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Ages 30-39 / Tried failed trying again
« on: June 29, 2016, 03:16:34 PM »
33 married with 3 kids. Managed 25 days last year and acknowledged my problem but then I gradually relapsed to the point where currently I'm well and truly back to square one. I write this post PMO through guilt, realisation and conviction to start again. So time to start addressing these problems again...

Well done to everyone who's dealing with it keep going don't get complacent a 20 year habit doesn't just get kicked it needs to be constantly addressed

Day one (again) wish me luck

Ages 30-39 / The weight will be lifted!
« on: May 06, 2015, 01:25:04 PM »
I'm 32 married 3 kids great fam and great job. I've had my fair share of hardship with bereavement, depression and anxiety peppering my life but got through them mainly thanks to my wonderful wife. I owe her so much. Without her I would be in a pit. She is beautiful in so many ways.

She or my children don't deserve a husband/dad that masturbates 2/3 times a day constantly thinks about pornstars and always seeking an opportunity to. They don't deserve a husband/dad that can't fully function or contribute on the bigger things in (family) life. She doesn't derserve absent terrible  sex where I imagine someone else to orgasm. She deserves a real man.

I've been looking at porn and mo since I was 13/14 nearly every day of my life. It has become as normal as brushing my teeth. I see nearly all females as a potential fantasy it's shameful! This site has given me the drive and determination to put colour back in my life and become a better person.

I don't think I've ever gone more than a few days without watching some form of porn but since I found this site and realised the extent of my problem I have started on the real road to recovery. I haven't looked at anything for a week now nor masturbated. It's has been a real struggle as I've been working away and had a lot of time alone but it will be day 8 tomorrow when I go home and see my beautiful wife. I really want to continue on this journey so I thought I'd anchor myself with this post. 7 days of normal human being let's hope it continues for the rest of my life.

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