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Ages 20-29 / I almost had a relapse yesterday...
« on: May 07, 2015, 08:22:14 AM »
  Yesterday I had a very stressful day. I have a small business with my brother and an inspector from the goverment came.  It took them 8 hours to check everything. God that is long... Nothing major came out of it, but it was pretty stressful anyway.

  That night I surfed the web for a little bit and I felt compeled to watch a twerking video. I wanted badly to see half naked, youngs women move their rounds, tights, sexy butts around, and the temptation was so strong that I did watch about 1 minute of a twerking group dance.

  I knew that this was a dangerous trigger for porn, so I focused myself and closed all internet tab. Afterward I took a pen and a piece of paper to write my toughts and understand what was going on. These past two months I was almost temptation free, so what happened today? I realized that the answer was simple, it was the stress that I experienced that caused this urge to look at porn.

  I was surprised... why did I not see that sooner... It was so obvious... I consider this an important lesson, because even if you are prepared, when surrounded by stress and to much emotions you forget everything and it is easy to fall back into porn. Before you know it, you find yourself there.

  I'm glad I did not have a relapse and I will be careful for the next time. 

Ages 20-29 / in my case, porn is part of a ''computer addiction''
« on: May 03, 2015, 09:51:08 AM »
  A couple of months ago, I checked a book on addictions and I was mind-blowned. I learned that the same patterns happen in every single addictions, and I quickly made the connections in my life...

  I checked a lot of post here on reboot nation, and I realized that a lot of people had way more symptoms than me. Before my porn abstinence, I still had regular sex, but my erections were weakers. It took me one month, in wich I had some relapses, to get back to normal, with hard as rock erections.

  My conclusion is that I have a mild addiction to porn, but also a mild addiction to gaming, and a mild addiciton to facebook, and to manga, and even to surfing on the web. All of that created my ''computer addiction''.

  For example, before I started to work on myself, when I had a stressful week, you can be sure that I would play video game, watch manga, look at porn, go on facebook / youtube, and lose all my weekend. This is an addiction pattern. To forget, to ''heal'' my stressful week, I would indulge in easy dopamine that came from the computer. I started my abstinence with porn (5 months ago) because it affected the hardness of my erections, the priority was there! I also started my gaming abstinence in april, and so far so good.

  To help myself I used hypnotherapy. It seriously helped the process of quitting porn and gaming. I use a session that is called ''transformation intérieure'' (french) wich translate to inner transformation. If you are opened minded and want to try it out, it defenitly pay off.

Ages 20-29 / manga / anime = porn???
« on: April 21, 2015, 08:02:15 PM »
I have a question for all of you guys.

   First, I want to mention that while I stopped porn use complety four month ago, I still masturbate regularly (I do it while thinking about real women). I had weaker erection when I was using porn, but I still had regular sex... but now that I stopped, I am always rock hard for my partner. I truly think that I was no more than mildly addict, so I did not need to stop masturbation to regain my ''mojo''. I got back my ''hardness'' pretty fast when I think about it (my first month of abstinence pretty much gave me back all of my ''mojo'', even while having 2-3 relapses).

   That lead me to a troublesome question I have been asking myself for a couple of days... The other day, I watched an anime (Japenese cartoon) that contained ''fan service'', or nudity for those who don't know the term. I want to mention that while it contained some nudity, it is not classified as ''hentai'' or porn (did not contain any sex scene).

   That night when I got to bed, I decided to jerk off as usual, but the only thing I could think of was those nudity scenes... Because of that I decided not to masturbate. This made me think... If those ''fan service'' scenes invades my thought, then is it considered as porn? I want to specify that I do not masturbate while looking at the screen, I only do so in my bed when the computer is closed. The problem is that those scene of nudity were stuck in my head when I got to bed. 

   I want your opinions on that topic and would greatly appreciate your answers!   :)

Ages 20-29 / 4 month abstinence, almost!
« on: April 19, 2015, 08:56:32 PM »
   First, this is awesome. Hundred of peoples talking about a common problem and trying to solve it, is inspiring. Now that this out of the way, I want talk about my own experience of porn addiction and share my thougts.

   About me, I am a 25 years old guy and I live in Québec (Canada), wich mean I speak french! Don't be too severe with my english  :P

   I started watching porn as a young teen. At home, we had a ''computer room'' with three computers (we are a family of five children) and sometime I would play video game very late. When I was sure that the rest of the family was asleep, I would jerk off to porn. Man... that was freaking stupid and risky... I almost got caught by one of my brother once... Hopefully I was not... Anyways. I could not watch porn everydays because of this, but that changed when I bought my own computer and installed it in my room. From that days, I would jerk off to porn every day. 

   I had a girlfriend in high school, but it did not last very long. I got the computer after this short relationship. With this new addictive friend, three years passed and I had no girlfriend. But then I got a girl. It was at a party. I was proud and excited because she was five years older than me. We had sex on our first date and it went well. I had trouble keeping an erection at the beginning, but she was patient and we had great sex.

   After my relationship with her I got a few girls and I am still with one of them today. The problem is I always had weak erection at the beginning of intercourse. Sometime I would get soft while doing it. I was angry, what the hell was the problem! So I consulted a sexologist, but it did not help. I did some rechearch and I found out about porn addiction here:

   I was mind-blowned... How could this be... Addiction are everywhere, I though to myself (My father was a gambling addict...). There are even addiction in my fucking computer... So, I stopped watching porn four months ago. GOD IT IS HARD! The hell... I never thought that it could be this hard to stop watching porn! I had some relapses and now it has been one month since my last. I hope I won't have more.

   I also had two dreams where I was jerking off to porn. It is funny because I read earlier a story of a guy who had the same type of dream... After so much use ours brains must be trying to process all that junk.

   Since I have stopped porn I always have rock hard erections. My sensibility as increased and it is harder to last long. I can last as long as before, but I have to put more effort into it. I even have stronger orgasm man! Stopping porn really did a big difference.

   Fighting this addiction is not easy and I wish all of you good luck!

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