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Porn Addiction / Enough is enough.
« on: February 17, 2015, 12:36:07 AM »
Hey fellas,

Never realized PIED was even possible. Until I went soft...

Here is a run down.

Found porn at the age of 12, I am now, 21. 9 years of Porn... Who knew how bad it could be for someone. At 15 I lost my V Card but I was strong as a bull for that one, because I only had 3 years under my belt so it wasn't horrible. came around, each year got worse and worse, more porn, more alone time, more devices capable of streaming the web.

5 instances happened where I went soft in intercourse, I thought forsure it was my brain from my first. Got her out of my head. Still happens. Now I can keep it for 10 minutes or so and then soft...

Went to the doc. Doctor told me I was perfectly healthy, I am extremely active and everything looks great!

SO what's causing it then? I started googling like crazy! Boom there it is. The only thing that makes since, my one addiction. Porn. Once a night. For 9 years...

I am afraid to even start intercourse now because I am afraid to go soft. I get tons of chances, but I always turn them down simply because I am afraid of going soft...

So here it is. The quit to porn and to a NOFAP life.

I have 2 months and 16 days without porn!!! WOOT! (New Years resolution)
But I have been fapping for those past 2 months. Enough is enough. I am 2 days without fapping.
This is very tough. It takes some time to get to sleep now without the quick release of dopamine.

I really need some encouraging words here, and some ways that will help me stop fapping before bed. Thanks for the help.

Any tips?

How long would this maybe take me to recover from? Is it recoverable?! Should I date until I am recovered?
I want to be a bull again! ;D

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