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Ages 40 and up / My 569GB of Porn..Going Going Gone!!
« on: September 18, 2015, 07:48:54 AM »
Hello Guys,

This is my 2nd posting on a different topic. Earlier, I have posted on Jags Journal. Please go there if you want to know more about me.  My subject says it all.. Yes! I did it after very very long struggle and in dilemma whether to safe guard my precious data of 569GB PORN which I have collected over the last 10 years. Finally, I have DELETED data from my HDD and did a Full Format and replaced it with my lovely Family Album Pics and Videos on September 17th. With that, Weeds removed and Sowed in with Beautiful Flower Seeds.

What a turn around! I used to hide my 569GB of 1TB hard disk. But, after this rapid fire action, my hard disk is sitting with pride on top of my desktop table instead of hidden in one of those shelves. Anyway, here comes a biggest challenge for me in the next following days and weeks. There is still fear in me as I can hold on without P for max of 10 days. So, my fellow friends and brothers I need your support to go a long way and for PORN free Life!!   

Hello Guys!

First of all, I would like to congratulate Mr.Gabe Deem and his team to start of a wonderful website to fight against our common enemy in PORN.  I am very much thrilled and excited to come across this site and thanks to YBOP for this and to find there is ray of hope for me just like everyone here.

About Me: I am 44 yrs old guy. I am married for 13 years with an understandable and very supportive wife and I have no kids yet.

My Flashback: Just like most of them here, to begin with, I have started of porn as a teenage boy with a softcore and hardcore magazines and masturbate! and from there drawn into new world of World Wide Web of internet.  In 1990s, after the arrival of internet, I upgraded myself to dial up connection as my excitement grew higher with tons of nude images and by 2000s (thankz to high speed internet) my journey went on to reach even newer heights of excitement and bringing me great joy in watching online streaming videos with tons of porn and tube sites and that includes too nasty and disgusting videos as one can ever imagine. Apart from watching, I have saved tons of videos and pics in a separate HDD.

Offline : At present, I have removed the HDD from my desktop and kept it away from my computer and that's about 7 to 8 months back to avoid watching porn videos and pics offline. Atleast, this will control my urge and temptation to download any such porn videos and pics. This is one BIG step I have taken and with this I hope and believed my intimate relationship will be over with porn movies. But, Alas! I have fallen back into the same shit and after few weeks I was tempted again to watch porn movies from my precious Hard disk collections. But, one encouraging part is that I used watch movies or pics and after I acted out I will immediately disconnect from my desktop and over time this habit has reduced me from watching porn offline. So far, I had orgasm offline 4 to 5 times in 7 to 8 months period which I felt personally a very good improvement. Before that, I used to watch almost everyday in and day out.

Online: Right now, I have installed K9 Web Protection software both in my desktop and laptop to avoid any temptation online. Inspite of web protection, I either uninstalled it or switch to monitor category. This is how my brain acts, initially for the first 2 days its ok, Day 3 some what uncomfortable, Day 4 very confusing what to do and Day 5 my resistance breaks and that it!!...I gave it in..  and after my PMO I feel terrible and why I have done it again? and this cycle is going on and on for very long time. To begin with, I have set my counter for 1 week (7 days) both  PMO & MO and I never went this far.  Honestly, quite frankly, I have a feeling right now, Do I really need to post my journal or not in rebootnation?? I am in such a dilemma but I need some serious change in my LIFE!!



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