED.  That day  I vowed to never PMO ever again.  I will be rebooting in hard mode.

Here are the steps i am doing to make sure i will have a successful reboot:
1. I deleted my 15 year porn video collection from my hard drive - was difficult but felt liberating
2.  Installed a blocker on my browser
3. Started meditation - helps with clarity
4. Taking cold showers
5.  Wearing a rubber band around my wrist - i would snap it as hard as i can if i ever have the temptation to PMO
6. Seeing a sex therapist - this was for my performance anxiety issues and at least to have someone to talk to about my porn addiction.
7. Hitting the gym
8. Eat healthy
9.  Join RebootNation and sharing my story and keeping a reboot journal.  I am hoping for all of your support on this so i can beat this and change my life.  And i am hoping this will inspire you too in your quest for rebooting. By the way,  I am calling my reboot - Breaking Good because i am a big fan of Breaking Bad hence my screenname :)

I started my reboot on June 6th and my target is 90 days but my real target is for life.  I want REAL relationships with REAL women for the rest of my life and not with a computer screen.  PMO stole years and my relationships.   It took a breakup with my girlfriend to finally realized what was causing my ED.  I know i can't change the past i can only change my future.  I know i can beat this and i will!!!

Thank you rebootnation for creating this website!

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