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So... this is my journal. I will update this first-post with more info later (if the Forum software lets me).

However, in short, I am 36, and have developed 'stealth ED' - after being single for ages, realised I have ED. Did some research and found out about PIED, but also about other possible causes (e.g. we need REM sleep to have nocturnal erections and if we have less REM / dream sleep, we can end up getting physical ED!). We have 4-5 erections at night lasting up to 30-40 minutes; this lets fresh blood flow in and allows repair to happen etc.

Anyway, I will be completely abstinent from P from today (a bold statement but will try to stick to it). Will also work on any factors affecting REM (dream) sleep and discuss these during the course of my journey.

Some good news is that, if we wake up with nocturnal erections / 'morning wood', then we know things are physically working fine (in most cases). It also shows that the repair system that generates nocturnal erections is working. I have ridiculously good 'morning wood' after I changed some lifestyle things to get a proper sleep. Still tough (read : almost completely impossible) during the day; was going to teach myself by using 'Mast....' to get erections with minimal input, but cold turkey from P sounds like the best possible idea at this time.

I will keep this 'blog' thread updated, and am happy to help others in any way if I can!

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