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Success Stories / I need a coach, PLEASE.
« on: February 10, 2017, 09:43:18 PM »
Ok, I know I'm posting this in the wrong place. But you know what, I need to post it here because this is where all the successful rebooters come to.

I'm 28, and I have been addicted to PMO for a very long time now. PIED didn't start settling in until my 3rd year of college, THAT WAS IN 2010! This whole thing has completely RUINED so much of my life and I cannot, for the life of me, get over this. I try and I try and I try and I keep LOSING. Yes, I tell myself I can keep fighting, I still have a lot of time, BUT THAT TIME DWINDLES and I'm not getting ANYWHERE. I need HELP. I am not afraid to admit this. I've tried finding rehab centers near me for this but IT'S ALL FOR DRUGS! I can't win this fight by myself because I don't have the emotional support surrounding me. The good news is that I'm building that up and this past January has been one of my best months in AGES. 2017 has a VERY BRIGHT outlook for me, and BEATING PORN/MO WOULD BE THE SWEETEST MOST INCREDIBLE FEELING ON EARTH and once I've done that I KNOW I CAN DO ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD WITHOUT FEAR. Because this has been the single most depressing and fear-inducing problem I have, and have had it now for YEARS. I became aware of porn addiction long after I had PIED, but I was so relieved I knew what I was going through. The longest streak I've ever done is 90 days. But when that relapse hit, it became SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to pull that off again. Its as if my brain trained itself to be wary of me going hard mode for long periods of time and now I get headaches and head spins and adrenaline like I've never felt before. It HURTS! Like I just took a hit of some real drug! I can literally feel the addiction IN MY BRAIN. It's come to the point where I'm desperate for help and I know that having a SUCCESSFUL REBOOTER COACHING ME will be extraordinarily beneficial!

Just so you know, I'm not a total dunce. I am in fact A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR with a line of credit for $1 million dollars with a lender, and my network is expansive which includes private money, contractors, realtors, attorneys, escrow and title companies, so on and so forth. I've invested a lot of money in my professional career. I am a true entrepreneur. So I come with a VERY STRONG MINDSET and I love nothing more than to instill courage and motivation into people who want to be the best version of themselves.

I am seeking an ideal COACH who can literally get on the phone with me and talk to me. I have all my mentors, teachers, coaches, mentors for Real Estate.... BUT NOT THIS! This is on an entirely different level. Real Estate is nowhere near as frighting as PMO to me.

If you are OPEN enough to this, if you would like to (as my friend Dale Carnegie would say.... one of the greatest men to ever live) GENUINELY reach out and help someone, and make yourself feel good because you KNOW YOU'VE MADE A HUGE IMPACT ON SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE..... Then please, PM me. Guys, I've tried all that journaling stuff - nothing seems to be working for me. I'm looking for a friend here. This isn't a game. I'm genuinely asking for help and I am not afraid to admit that this is harder for me than it seems to be for others.

Thank you so much for reading this, you're all incredibly awesome. Someone.... anyone.... I'm not going to be a damn thorn in your ass. Let me know,

~ Mike

Ages 20-29 / With Each Failure Brings New Wisdom - Mission Reboot
« on: April 20, 2015, 01:50:18 PM »

Name's Maher and I'm 26 years old, heavy Porn and Masturbation addict since I was in High School.

I'm keeping this short and to the point because I want to see who actually wants to listen to my story before I go on and post something enormous. Because I want replies. Not glance overs.

My Porn and Masturbation addiction is so bad that I'm no longer able to maintain an erection even while PMOing. I have not had a 100% erection in at least five years.

Self stimulation while using imagination gives me about a 40% erection at best.

I reach O extremely fast its embarrassing.

I have not dated in over 5 years due to my PIED and it scares me horrendously to even try.

First experienced PIED symptoms when I was going to lose my virginity to a beautiful blonde girl I had a massive crush on - couldn't perform and went flat (I was 20 maybe, definitely in my early college days)

PIED symptoms continued as I dated other girls growing up. Was never able to have pleasurable sex - period.

In my final 2 years in college I realized I had problems because my erections got weaker and weaker, even with porn. Scared me to death. But I ignored my symptoms and thought it was nothing - continued to PMO, many days more than once a day, until I turned 24, which is when I found YBOP and learned about what was causing all my problems.

Attempted multiple reboots since then, most of which only lasted 2 weeks at best. Then I hit 30 days, once 60, and my most recent was 90. However, I must admit that during these days of no PMO, there were sessions of edging and sometimes I'd even glance at P.

During my 90 day streak, I'd edge on occasion and a couple times out of those 90 days I looked at P (which ended up being an interesting lesson learned because that proved to me everything I'm experiencing is from P and masturbation).

I need to point out that I was doing hard mode during these times. I only want to do hard mode. I want to quit both P and M all together - forever. I don't want to O unless it's someone else making me O.

Summary in a nutshell: I have severe PIED. During my 90 days where I was consistent, I noticed many things showing me the reboot was working. But I relapsed early April and it is as they say - the downward spiral is real and I've not been able to go over 1 week since then.

Goal: Completely live PMO, MO, and O free. Unless I'm with a woman, no self-stimulation because I'm convinced that this habit has destroyed this part of my life and the trickle affect is unbelievably real. Demotivates you, kills your drive, makes you feel worthless, no chance of kids, girlfriend and/or wife, social anxiety like no other, need I go on?

I'm looking for an accountability partner - and before you get on me about posting in there - I already did. Please message me if you are available. I'd like someone who is around my age and has a very difficult time with PIED/PMO.

If some of you guys would like for me to expand and add detail, I'll be more than happy to as long as I know I have people listening to me. I don't want to post anything here and have it fall on deaf ears because that makes me even more depressed.


~ Maher

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