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Ages 20-29 / 24m - Journey to Success
« on: June 10, 2015, 04:43:55 AM »
Hello guys, I'm a 24 year old guy who just like the rest of us started PMO at a very young age (12-13 years old). I first started to feel the effects of porn when I engaged in my first sexual experiences at the age of 19-20. back then I thought it was just anxiety but as the years went by I realized something wasn't normal. Yet I continued to indulge in this world of porn and further affect my brain and my life to the worst. my last relationship lasted for quite a while and my gf was somewhat understanding of my ED (at that point we didn't know it was PIED). I was tempted to go visit a doctor and discuss my situation, which I finally did after a lot of hesitation. after the full check ups and examinations, the news came that I was normal in every sense and it was all in my head. So I was prescribed Viagra. I didn't like the idea of it and thought if I would ever be normal and get full erection like any guy at my age should. Nonetheless, the pills did work for a while but I didn't feel the pleasure as I should. After a while the pills started to loose its effect and I would loose my erections mid intercourse or sometime wouldn't even get full erections. after a year or so, we broke up (last year). and that's where it all went down hell. I was broken and devastated, I used to PMO at least 3 times a day for a better part of a year. I was escaping all social interactions by turning to porn as I found out it was the only way I could feel better. After a while I wasn't even able to get and maintain full erections from porn. I didn't like the way my life turned out to be and I was wondering if I could ever feel normal again. I reached a point where I literally forgot how it feels to have a full erection and I was determined I was gonna spend the rest of my life on the pills ( I wasn't taking any since I broke up with my gf and was single for that whole year). Not until last week, I came across rebootnation and YBOP and spent a whole day reading articles and watching videos. I was as happy as I could. All the symptoms fit me EXACTLY. I finally knew the reason behind EVERY BAD thing that ever happened in my life. I finally knew there's a cure for me, which is to quit PMO for good. and from that day I swore I'll never go back to that life style again. I deleted all my porn folders, installed a web blocker and tried my hardest to stop from going back to porn in my weakest moments.

for this reason I would like to start a journal where I would talk about all the things I felt and experienced during my reboot journey on Hard Mode and to my full recovery.

Week 1 (day 1-7)
since I'm a collage student and it was the summer break, I went back to my home town to visit my family. Which made my no PMO so much easier on me. in the first couple days I didn't get any temptations to watch porn since I was still in the heat of the moment and determined to fix my life.

A couple things I noticed were :
  - shaky hands
  - loss of concentrations
  - loss of sleep ( i would sleep 3-6 hours a day and not even continuous sleeping)
  - a little bit depressed 
  - tired during the day ( could be due to loss of sleep)
  - I also noticed something weird and I'll try my best to explain. I used to crack my fingers all the time but since I started my no PMO i found it harder to.
it could be due to something other than my brain adjusting or could be due to something completely different. just thought I'd mention it.

last couple days I got some urges to look at porn but I immediately got out of the room and tried to do something else to take my mind off of it.
I've been reading a lot of articles on NoFap and rebootnation which helped with my urges and how to cope with them. Also, I'm a video gamer and I used to spend most
of my day playing online video games, however during this week I played 0 video games and tried my best to socialize more and meet with old friends and family members.
During day 4, I had a spontaneous half erection out of the blue, and in that moment I couldn't contain myself of happiness, I was with a couple friends so I couldn't react or do anything but smile lol.
I'll try to go to the gym too and I'll will also make sure to always update my journal and keep you guys updated.

Thank you for all the help and motivation guys. I would have never been able to do this without you. So I thank you with all my heart.

PS. Sorry for any grammar mistakes or typos, English is not my first language.


Ages 20-29 / I know I can do it. but I need your help guys!
« on: June 03, 2015, 10:44:40 PM »
Hey guys, I'm a 24 year old guy and I just started my Reboot journey yesterday.

After I couldn't take it anymore I did some research and came across this awesome website and community.

I read so much about porn-induced ED and all the symptoms fit me. So I decided its about time to do something with my life and quit porn and fapping for good. I deleted all my porn folders,

installed Porn blocker and was set to go.

The only problem is I spend most of my time on the internet browsing websites or Playing online video games. which appears to be really tough in the rebooting process as I heard and experienced

myself before. I'm not a very social guy and I would always prefer to stay home rather than go out with friends. Also, my best friend -which I used to spend most of my time with- died in a car

accident 5 months ago and ever since I've never had a really close friend.

Any tips that could help me over come my life style and be more open to making new friends and being a more outgoing and a social person.

Thanks and wish you all fellow rebooters an easy and satisfying journey.

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